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Cake Vapors E-Liquid

A reason to celebrate any and all occasions. Cake Vapors brings us a little closer to having cake minus the candles and signing. Delicious flavours with full bodied clouds that will satisfy your need for cake. 

Cake Vapors are an American E-Juice manufacturer. Currently there are three flavours in the range with more likely to follow in the future.

The packaging for this range is absolutely excellent and the bottles come in cake slice shaped boxes which is an awesome touch. The bottles themselves are made of glass and have child proof dropper top caps. All warning information is clearly marked and the individual labels have an eye catching design featuring a bear wearing a chef’s hat. For some reason the bear is quite scary looking and has this annoyed look on its face, maybe it thinks you shouldn’t vape its juice or maybe Goldilocks just ran off with two litres, who knows.

One nice little extra is that each box includes a free gift and before you begin to scoff keep in mind that they are free and not factored into the price. In one box I got some Japanese Cotton so that was at least very useful. In the other two boxes I got key rings but one of them was awesome with the tagline “Cuddly as F***”and it certainly gave me a good laugh.


The juice in this range is mixed to 70VG/30PG and is available in the following nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. All of this juice was vaped in my Achilles RDA which currently has a 28AWG 1.3ohm coil in it which is wicked with Cotton Bacon. My device of choice was my trusty iPV4s.


Shortcake by Cake Vapors is a biscuit dough baked to perfection with a strawberry filling that tastes exactly like the real thing. Shortcake finally arrives in a perfect replica that makes you forget all about the kitchen and helps you bring the cookie jar along everywhere you vape.

I think it’s an unspoken rule somewhere that when you review something you should always start with the positive things first, then mention a few negatives before finally concluding with a whole load of positive points so people hopefully forget about the negatives (totally kidding). Sadly I don’t write that way and to give you the hope that things get better as you read more of the review I shall start on something of a negative note.

I really do like shortcake and I was expecting a lot from this E-Liquid but sadly I found it somewhat disappointing. In no way did I feel it was badly mixed but the shortcake taste was very indistinct and on the whole all I got from this was a very generic strawberry. I think it is enjoyable enough to vape and the strawberry flavour is quite natural but by the same token it is also a little flat. For my own personal preference I would like the strawberry flavour to come across much stronger than it does and I really would have preferred the shortcake to be noticeable, after all it is called "Shortcake" not "Strawberry without Shortcake".

I put my lack of enjoyment down to three possibilities either this juice needs more time to steep or due to it being relatively high in VG the taste is likely lost on me. The third possibility exists that a lower ohm build or different set up would help to bring out the flavour of this juice as well all know that juices can taste vastly different between set ups. To be honest I don’t always have the best track record when it comes to high VG because some of them result in quite washed out flavours and this could just be one of those juices that doesn’t register well with my taste buds.

In its defence if you like strawberry vapes a lot and you want a high VG juice then this might suit you and like all juice taste differs greatly between individuals. The packaging and overall presentation is excellent and I can’t fault it but as a strawberry juices go much better ones spring to mind.

Throat hit in 6mg strength was extremely mild. Cloud production was very good but quite typical of this mix ratio.


Tiramisu by Cake Vapors is rum, chocolate and coffee all mixed into a sponge cake base to bring you a perfect replica of the real thing that will turn every puff of your vape into a mini escape. Viva Italia!

Now Tiramisu is one of those treats I really do enjoy every now and then and believe me it has to be an occasional thing because if it is in my house it won’t last long at all. In fact the mere presence of Tiramisu makes me very greedy and selfish with one distinct goal springing to mind “how quickly can I scoff it?”


My initial thought when I opened this bottle was “I hope this tastes good”. In some ways this juice does deliver and for all intents and purposes it is very much like Tiramisu dessert but not exactly like it. The prominent flavours are cocoa powder/chocolate, rum with coffee and sponge cake undertones but the creaminess you get from the real dessert is sadly absent which is a shame. Regardless it does make for quite a smooth flavour but keep in mind this juice has a medium to strong throat hit, no doubt on account of the rum.

I think the real reason this juice isn’t as perfect for me is due to the lack of the Marsala wine and the Mascarpone. Apologies to Cake Vapors but I am a qualified Tiramisu connoisseur, honestly. However as pseudo Tiramisu flavoured E-Liquid goes this one isn’t half bad and I could happily vape this one all day long because it definitely grows on you!

If you like cake, chocolate, coffee and rum then you can’t really go wrong with this as long as you don’t mind the stronger throat hit. Vapour production was very good but typical of a 70VG/30PG mix.

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet by Cake Vapors is a Red Velvet gone blue, this juice is a twist on the classic red velvet cake. Blue velvet combines rich cake with blueberry and coconut. Cake Vapors delivered a home run with this amazing interpretation of a cake classic.

I suppose it is only fitting that I save what I personally consider the best juice in this range until last in the hope you have all completely forgotten any negative statements I may or may not have made. On the other hand assuming you all have a longer attention span than myself let’s not dwell shall we?


Blue Velvet is a deliciously smooth and tasty E-Liquid with a distinctly prominent and very natural tasting blueberry. Now you will know from reading my other reviews that I don’t always get on blueberry but this is another one out of a select few that I really do like! The reason this one works so well for me is because the blueberry while distinct is extremely well balanced with a lovely cake base that is mingled with hints of coconut flavour notes.

I could happily vape this juice all day and I would suggest you give this one a go if you like the sound of it! Throat hit in 6mg strength was very mild and it produces very typical clouds for this particular mix ratio.


In my opinion the best juice on offer in this range is the Blue Velvet but taste varies greatly so what I like you might hate and what I hate you might hate even more, it’s all so subjective and confusing! The best policy is simply to follow this humble review as a mere guide and try this juice out for yourself because only you will know if you like it or not. Regardless of how I might personally feel about the individual flavours on offer I can at least say that they are all well mixed and very well presented.

Pricing is quite typical for American made E-Liquid and you can expect to pay £16.99 for 30ml.

Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent this E-Liquid to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to buy any of this juice it can be purchased here from Grey Haze.

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