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Decadent Vapours Fantastical Flavour Range

The World of the Bizarre E-Liquid range is Decadent Vapours newest one, featuring six intriguing flavour blends available in 60ml shortfill bottles. You can choose from High VG or 50/50 blends, with the diluent of your chosen blend included with the E-Liquid!

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Since they were founded in 2009, Decadent Vapours have grown into one of the market leaders in the E-Liquid industry, and they are one of the most recognisable names out there right now.

Decadent Vapours mix and produce all of their E-Liquids within the UK to industry leading standards, using the highest quality ingredients available. They are one of the most innovative brands in the industry, responsible for many innovations in the E-Liquid market, and are always looking to bring something new to the table.

The Fantastical Flavour Range is Decadent Vapours newest, featuring six intriguing flavour blends available in 60ml shortfill bottles. You can choose from High VG or 50/50 blends, with the diluent of your chosen blend included with the E-Liquid. Simply pour the diluent in as well as a nicotine shot if you so wish, give it a shake and you are ready to vape! 


Take your tastebuds on a luxuriant jaunt to our ritzy rich, hot chocolatey, milky river – sprinkled with the flotsam of velvety marshmallows.

Even more comforting than a hug from His Lordship.

Choccywoccymoo is certainly one of the more interestingly monikered E-Liquids that I have tried, and this one was definitely a grower on me! I wasn’t overly keen on it at first, it reminded me of a chocolate flavoured protein shake, however after leaving it to steep for a couple of days it changed for the better.

After a couple of days steeping time, the chocolate became more pronounced, with a thick mouth feel to it. A very smooth and creamy marshmallow undertone compliments the chocolate note perfectly, tasting like a mug of hot chocolate with melted marshmallows in it!


A grandiose cosmic cloud of robust rhubarb and boisterous blueberry, finished with a dollop of ice cream. A novel flavour that even Count Bluebarb himself approves of.

Bluebarb features a strong rhubarb kick, with a very sweet blueberry note mixed in, and a creamy aftertaste which takes the edge off the sharp and sweet rhubarb and blueberry notes.

To be honest, I feel that Bluebarb is going to be a bit of a marmite vape for many out there, you are either going to love it or hate it. Personally I’m not a big fan of blueberry therefore it didn’t appeal to my tastes, not because it’s a badly mixed E-Liquid- quite the contrary, it’s blended very well, I just personally wasn’t keen on the rhubarb and blueberry mixed together!


A heavenly hedonistic blend of fresh bananas, coconut and tropical botanicals.

Made especially to alleviate His Lordship’s fatigue on his grand tour.

The first thing I could think of whilst I was vaping Tropi-Bongo was how much this reminded me of a tropical fruit drink, and like a tropical fruit drink it is very refreshing!

There’s an authentic tasting banana note, which I much prefer to the cheap and artificial tasting banana flavouring found in other similar E-Liquids, an almost floral tasting undertone rounded off with coconut. A very tasty E-Liquid indeed!

Lemon Puff

A sweet and tangy touch of baked Sicilian lemon cream sandwiched between two delicate puff pastry wafers.

A curiously, gloriously moreish concoction, fit for His Lordship’s biscuit platter.

Lemon Puff features a very zesty lemon flavour note, with plenty of cream, which almost reminds me of a tangy lemon cake. The wafer note is more of a hint, and to me it tastes more like a light biscuit. I find that I enjoy this E-Liquid more when I vape it at 70-80W with a 0.2-0.3ohm coil, as it really seems to come together better at high wattage.

This has become a firm favourite in my household, after mixing up the bottle and letting it steep for a couple of days both myself and my wife couldn’t stop vaping it!

Strawberry Bonbon

Savour the classic British taste of sweet strawberry toffee with a sprinkling of perfectly pink powdered sugar coating.

A British classic that’s fit for His Lordship’s secret sweety drawer.

My tastebuds get hit with a wave of candied strawberry which has a very punchy sweetness to it, and a fluffy, sugary undertone helps to recreate the mouth feel of an authentic strawberry flavoured bonbon sweet. To me this has been mixed very well indeed, creating a very authentic tasting sweet vape!

It’s a Trifle

Juicy peach slices in a raspberry & strawberry jelly, all topped with a dollop of custard, rich whipped cream and sprinkles.

A quintessential pudding that’s perfect for His Lordship’s party table.

It’s a Trifle has a very fruity and punchy inhale, with the peach, raspberry and strawberry flavour notes all easily identifiable. All three of those flavourings tasted genuine rather than artificial, and they mix together very well indeed.

I did struggle to pick up any hints of custard however, I just get a smooth and creamy undertone, which tastes like double cream. Because I couldn’t pick up on the custard this didn’t taste like a trifle to me, however it is a pleasing fruit and cream blend!


Although they are marketed as being ready to vape after mixing, I would highly advise that after adding your diluent and nicotine (if applicable) to a bottle of any of Decadent Vapours Fantastical Flavour Range, you allow for a couple of days steeping. I must say that when I first tried the range straight after adding the diluent and nicotine, the flavours weren't overly impressive.  However, after steeping for just a couple of days, the World of the Bizarre range really started to come to life. Additional flavour notes started to come through, adding more depth, and these began to live up to their delicious sounding descriptions!  This does seem to be the way with some short fills, the flavours don't really kick in until the diluents have been added and it has been left to steep for a short while.

Patience is key with the Fantastical Flavour Range E-Liquid range, if you sit back and let these steep  you will be rewarded with a very tasty and flavoursome experience!

Many thanks to Decadent Vapours for sending the Fantastical Flavour Range in for review, these can be purchased from https://decadentvapours.com/uk/best-short-fill-eliquid/.  The team at Decadent Vapours have kindly offered three sets of the full range of juice to be given away in a competition!  You can enter here, closing date 29th March.

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