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Bar Salts Shortfills by Vampire Vapes

Vampire Vapes work their dark magic on some classic disposable style flavours with their latest Bar Salts Shortfills range

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Vampire Vapes is a name that will be instantly recognised by most vapers thanks to their near legendary Heisenberg and Pinkman e-liquids, but they are much more than a two hit wonder. More recently they have decided to take on the disposable-like market with their Bar Salts range, which aimed to provide an alternative to single use devices. But they haven’t just limited the flavours to the regular salts/pod market, and now they have released an expanded range of shortfills which work for both MTL and DTL vapers as well as those who don’t get on with salts. Vape Club have sent in the new range for us to try out.

The Bar Salts range from Vampire Vapes come in 120ml bottles, with 100ml of ready mixed e-liquid and the space to add two nic shots. You can use either traditional freebase shots, but you could also use nic salt shots too if you prefer something as close to disposables as possible, which makes these a great transitional product if you are just dipping your toes into more tradition and ethical way of vaping. 

The Bar Salts shorfills range are all 60%VG/40%PG, so can  be mixed with either PG nicshots to make a 50/50 MTL juice, or you can go for VG which would give you a cloudier 70/40 finished product. It is great to have the choice, depending on what your styles and preferences are. Vape Club very kindly sent over a bundle of Top Shot nic shots which are also 70VG/30PG which means my mixed e-liquid would be cloudy but smooth and very full of flavour. This is exactly why I love shortfills and longfills, you can completely fine tune your vape to the exact way you like to vape. 

The general presentation is simple but smart, with a sort of 80s nightclub chic to the design. Of course having a purple tint to the labels is always going to win a few extra brownie points from me, but I also like the straightforward approach to the information on the labels. Everything is clean and clear, without any extra clutter. They are really letting the product speak for itself.

The Flavours

There are ten different flavours to choose from in the Bar Salts range, and they will all sound very familiar to any disposable user as it is pretty much a greatest hits selection of the most popular flavours. They are all on the sweet side, and ice is also quite prominent, again making these feel like a comfortable transition from disposable vapes.


Cola shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts takes inspiration from the classic soda. Sweet and sugary cola notes provide the fizzy flavour of the popular beverage from your first puff to your last”

Yep, this is both sweet and sugary, and that is a good thing as personally I always find it a bit disappointing when a cola vape tastes like it’s a diet version. I won’t start one of my rants about sweetener in fizzy drinks, but I will just say, I can’t stand the stuff, it totally ruins the flavour. Lucking there are no such worries here, this is just a straight up classic cola with a very nicely done hint of fizz which sparkles on your tastebuds. We are off to a strong start here; this is a very solid flavour.

Blue Razz Lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts balances sweet and tangy fruit with classic soda. A sharp and juicy blue raspberry flavour pairs with zesty lemonade, for a fizzy tasting vape from inhale through to exhale”

If you have read any of my other reviews, you will know that I just don’t get the hype with blue raspberry flavours, but every now and again, I come across one that manages to break the mould, and this is one of them. What I like is that both the blue raspberry and the lemonade are clearly separate elements, but they meet on the middle really well here. The raspberry is sweet and summery, and the lemonade has a perfect sharp citrus tang, and they are so completely opposite to each other that it works. Most blue raspberry flavours are a bit bland and, dare I say, lazy, but this one shows real thought.

Blue Sour Raspberry

Blue Sour Raspberry shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts is a double berry blend with bold flavour from start to finish. Dark, yet sweet blueberry notes are countered by sour raspberry in this juicy-tasting fruit combo”

Don’t go making the rookie mistake of assuming this is another blue raspberry flavour, it is quite definitely raspberries and blueberries mashed up with a light splash of ice. I expected maybe a bit more in the sour element, but there is enough there to give things a twist and to keep things interesting. Once again, Vampire Vapes have taken a fairly standard flavour, and have taken it back to the drawing board delivering a well thought out blend that is also distinctly their own take on the recipe.


Grape shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts features the bold taste of dark fruit with every puff. This vape is ideal if you like straightforward, punchy blends – a grape flavour delivers distinct sweet and juicy notes”

This is the first one that doesn’t quite hit the spot for me, but this was more down to my expectations rather than the finished e-liquid. This is a candy grape flavour, so if you are looking for a more realistic flavour, this may not be for you. You used to be able to get a hard grape candy which came in a little cardboard carton, and this tastes just like that. I used to love those sweets, and the orange version, but here I found it a little too sweet which took away from the grape a little. But if you prefer candy grape flavours, you are going to love this.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts delivers a blend of three fruits with bold notes from start to finish. Sweet passionfruit, tangy guava and juicy-tasting kiwi combine in this exotic vape”

This is another classic disposable flavour which normally disappoints due to the lazy, one size fits all approach to it, but Vampire Vapes have come up with a winner here. This has the passion fruit and the guava stepping up to do the heavy lifting, providing a strong tropical base, but then the kiwi comes in underneath to tie it all together. There is also a bit more ice here, but it is purely an enhancer, and it takes this role seriously. This is possibly the nicest kiwi passion fruit guava mix that I’ve tried so far.

Pineapple Ice

Pineapple Ice shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts takes a tangy tropical fruit and puts it on ice. On inhale, sharp and juicy pineapple notes come through before being cooled down by an icy exhale”

Strangely this is less iced than some of the other flavours that don’t mention ice in their names. It is a simple, smooth but sweet pineapple, again leaning more to a candy version rather than full on fruit, but this time, it works well. It almost has a creamy feel to it, without it being a dessert flavour, but it feels more like a pineapple whip, if that is even a thing. If it isn’t, it should be! Out of all the flavours, this is the one I’ve found myself grabbing more than any others as it is just such an easy vape.

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts captures the bold taste of a classic soda. A fizzy lemonade flavour fuses with sweet and sour layers of mixed red berries, adding punchy notes to this drink-inspired blend”

This delivers everything you could want in a pink lemonade; the balance of zesty lemon and the sweet berry mix is a delight. Once again, the fizz is really cleverly implemented, and it really enhances both the sweet and the sharper elements. Chuck in a healthy dose of cooling ice, and you get another great version of a classic flavour. 

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts adds a frosty twist to a garden fruit flavour. You’ll experience the distinct taste of sweet strawberry before a cool, icy exhale takes over”

Once again, this is less iced than some of the other flavours that make no mention of any chill, I am beginning to feel a bit confused by their naming conventions! There is a slight freshness there, but it is so mild, just nudging in there to keep things interesting. The strawberry is also not a fresh berry, it is more like strawberry laces. This suits me just fine as they are a god tier sweet, and it is also a flavour which works better for a bar juice flavour.

Lemon & Lime

Lemon & Lime shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts is ideal if you prefer sharp vape flavours. Zesty lemon and zingy lime combine in this juicy-tasting blend”

This is another stone cold classic disposable flavour but done with a bit more thought. Interestingly, the slightly mellower lime comes through stronger, and the sharper lemon builds up the longer you vape. There is a hint of chewy sweets to the flavour, possibly down to the sweetness, but it works well to make it an easy vape what ever your mood. Solid, if not groundbreaking.


Watermelon shortfill e-liquid by Vampire Vape Bar Salts is ideal if you prefer a straightforward tropical flavour. Providing sweet, juicy notes with every puff, this watermelon vape delivers the bold taste of the distinct fruit from your first to last puff”

This was the only one that I really didn’t like (but flavour is personal, so maybe try it and make up your own mind!). I found it was too strong which gave it an almost soapy taste, and the ice had too much bit which took things from refreshing to being a bit unpleasant. This is definitely one that should have “Ice” in the title as it is a huge part of the flavour, a bit of prior warning would have been nice!

Final Thoughts

I have a confession to make here. When Vape Club originally asked if we’d like to review the Bar Salts Shortfills range, I was less than enthusiastic as they just sounded like pretty much every other e-liquids that are out there at the moment, everyone is looking for that piece of the disposable replacement market pie, and seeing the same flavour profiles over and over is getting a bit old now. But I should have had more trust in Vampire Vapes as they have taken some very generic sounding flavours and have reworked them in their own way. I came away very pleasantly surprised.

There is one slight negative that I do need to point out though. These are very sweet flavours, and I found that most of them were motoring through my stash of pods to the point that they have nearly cleared me out of my supplies. If you are someone who likes to get the maximum life possible out of your coils or pods, you have been warned!

But for anyone else who likes bold but interesting flavours, you can pop over to Vape Club who can sort you out, with each bottle of Bar salts Shortfills being £14.99 (plus your nic shots). They are also included in the 2 for £25 offer which will also bag you free shipping, so fill yer boots!

Many thanks to Vape Club for sending in the Bar Salts Shortfill range by Vampire Vapes in for review.

  • Interesting recipes
  • Great options for all vape styles
  • large bottle size compared to regular salts
  • Can be hard on coils and pods
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