Brews Bros Eliquid Part 2 Review by Dan Willis

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Brews Bros Eliquid Part 2

Brews Bros are a Lincolnshire based E-Liquid producer, operated by brothers Jake and Liam Addison who were born and bred in the coastal county of Lincolnshire. Their ethos is based on quality, locally made products available at affordable prices!

Brews Bros E-Liquids are mixed and bottled by hand from their base in Louth, using the finest ingredients they can source. The Brews Bros range currently features 10 different E-Liquids appealing to a broad spectrum of tastes, available in 500ml brew shots, 250ml brew shots, 50ml shortfills and 10ml sample bottles.

I’ve already covered the sweeter E-Liquids from Brews Bros in Part 1 of my Brews Bros review, today I will look at the second half of the Brews Bros range, which will cover the dessert/tobacco side of the range!

Black Reserve

Premier Ecigs

It’s our flagship tobacco E-Liquid, bursting with flavour!

I'm very partial to a good tobacco vape, and I must say I was really keen to try this one out! I definitely wasn't disappointed, I find Black Reserve to be a very smooth, smoky tobacco e-liquid with a caramel/chocolate tone to it, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day! My 10ml review sample was so good that I got through it in 24 hours, and this is one I'll definitely be ordering more of!

Donut Blues

Blueberry donut eat ya heart out!

Donut Blues does an extremely good job of replicating the taste and texture of a blueberry doughnut, with a thick and sweet blueberry jam flavouring rounded off with a doughy background. I do love a good doughnut E-Liquid, and this is one I couldn’t get enough of!


Custard Dynasty

Custard fit for royalty!

I’d seen quite a lot of positive feedback on the POTV forum around Custard Dynasty, and as I’m a big fan of custard E-Liquids I was really looking forward to giving this one a go! I wasn’t disappointed either, this is a fantastic creamy custard, which is very smooth and extremely easy to vape. I’d happily vape this all day long!

Strawbiscuit Split

You’ve got the strawberry, vanilla biscuit finished with a dollop of cream to make it complete!

Strawbiscuit Split has a delicious, authentic tasting strawberry inhale with a light biscuit undertone and a lovely, creamy finish. It is a very good strawberry dessert e-liquid, I was particularly impressed with the balance between the strawberry, vanilla and the biscuit flavour notes. Strawbiscuit Split has been mixed very well, I found that it wasn’t too overpowering or sickly, but smooth and tasty enough to vape all day!

Strawsome Shake

This is an awesome strawberry shake...

Strawsome Shake is the ideal accompaniment to the dessert themed Strawbiscuit Split, Brews Bros nail the flavour of an authentic, thick strawberry milkshake that has a rich and flavoursome mouth feel to it, and a delicious texture too. Strawsome Shake reminds me more of an American diner styled milkshake, rather than a Nesquik tasting one, and this could easily be an all day vape for me!


All in all, I’ve been very impressed with the Brews Bros range, I’ve found that the Brews Bros range offers some superb flavours at very competitive prices. The quality of E-Liquids on offer through the range is extremely good, and there’s something here to suit pretty much all tastes.


Alongside shortfill bottles, Brews Bros also offer easy home DIY mixing kits - known as Brews Shots - a large bottle containing only the concentrates needed for the mix which means that you can add PG and VG to the ratio you desire. This means that you can mix up huge batches of your favourite Brews Bros E-Liquid at very little cost! Definitely worth looking into if you find yourself an all day vape in the Brews Bros range.  Costs for the Brews Shots start at £6.45 for the 250ml Black Reserve Brew Shot, each shot is priced differently due to the costs of the ingredients.  Short fills are priced at £9.99 with 5 bottle bundles selling for £44.99 and 10 bottle bundles for £84.99.

Many thanks to Brews Bros for sending these E-Liquids in for review, they can be purchased here - POTV readers can get 10% off using the code POTV 10 - discount codes are not to be used for the purchase of unlicensed nicotine containing products or their components.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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