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Affinity E-Liquids by VIP

Affinity E-Liquids are a range of four juices from VIP Electronic Cigarette who are a UK based manufacturer. All flavours in the range are based on recipes or ingredients from Eastern culture, creating a product that is highly unique and altogether different from other juices.

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Affinity E-Liquids by VIP

With eastern inspired ingredients, these mystic e-liquids are magnificent with spectacular grandeur. Elegant and unusual, this alluring range has it all. From sharp and punchy flavours, to rare and exclusive blends – our Affinity e-juice range is peerless.

Affinity E-Liquids are a range of four juices from VIP Electronic Cigarette who are a UK based manufacturer. All of the juice is mixed using only the best sourced ingredients and to ratio of 70VG/30PG.

This range of juice is available in three nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. The juice comes in 10ml plastic PET bottles that feature child proof caps. In addition the bottles also come in protective cardboard boxes. The labels are nicely done favouring an Eastern art style that looks smart and highly presentable. All of the information you might expect is shown including relevent warnings. The warnings are also displayed in bold prominent lettering on the boxes.

If I had one criticism regarding the packaging it would be that the font used for the names on the bottles and the other information is incredibly small and folks like myself who are approaching their twilight years may have some trouble reading them. Of course it isn’t a problem as long as you don’t mix up the various bottles like I did (what a silly reviewer I am, but I figured it out based on taste of the juices).

I vaped all of these E-Liquids in my GP Heron V2 setup with a 1.2ohm coil, wicked with Japanese cotton.

Tranquillity I

Cool and full of fun, this fruit filled beauty is made just for our dessert lovers.

Treat yourself to a sweet blend of succulent strawberries, delicious passion fruit, fresh vanilla pods and thick Devonshire ice cream. When inhaling this serene delight, you will instantly notice the attractive pop of garden-fresh fruit. The exhale of this fascinating blend has a swirling softness and is crowded with heavenly creaminess.

This enthralling blend will send you soaring through clouds of peaceful and dense vapour. Believe us, the taste of Tranquillity I will leave you weak at the knees.

Tranquillity is a highly unusual and very different flavour and I think that if you were to vape it expecting a strawberry/passion fruit vanilla ice cream you might be a little disappointed. VIP describe this juice as having “garden fresh fruit” and that is exactly how I would refer to the taste experience on the inhale.

The strawberry and passion fruit taste fresh as if they got them directly from the grocer and there is definitely a subtle cooling quality present in the mix. These fruity ingredients are then combined with a very natural vanilla pod flavour interspersed with tasty background notes of Devonshire ice cream.

The end result is a very enjoyable flavour, albeit a rather unique one that may take some users a little getting used to. Personally I liked it for its unique qualities and commend the manufacturer for doing something very different. The cooling quality means it is a rather refreshing vape so could happily be enjoyed all day long!

Since the juice has a 70VG content you certainly get some very good cloud production. Throat hit in 3mg strength was mainly mild but did occasionally border on medium.

Karma II

An exquisite combination of plush condensed milk, intensely aromatic cardamom seeds and fragrant rose syrup are the tremendous flavours that make up this unique blend.

This distinctive flavour is perfect for all the eccentrics out there. This smooth, far out flavour really is one of a kind.

Quirky, stunning and absolutely divine – Karma II is an altogether phenomenon!

If you were to go by the manufacturer’s description and considering how much I enjoyed vaping this particular juice then I must be quite eccentric. Jokes aside this is a superb eliquid with the main ingredient being a very smooth and flavoursome condensed milk which was highly convincing in terms of flavour. This is then combined with cardamom seeds making for a highly aromatic and luxurious vape that is enhanced even further by the addition of sweet rose syrup.

I found myself really impressed by this juice and the entire mix has this amazing aromatic and fragrant quality that makes it highly unique and very enjoyable!

Vapour production was once more very good and I found the throat hit in 3mg strength to be mild to medium.

Serenity III

Smoothie like and bursting with juice, this e-liquid is the perfect all day vape.

A light and fluffy blend of tropical mangos, natural Greek yoghurt and a quick splash of milk are the ingredients in this charismatic e-liquid.

Serenity III has a full flavoured and fruity inhale which is then followed by a thick textured and creamy exhale.

A real dream to vape, this sublime flavour has a beautiful exotic feel. Striking and clean cut, Serenity III is a real vapers delight.

I happen to love mango flavours and I’ve been looking for one combined with yogurt, this particular juice was exactly what I wanted. The main mango flavours are delicious with a wonderful freshness and bursting with fruitiness. Subtley woven into the mix is a Greek yoghurt, which tastes very natural and realistic and this is nicely rounded off by just a dash of milk.

It makes for an excellent vape with fruitiness on the inhale followed by a mellowing creaminess with a hint of yogurt and milk left on the lips after each exhale.

Vapour production was excellent and will not disappoint you. Due to the fact that the mango flavour was quite potent the throat hit in 3mg was mainly medium for me but some folks may find it borders on strong.

Nirvana IV

A sweet and velvety blend where every vape is as smooth as the next.

This perfect pleasure is a brilliant blend of dainty almonds, drowning in pure organic milk with a sprinkling of brown sugar dust.

This outstanding e-liquid is a complete marvel to vape. How so much joy and fulfilment can be gained from a single blend is unfounded!

Leaving you in an intense state of rapture, Nirvana IV has been taken straight from your wildest fantasies and cleverly squeezed into a pocket sized bottle.

As someone who happens to love almonds I was really looking forward to vaping this juice and I was not disappointed. The main flavour is a very natural tasting and nutty almond combined with a deliciously creamy organic milk that serves to balance the almond flavouring really well. The final ingredient is a hint of brown sugar to add just a touch of sweetness to the overall mix.

For me this juice really was a veritable Nirvana and I couldn’t stop vaping it because it is such a smooth and flavoursome eliquid that almond fans like myself will not be able to get enough of!

If you like almonds and you enjoy milky vapes then this juice is perfect for you and well worth trying out. I will certainly be picking some more of this up when I next do a juice order.


This is an excellent range of juice that I thoroughly enjoyed trying out. Pricing is very reasonable and a single bottle for £4.50 compares competitively with other manufacturers.

I think the real highlight for me in this range is VIP’s decision to base all of these flavours on recipes or ingredients from Eastern culture and this really does ensure that you get something highly unique and altogether different from other juices that you may choose to purchase! If you like aromatic flavours then this range is definitely for you so do check them out if you like the sound of them.

Many thanks to VIP who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to order any of these juices they can be purchased directly from VIP.

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