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Cotton and Cable Eliquid

Cotton and Cable are a UK based artisan vape brand created by vapers with a passion for flavour and perfection. Mixed to a 65/35 VG/PG ratio and available in 3mg nicotine strength, their five juices that presently make up the Cotton and Cable range are the result of two years of fine tuning to nail down that perfect flavour mix, and hand crafted in small batches to ensure they are of the best quality around.

We first stumbled across Cotton and Cable when we visited their very busy stand at Vaper Expo in October, and had a great chat with the very friendly Cotton and Cable team who absolutely have a lot of pride and passion in their craft and a vast amount of knowledge too! Their e-liquids were garnering a massive amount of interest, and have whipped up a bit of a storm on social media, so let’s have a look at what the Cotton and Cable range has to offer...

Eton Mess

Sticky broken meringue mixed with whipped cream, fresh raspberry, ripe strawberry and tart blackberry…


On the inhale you get the true taste of raspberry fruit with a strawberry and blackberry background, and holding this together is a deliciously fluffy meringue undertone that adds a great layer of authenticity to this fantastic e-liquid. It’s light, fluffy and a very easy going vape that has been blended together expertly. Eton Mess from Cotton and Cable is as close as it gets to the real dessert, a real treat any time of the day!

Custard Tart

A rich and creamy vanilla custard wrapped in a crisp and buttery pastry…

As a big fan of custard vapes, I was really eager to get stuck into Custard Tart and this arguably had to be my pick of a very delectable bunch! There’s a strong overtone of delicious vanilla custard, a treat for any custard fans like myself, with a background of rich pastry akin to pie crust flavouring, topped off with what felt like an almost creme brulee like exhale. Custard Tart was an e-liquid I simply couldn’t put down, this is an e-liquid I would quite happily have as an all day vape.

Fruit Fool


Juicy apple and succulent pear balanced with ripe banana and fresh orange, with a medley of summer fruits folded in rich cream…

I was challenged by the Cotton and Cable team to try and get vapers tongue from vaping Fruit Fool, as they were adamant that it was impossible! So I set about seeing if vaping Fruit Fool continuously would give me vapers tongue, and from opening the 30ml bottle I vaped nothing else but this. I thankfully stayed free of the dreaded vapers tongue, thanks to a juice that constantly shifted flavours on me and kept my tastebuds guessing. I’ve had the aforementioned apple, pear, banana and orange come to the fore, I’ve also detected watermelon, mango and lime in there, Fruit Fool constantly provided my tastebuds with a new experience each time! A perfect all day vape for fruit fans.

Hot Cross Bun

A spiced and glazed bun filled with citrus soaked currants…

Hot Cross Bun from Cotton and Cable was a first for me, as I’ve never tried a hot cross bun inspired e-liquid, and I’m not the biggest fan of actual hot cross buns either! However what I got from vaping Hot Cross Bun was a delicious cinnamon-heavy vape, that has a lovely doughy texture to it, and an undertone of an almost raisin like flavour. I found it absolutely delicious and very much enjoyed the entire bottle!

88 Vape

Baked Apple

A sweet and juicy butter baked apple delicately blended with cinnamon and brown sugar…

Now Baked Apple ran Custard Tart close, very close indeed as my pick of the Cotton and Cable bunch, what I got here was a lovely, sharp apple flavour, with a background of burnt sugar and cinnamon, almost akin to an apple crumble style vape. There is no let up on the apple flavouring however, with a load of apple present in this vape, and an aftertaste of apple that lingers around on your tastebuds for a long time after!


The Cotton and Cable range screams quality from start to finish, from the fantastical fruit blend found in Fruit Fool, to the mind blowing Hot Cross Bun, through to the tantalizing Baked Apple and everything in between. All five of these juices offer some of the best flavour you will experience in a juice and left me seriously impressed with the sheer quality of the e-liquids on offer here, that are each bursting with delicious flavour. These are suited for pretty much any type of atomiser, and shine in anything from RDA's to RTA's with everything in between.

Cotton and Cable are one company that will definitely be getting repeat business from myself, I hugely enjoyed each and every one of these stunning e-liquids. It’s not just one of the best juice brands I have discovered this year, but I genuinely rate Cotton and Cable as one of the best juice brands I have ever come across full stop. If you are looking for a UK based juice brand that provides quality liquid that can compete with the best out there, then look no further than Cotton and Cable...

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Many thanks to Cotton and Cable for providing us with the range to review at Vaper Expo, if you like the sound of these delicious juices then you can purchase these at!

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 Dan Willis
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