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From the minds behind the outstanding Ripe Vapes Eliquid line comes Coastline Vape Co, an entirely new American range of juices. Interestingly they are also made from 100% Tobacco Free Nicotine - designed to provide the purest flavour with no interference from traditional tobacco derived nicotine.

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From the minds behind the outstanding Ripe Vapes Eliquid line comes Coastline Vape Co, an entirely new American range of juices comprising of Zuma, Stinson, Aquidneck and Lost expertly brewed to a 75/25 VG/PG ratio and available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.

Each flavour has been designed with a coastal beach in mind, and interestingly they are also made from 100% Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) which is designed to provide the purest flavour with no interference from traditional tobacco derived nicotine. Coastline Vape Co are also transparent about what goes into their juices, with lab reports for each juice individually available through their website.

Ripe Vapes is one of my all time favourite American juice lines, so I was really excited to see what flavours Coastline Vape Co had to offer. Let's have a look at the four flavours that make up the range…


Drop into the waves of Zuma with this Berry-Lime Frozen Yogurt. Top off a picturesque summer day with a nostalgic fun full-flavored treat. This flavor is as intriguing and desirable as the coast itself. Let it surf your taste buds all day long.

If you are a mesh fan, you will love Zuma. I've always loved lime based flavours on mesh, and Zuma I found to be a true delight in my Nextiny with a mesh build as the lime really becomes prominent along with the berries. The yoghurt takes a bit of a back seat, but the fruit side of this vape tastes so realistic on mesh!

You don't have to be a fan of the dark arts though to enjoy this juice, as vaping it in the NarDA and Goon RDA at higher wattage brings out a more balanced vape, where both the line and mixed berries intertwine with a Greek style yoghurt that has a cooling aftertaste. The smoothness of the 75% VG blend just adds to the fruity yoghurt experience, and Zuma definitely surfs a wave of flavour across your tastebuds!


As refreshing as the smell of springtime! Our unique medley of crisp cucumber and dragon fruit will get the good times rolling with the tides, as you infuse flavor into the ride of your life!

Stinson is a juice I really enjoyed in the Goon RDA at the 45w mark. I found this ideal for kicking back and chasing clouds, the cooling cucumber refreshes your tastebuds and complements the exotic dragonfruit perfectly, neither flavour becomes too overbearing. I did find this juice to be a little on the muted side at lower wattages, so this is one I would recommend to sub ohm and high wattage fans if you really want to get the best from this uniquely blended juice.


This homemade peach cobbler will spark nostalgia of the last waning sunsets of those late summer days. The warm softness of the juiciest peaches are splashed with a cinnamon twist crumbled in cobbler filling. Talk about good cookin’.

Aquidneck features one of the most realistic peach flavours I’ve ever tasted. Forget tinned peaches or candied peach, this is just like the real fruit itself. It's the first flavour I pick up on when I inhale, before I get a delicious mouthful of pie crust and a perfect amount of cinnamon too. The blend is just perfect and it's a juice I could happily vape for hours on end, after running a few mls through the Goon RDA initially I didn't hesitate to fill up a full squonk bottle in my Lost Vape Halcyon and subsequently spend the afternoon vaping this through the Hellfire Viper V2. Like the real dessert, this is best served warm, and ideal for an RDA or sub ohm tank.


Get lost in a daydream with the lively taste of lemon, the delicate sweetness of berries, rounded out by the soft finish of a subtle pastry in this all-original flavour.

Last, but definitely not least, is Lost, an Eliquid that is just absolutely gorgeous. Lost is a versatile juice that performs incredibly well whether vaped in a tank or RDA, and I'd recommend a minimum of 30w to get the absolute best from it. There's a delicious zesty lemon, with a similar berry blend undertone similar to the one found in Zuma. This gets rounded off with an all American subtle pie flavouring, that brings a delicious blend together. I definitely got Lost in the majesty of this stellar juice!


Well much like the Ripe Vapes line I can honestly say I was enthralled with the flavours on offer here with the Coastline Vape Co range, each of them offering a delicious summery vibe. The cleanliness of the flavours is outstanding, and not to mention they are delicious as well, expertly mixed and true to their individual descriptions. Cloud chasing fans will be happy with the 75% VG blend, as there is bags of vapour produced yet no compromise on flavour.

The Coastline Vape Co range comes highly recommended from me, from start to finish I fully enjoyed vaping my way through each of the juices on offer here, and I'll definitely be back for more!  You can find this range of eliquid on the Alectrofag website where POTV readers can get 20% off using the code POTV20.

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