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Amelia Rose Vapours

Here at Potv, we have always tried to be ahead of the curve and love to spot new and interesting juice makers, so we were very excited to try the new range from Amelia Rose Vapours

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Here at Potv, we have always tried to be ahead of the curve and love to spot new and interesting juice makers. We love to do our bit for the community and have always tried to support new businesses that show the same levels of passion and commitment to our shared lifestyle choices. So when I was tipped off about a new range from Amelia Rose Vapours, I was delighted to be able to check out their products.

Now I know, and understand, that some people are naturally suspicious of new mixers, after all we have all seen horror stories about back room cowboys who mix in their bathrooms and leave strange hairs in their bottles (probably mostly urban vape legends but still!). So I was very happy to see the absolutely spotless facilities these are made in. We are talking full professional set up, right down to hazmat type full body suits and all the clean room equipment you would expect from any professional juice maker. So rest assured that these are produced to the highest standards and they have met and exceeded all the requirements needed to be a serious juice company.

They arrived very well packaged and in great time, a very good service all round. As soon as I opened the package, I knew I was in for a treat. The branding is all nicely presented and the labels contain all the information you need, such as age warnings, ingredients and business and batch numbers. I love the bottles used too. They are the type with the removable nozzle so you can just squirt your nic shot straight in without breaking a nail or squishing the lid. They have a good amount of squish and best feature of all is the measure gauge up the side so you can see exactly how much juice you have got left. It’s little details like that which really make a subtle difference and I have a pet hatred of cheap bottles!

Amelia rose bottles

They arrived with the nic shots (same level of presentation as the shortfills), so I cracked them open, mixed them up and let them sit for a few days to steep. So on the the main review!

Custard Surprise

For all you custard lovers out there this one will not disappoint. Full of creamy custard with a little something else added which will have your mouth watering for more. A sweet delicious blend

I’m starting with a flavour which has been a mainstay of the vaping world for many years, and I doubt there is a vaper here who hasn’t had a custard in one guise or another. But there is only so much new you can bring to a classic so I am pleased that this is nothing revolutionary and is just a good, solid custard. It has a lovely deep flavour with just the right amount of creaminess and a good sweet balance. It is very vapable and if you like your custards, this is a very solid addition your vape supplies. It is still a little fresh and every day it improves in depth and flavour. Anyone who has every mixed custards knows that you need lots of patience if you want to get the best from this profile so I expect this will only get better too. 

Amelia Rose Custard Surprise

Marsh Mallow

If marshmallow is what you are after you cannot go wrong with this one, with its smooth and creamy taste with a hint of strawberry in the after taste  you wont be disappointed . It will have you reminiscing over eating toasting marshmallows over the camp fire as a kid.”

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with marsh mallow as it is something I love eating but I’m not sure I could describe the taste as it is very much it’s own thing. Thankfully, this is very authentic so I don’t have to try as it just tastes like marsh mallow! It is quite subtle and is a pleasantly light vape but manages to fully capture the taste and feel of a good quality sweet treat. I guess we are talking more gourmet marsh mallow rather than the overly sugary chunks of goo. There is a slight floral note but not too much and it feels very well balanced. Definitely one for those who have a sweet tooth, which I most certainly do!

Amelia Rose Marsh Mallow

Fruit Punch

An absolute gorgeous blend of oranges, lemons, limes, pineapple and very alike a popular fruity chew from our childhood. Smooth and creamy with a fruity punch

Now we are definitely in my comfort zone, I love fruity/candy juices so fruit punch definitely ticks the right boxes for me. It is perfectly blended so no one particular flavour takes over, they all sit well together and compliment each other very well. I find citrus and pineapple can be a little throat heavy sometimes but that wasn’t an issue here as it is a very smooth vape. This is easily an all day vape for me, if you like sweet and fruity juices, I’m sure you will enjoy this too.

Amelia Rose Fruit Punch

Black Jack

Blackjack flavour which tastes just like a well known chewie black aniseed sweet

Whilst I am naturally wary of aniseed juices as so many are just wishy washy, I was really impressed with this one. It tastes exactly like black jack sweets which was always the first thing I’d choose in a 20p mix when I was little. The aniseed is strong but just avoids being too much, and it even manages to replicate that chewy mouth feel whilst also managing to feel clean and fresh. It really is spot on. I do have one complaint though. After vaping it, I was very disappointed to find my tongue wasn’t black! It really is that close to the sweet.

Amelia Rose Black Jack

Final Thoughts

This is just a tiny selection of the huge range on offer. All the juices are mixed to order so will arrive fresh but this also means you can customise your order to suit your personal requirements, so if you prefer higher vg or 6mg instead of 3mg, you can select those options. This is really handy as not all vapers are the same and we all look for different things in our juices. personally I chose flavour over clouds and I can tailor my options to reflect this. Best of all in the price, these are really good value at £7.50 for 50ml or £14.50 for 100ml, both including nic shots. I am very much looking forward to seeing what comes next from this very promising new juice company.

Amelia Rose range

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