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Bomba Juice by Drippin'Junkies

Drippin'Junkies have sent in their Bomba range for us to check out in our latest juice review!

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Drippin’Junkies have been around for a while now, 2016 to be precise, and already have several must have juices in their line up. Their first big hitter was the near legendary “Wat Da Fluff” and this set the standard for what was to follow. Their aim is to help as many people make the change from smoking to vaping as possible, and they use their passion for flavour and an eye for quality and detail to do this. 

Their Bomba range takes it’s inspiration from their love of Cyprus, a pretty unusual twist for a juice range but one that works well. My sister in law married in to a Cypriot family so I know how important food, family and flavour are to the island, but I was also quite relieved that there isn’t a feta and spinach flavour in the range. Instead they have produced a trio of delicious, sweet flavours which ooze quality. 

All the juices are 70VG/30PG, and I was sent the 0mg shortfill, but you can choose from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 3.5mg nic salt or 7mg nic salt. If that wasn’t enough choice, they also offer an Iced variant if that is your style. The presentation is good and all the relevant information can be clearly found on the labels. The bottles are not super squeezy but you can easily find the sweet spot when you give them a squeeze.

Drippin’Junkies Bomba range

Galatoboureko Bomba Juice

Inspired from our travels to the sunny island of Cyprus, this e liquid is our take on the Cypriot custard tart called Galatoboureko, sold in every bakery across the island.

There was a time when custard was king, and every range had their own take on the classic vanilla concoction. It is still very popular flavour so it takes something a bit special to stand out. Having an almost unpronounceable name is a good start! Thankfully that isn’t the only mouthful you will get vape this juice. Drippin’Junkies have mixed things up by combining it with filo pastry and a sweet syrup glaze. The pastry is very light but gives things an edge, it doesn’t leap out but adds a depth to the custard. You can tell there is something there, especially on the exhale, but it doesn’t get in the way. The syrup glaze just lifts things up and really hits the spot if you like a sweet custard, which I do. Whilst this doesn’t rewrite the custard rule book, it is a very strong contender and will satisfy most custard lovers. It is strong, rich and full bodied. As all the best custards do, it will not be kind to your wicks so be prepared to change yours regularly, but it is definitely worth doing as you will be rewarded with a very moreish vape.

Galatoboureko Bomba Juice

Man’nko (Mango) Bomba Juice

Man’nko known as Mango in the English language is a Cypriot inspired sweet and ripe mango blend. Combining three different mango flavours, we have created a well rounded intense mango e liquid

If you have read any of my previous juice reviews, you will know that I love a good mango juice. No two mangos taste the same so you never quite know which way it is going to go. Initially I thought this one was a little underwhelming, I could tell it had the potential for greatness, but I wasn’t getting the best from it. But I am not one to give up or write juices off that easily so I tried several different builds and temperatures until everything fell in to place and when it did….oh hell yeah! It was sweet, juicy, fresh, and full of tropical goodness. It is a very authentic flavour and really does taste like a perfectly ripe, soft mango and I love it. But it did take some work. I would suggest it needs a decent flavour build, thinner gauge wire just couldn’t cut it, and it wasn’t until I pulled out my .50 wire that it really came to life. It really is worth it though.

Man’nko (Mango) Bomba Juice

Karpouzi Bomba Juice

Karpouzi  - Inspired from the foot-hills of Cyprus. We have combined sweet ripe Watermelon, Cactus Fruit (Prickly Pear) and a dash of apple to create a true all day vape for our customers as well as ourselves

Now I love my fruits, especially tropical fruits, but I must confess that I have never tried a prickly pear so I was going in to this blindfolded. It certainly smelled good, and the apple and watermelon are distinct and clear. But the extra flavour was amazing. It is very sweet, almost a candy flavour but not a synthetic flavour in the slightest. Whatever it was, I fell in love, to the point that I struggled to move on to the other flavours as this was just so nice. But I thought I should do some research so I checked out prickly pear on google and it said “these neon fruits provide delicious juice that tastes like a cross between all-natural bubble gum (if indeed there is such a thing) and watermelon”. That made perfect sense as it is almost gummy flavour but juicier and far nicer. This is right up my street and could easily become a regular all day juice in my regular rotation. 

Karpouzi Bomba Juice

Final Thoughts

I had high expectations of the Bomba range from Drippin’ Junkies based on what I had heard about their other juices, and these three E-liquids definitely lived up to the hype. Each one has been carefully crafted with a clear mission based on the brand concept. I could happily vape any of them regularly, and there is more than enough flavour to keep me very satisfied. 

If you like the sound of any of these great flavours, you can pick them up from Drippin’Junkies. They are a bit of a bargain at £7.99 a bottle which represents superb value for such great quality E-liquids. 

Bomba Juice by Drippin' Junkies

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