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Base Zero by Manabush

We check out a selection from the Manabush Base Zero range of everyday flavours in part 1 of our review

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Manabush are well known for their gourmet e-liquids, specialising in interesting and complex blends which offer flavours for the more discerning vaper. But sometimes you just want something simple, tasty, and straightforward. Well, Manabush have you covered….sort of! You see what some people call simple and what Manabush call simple are two different things. On the surface, they sound very basic, but if you know Manabush, you also know that flavour is king and nothing short of the best will do. So today we are looking at five flavours from the Base Zero range, but keep your eyes peeled as part 2 will be coming soon too.

Base Zero was designed as a great all day vape range at a pocket friendly price, and I think they definitely succeeded in this aim, they definitely tick all the right boxes. The full range consists of twelve different flavours but there are also seasonal specials, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye out as they don’t stick around for long. We are just concentrating on the standard releases this time round but if these are anything to go by, I am sure you won’t be disappointed in the specials too.

I was sent the 6mg bottles, perfect for MTL vaping which is my personal preference. As you will already know from my previous Manabush reviews, I love the 6mg option. You get all the flavour at a decent strength. As I am not by nature a cloud chaser, 3mg just doesn’t hit the spot but doubling up on the nic shots seriously waters down the flavour in most shortfills. Here you get 20ml of flavour boosted 0mg e-liquid which has been specially formulated for a single nic shot to bring things up to 6mg, so you really do get the full flavour experience. You will need to buy your own nic shots, but you can add them to your basket when you make your order, so it is all pretty painless. If you do like a more cloud friendly experience, they do also sell a 3mg shortfill version, but which ever one you go for, you are guaranteed to get maximum flavour.

Base Zero by Manabush five flavours

Base Zero 07 : Coconut xCream

“Coconut - we love coconut its one of our favourite things, so here unabashed is Coconut xCream - Coconut Milk smoothed with cream”

We are off to a smooth start here. As soon as you crack the seal, you get hit by a strong tropical vibe, and the taste is just as good as it smells. I find that coconut can be quite hard to balance, it can smother other flavours and be overpowering if not handled correctly. I think often it is added to already busy blends, when really it needs space. That’s what it gets here, the simplicity of coconut and cream works really well and accentuates everything that is great about the flavour.

Base Zero 08 : EGGNOG

“ITS BACK! (under threat of us being lynched!) A simple luxurious lovely take on a very lightly spiced Eggnog - a very comforting vape and perfect for those cold winter evenings or anytime a timeless classic.”

Eggnog started out as a seasonal special but was so popular that it is now one of the regular range. I have to say I was very nervous about this one. I had already heard great things about it, but you know how everyone has that one drink that they overdid in their younger days and now can’t stand the taste or smell of? Well eggnog is the one that did it for me. Well strictly speaking it was advocaat, but they are close enough for me not to be able to stomach either. It took quite a while to be able to even look at a plate of scrambled eggs again, I really had it bad! But I had to overcome my natural instincts and bravely get on with the job of reviewing. I’m glad I did as it is lovely, and I can definitely see why this has such a good reputation. It is rich, creamy, sweet, and has an almost has a baked egginess which on paper, doesn’t sound that nice, but trust me, it is! It is a perfect winter warmer. It also makes me wonder if I could manage to be in the same room as a glass of real stuff without turning green and running to the bogs!

Base Zero 09 : Golden Pear Brûlée

“A delicious Pear Brûlée style custard drizzled with sweet Golden syrup - a very creamy and sweat pear based vape”

This one is a bit of a strange one. I really like the brulee side of things, it is sweet and rich with a great depth of flavour. I’m always a bit if a sucker for anything with golden syrup in it too. But the pear is a bit of an enigma. It is very mild and if I did a blind taste test, I wouldn’t have been able to pick it out as a component flavour. You can tell something is there and if you know it’s pear, you can place it, but I am not sure how much of that comes from just reading the label. It is still a pleasant vape, but I think it is one that would work better in some set ups than others. I think maybe a bit more power would stop the pear from hiding so much.

Base Zero 10 : Toffee Creme X

“Toffee Creme X is quite simply a delicious mix of Custard, Toffee and Chantilly Cream - a sublime indulgence reminiscent of a toffee infused Créme Brûlée”

I am back in my happy place here; toffee really does hit my sweet spot nicely. I remember the original Bunkr Toffee Crème, if you tried that, this is very similar but with more of everything, and that makes me very happy. It is very much an e-liquid that does what it says on the label, rich homemade custard, sweet toffee, and lashings of heavy whipped cream. If you like these flavours, you will be right at home here. It is a bit of a no brainer really.

Base Zero 11 : Pineapple+

“This simple sounding Pineapple E-liquid Shortfill is more complex and rich than you may imagine, packed full of Exotic Pineapple flavour and is akin to the flavour of drinking good quality Pineapple juice (not from concentrate!)”

Ooh, this is good, really good! I’d go so far as to say this is possibly the most perfect pineapple e-liquid I’ve had the pleasure of vaping to date. It has everything, it is sweet and tart in perfect measures, and it is really refreshing and so juicy. If I could only keep one Base Zero e-liquid (so far), this would be it without any hesitation. That is not to put down any of the rest of the range, it is just that this one is so good! It is very natural tasting too; the sweetness feels totally organic. This is about as real as it gets.

Final Thoughts

As an all-day e-liquid range, it doesn’t get much better. I still take issue with the idea that these are simple and basic, the ideas may be, but the execution is anything but. All the flavours have been made to the very high standards you would expect from Manabush, and the mixing is just masterful. I can’t wait to move on to part 2 as there are some really interesting sounding flavours there too.

You can pick the Base Zero range up directly from Manabush. The RRP for the 6mg versions is £6 or £10 for the 3mg versions (don’t forget to add your nic shots), but you can also pick up a complete bundle for £49.38 (£90 for the 3mg shortfills bundle) which brings it down to just over £4 a bottle. That is a whole lot of flavour for a cracking price!

Many thanks to Manabush for sending these in for review, and keep your eyes peeled for part 2!

Base Zero by Manabush part 1


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