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Craft Vapery Eliquids

Craft Vapery are an E-Liquid subscription service and online hardware retailer based out of Beverly Hills, California. Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, with an unrelenting passion for vaping and extensive industry experience, they set out to found an innovative company that catered to vaper’s needs, offering a one stop online shop selling a monthly juice subscription service, hardware and now their very own unique line of juice- Craft Vapery E-Liquids.

Craft Vapery E-Liquids offer a small and artisan line of e-liquids, with flavour profiles unlike any others available to date. The three juices they currently offer lend a nod to dessert liquids, but these juices could very well appeal to anyone. Sticky Rice offers a twist on a popular Thai recipe, It’s Toast! offers you a vapable version of Jam on Wholemeal Toast and Cornbread is based on a classic American recipe in liquid form. All of the Craft Vapery juices are blended to a ratio of 60VG 40PG, are produced in a sterile environment and are rigorously tested to ensure they are diacetyl free. They are currently available in nicotine free, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine strengths.

The flavour profiles are certainly out of the ordinary, the main question is do these quirky blends translate to a delicious e-liquid? I’ve got my Snapdragon RDA built at 0.5ohm with a dual coil, wicked up and ready to find out!

Sticky Rice

Inspired by the traditional Thai dessert and designed to quench the burning wanderlust in all of our souls, this sweet creation is the definition of exotic. Experience sticky rice and ripe mangos effortlessly blended with the essence of creamy coconut milk; one taste and you’ll be instantly transported to the journey of a lifetime.

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Now you may get put off by the 'rice'. Don't be- I can only detect the merest rice on the exhale in this anyway, and it complements the vape perfectly, believe me! It's a gorgeous sweet mango with creamy coconut milk undertones, the mango flavouring reminiscent of a Solero ice lolly, with the creamy coconut milk coming in on the aftertaste adding an even more exotic twist to the mango, and carrying you to a far off beach on Koh Samui. Absolutely stunning stuff.

It's Toast

Revisit simpler days with this timeless breakfast staple. Fresh, nutty, whole grain bread toasted to perfection and coated with a layer of very berry jam, perfect for an early morning rise, a late night treat, and everything in between. Take a bite, hear that satisfying crunch, and feel the jam melt on your tongue. This is the flavour you didn’t even know you were waiting for.

It's Toast guessed it - a toast based vape. At this point you might be scratching your head wondering how the breakfast staple of many of us can work as a vape, but it does! And it's actually the first thing that lands on your tastebuds, true to form wholegrain toast followed up with a healthy dollop of sweet berry jam on the exhale. It works so incredibly well and proves that toast can be enjoyed any time of day.


Classic, quintessential, and wholesome, this is a good ol’ fashioned, freshly baked cornbread topped with rich honey butter and injected with a dose of the American Dream. Picture picnic tables, bonfires, and Fourth of July fireworks bursting across the summer sky: this is the good life, plain and simple. Have a taste.

Buttery, honey laced, with a wholesome baked edge to it, Cornbread is an American staple delicacy and I'm sure it will now be many a vapers delicacy too. You'll experience a huge dollop of honey on the inhale carried by a buttery blanket of goodness, rounded off with a delicious baked edge. Fourth of July fireworks? This was setting off fireworks in my mouth on the 14th December...

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Absolutely wonderous liquids from the Craft Vapery team, these juices are truly magical creations. If you fancy having your tastebuds completely turned on their heads then look no further, because the Craft Vapery line will do it and then some!

I've got to add how smooth and cloudy these juices are, even for a 60/40 blend, the cloud production will make you think you are vaping 80/20 juice and the ratio just helps nail down these truly exceptional flavour profiles. Craft Vapery will flip your tastebuds on their heads and take you on a magical journey quite unlike anything you are used to, you owe it to yourself to treat your tastebuds to the delights served up by the geniuses at Craft Vapery!

Craft Vapery liquids are available in the UK through, where you can get 10% off anything on site using POTV as a discount code!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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