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Bunkr Apple Strudel was conceived when Steam Tea & Vape Café in Nottingham asked the Manabush team, with their absolutely stellar track record, to come up with a high quality, high VG, low nicotine dripping juice that would perfectly complement the café and its extensive range of Bunkr Tea and Barista style coffees. With the input of both the Steam Tea & Vape team and the mixing expertise of the Manabush guys, the result is Bunkr Apple Strudel - a sweet brown sugar encrusted apple strudel with a good drizzle of maple syrup, which is made to be the ideal accompaniment to an afternoon tea or coffee.

Available in 3mg or 6mg nicotine, in 30ml bottles only at present, with a mix ratio of 70VG 30PG, I’ve got a fresh cup of tea brewed and the Snapdragon RDA freshly wicked with cotton bacon, let’s see how this Strudel goes down with my cuppa…

Bunkr Apple Strudel

Reminiscent of a sweet brown sugar encrusted apple strudel with a good drizzle of maple syrup - a great accompaniment to an afternoon tea or coffee…


The first thing that hit my taste buds upon my first inhale of Bunkr Apple Strudel was a wondrously sweet baked apple topped off with brown sugar, that was followed up by a wave of beautifully soft pastry, and a delicious maple syrup exhale that is also a signature of the Manabush base. I’m always wary of apple juices, as despite enjoying Apple in both food and drink form, many juices struggle to get the blend of Apple right - either being too crisp or too weak, but there is just the perfect amount of apple here. The pastry holds this juice together, much like the pastry holds in the apple filling with a real strudel, and the brown sugar and maple syrup just add a flourish to this juice that continues to delight and hang around your tastebuds long after your last puff. I was amazed at just how well they have nailed the flavours present in an apple strudel, and the end result is a realistic interpretation of an apple strudel, that can be enjoyed at any type of wattage. I’ve vaped it at 20-70W and not once have I ever felt anything was lacking or overpowering.

It’s mixed together perfectly, to combine for not only the perfect Apple Strudel vape, but one of the most perfect bakery juices I’ve vaped full stop. The Manabush team are masters of mixology and their skill, combined with the input of the Steam Tea & Vape team, have combined to provide a really outstanding juice that definitely provides a perfect compliment to your hot drink of choice, or it can be enjoyed quite happily on its own. I’ve taken to vaping this first thing in the morning, whilst I clear the cobwebs out of my eyes and enjoy my required caffeine fix to get me through the day!


If you are looking for the ideal e-liquid accompaniment to your tea or coffee, then Bunkr Apple Strudel may well be the vape for you. An Apple Strudel pastry has always been one of the best accompaniments to a hot brew, and in e-liquid form, the flavour has been nailed perfectly here, and the mix is absolutely spot on. From soft and flaky pastry, layered with moreish sweet baked apple, and topped off with just the perfect amount of brown sugar and the signature Manabush maple syrup, this truly is a delightful and mouthwatering juice, like with pastries in real life, I couldn’t keep my hands off, I kept coming back for more and more, and 24 hours after receiving my bottle of Bunkr Apple Strudel I found myself squeezing out the very last few drops into my Snappy...

This is absolutely perfect for use with a rebuildable dripping atomizer, and not just because the 70vg 30pg mix ratio lends a perfect smoothness and excellent amount of vapour, but because the flavours just come together perfectly to remind you of a real apple strudel, and a good RDA will help to bring out the absolute best experience from this delightful juice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great juice in a tank, I particularly enjoyed it in the Aspire Cleito, but to really enjoy this juice you want to flick the kettle on, get a fresh wick in a dripper, and take your time kicking back with a hot mug of tea or coffee and just enjoying the complex delights this juice has to offer in an RDA.

Bunkr Apple Strudel is available in store through Steam Tea & Vape, or if you can’t get there, you can order it online through http://www.manabush.com/store/Bunkr/Bunkr-Apple-Strudel, and you can get 12.5% off your order using POTV12!!


Martyn from Manabush has very generously donated 90ml of the delicious Bunkr Apple Strudel to be given away to one lucky winner, we will put the competition up in the next couple of days so follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to be alerted when the competition is open!

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