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Five new flavours from Fallstreak Eliquids

Fallstreak E-Liquid is produced by PlumeBlu and was released to great fanfare shortly after Vapefest 2015. Originally, it offered a dessert twist on the seminal Colonel Booms line, and had a high VG mix ratio. The same high VG mix ratio still remains, however now there are five new additions to the line, mixed and tested to perfection over the past few months and finally ready for eager vapers to get their hands on them! The five new juices all offer interesting twists on classic recipes, and as per the original line are named after cloud formations. Virga, Undulatus, Duplicatus, Castelanus and Intortus are now available!

Produced in their state of the art clean room facility based out of Sheffield, PlumeBlu meticulously research and test out different flavour blends and combinations, with the end goal being juices you will want to come back to time and time again, and an unprecedented level of realism in the flavours. Their juices are blended in a 60VG 40PG mix ratio from only the finest and cleanest ingredients around, with an extremely strict quality control process. Nicotine strengths are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

The original Fallstreak juices were quite possibly my favourite high VG juices to date. Do the latest 5 additions make for worthy additions to a stellar range?


What better way to enjoy a hot beverage than with a biscuit? Even better if you can vape it too! Virga brings the delicious, crumbly digestive biscuit with the sandwich layer of cream filling for a sweet and dessert flavour with a difference.


We think it's wonderful with tea, coffee, hot chocolate or just as an all day vape - how about you?

Only the PlumeBlu team could take something as pedestrian and mundane as a digestive biscuit and produce a truly outstanding vape with the flavour. A true to life digestive biscuit, and seriously this is digestive biscuit exactly as you would expect it, minus the crumbs, dunked in PlumeBlu’s signature delicious lashings of cream. The cream just adds the extra edge to the biscuit and produces an otherworldly vape, one that you won't be able to put down, I myself managed to finish my 10ml bottle in a mere couple of hours. This truly does outshine the multitude of custard cream biscuit clones out there, and it's the perfect accompaniment to a hot beverage or even as an all day vape, just like the PlumeBlu crew recommend!


Undulatus, the undulating cloud is apt for this flavour, we have blended different peach flavours for their own unique characteristics of ripeness and accuracy and coupled them to the lightly sparkling prosecco that would create a Peach Bellini. The prosecco flavour adds a different dimension, taking away a little of the peach sweetness and giving a layer of interest. It's not overpowering the peach but sitting there throughout the flavour.

Now I saved Undulatus for an after dinner Christmas Day vape, and what an apt vape it was for that particular moment. Everyone likes a bit of fizz on Christmas Day and this provided the perfect accompaniment to the festivities! The peach flavouring is just mixed to perfection, with no hint of it becoming overpowering, the Prosecco does indeed take the edge off of the peach sweetness and adds a perfect aftertaste to an exceptional vape. There’s just a hint of fizz that dances around the tip of your tongue on the exhale, and just adds to the authentic experience PlumeBlue strive to provide!


Our Colonel Boom's range has long had a very popular rhubarb flavour but with a chilled twist, we decided to mimic this flavour for Fallstreak in high VG but add a touch of the fresh rhubarb stem back in to add punch. The cream still surrounds the fruit which is stewed and lightly sweetened to perfection. If you like creamy dessert flavours this should be in your shopping cart!

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If you were a fan of Colonel Booms By Jove, then Duplicatus will be right up your street. Essentially, it offers the same flavour profile, but with a high VG mix ratio and menthol has been dropped out of the mix. The rhubarb, and by rhubarb I mean a real, authentic rhubarb, has had the percentage turned right up and the same delicious cream is present adding the perfect aftertaste to Duplicatus. I must emphasise how realistic and delicious the rhubarb is, it’s not the artificial rhubarb you would find in rhubarb and custard style vapes, this is the real thing, almost as fresh as if it had been pulled out of the ground, and served stewed with huge dollops of cream just like a rhubarb fool!


Lemonade with a hint of raspberry - what could be finer? Freshly made lemonade with raspberry is pretty much as good as that will get, so here we are.

Our pink lemonade has a hint of cooling and fizz to give that real pink lemonade inhale without adding much in the way of harshness, 80% VG in our Silver Line as usual and a truly delicious palate cleanser.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, I’m a big, big fan of homemade traditional lemonade and I do really enjoy a lemonade styled vape. Castelanus may well be the very best of the bunch, as it nails that flavour perfectly! Its sparkly and lemony, and it does provide a fizz and a cooling sensation that will remind you of grabbing an ice cold glass of lemonade out of the fridge and chucking it down your throat. The raspberry is indeed a hint, and it just adds an extra layer to a really superb juice. Refreshing, and magical!


Citrus and aniseed marry so well together that we had to make one, Intortus contains a real ballsy aniseed base along with both pink and white grapefruits blended with lemons and oranges. It is sharp, zesty and very punchy.

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Intortus I would imagine will be the new Fallstreak juice that polarizes opinions the most, for one particular reason- Aniseed. Intortus is heavy on the aniseed, but it still manages to not become too overpowering or artificial, thanks to the citrus additions in the form of pink and white grapefruit mixed with lemons and oranges. Rather than the citrus flavours becoming too dominant, they blend with the aniseed and add an extra dimension to a fantastic vape, and take the harsh edge off of the anise. As a palate cleanser, or vapours tongue cure, this is an excellent choice, but it also has the complexity to become an all day vape, it certainly is a juice I can enjoy at any point, at any time of day. Aniseed is a tricky one for mixologists to pull off but as you would expect with the PlumeBlu team, Intortus pulls it off!


These 5 juices from Fallstreak are without a doubt worthy additions to the Fallstreak range, in fact in my opinion they have solidified Fallstreak’s position as one of the strongest high VG juice lines available. The quality is exceptional, as you would expect from the perfectionists at PlumeBlu, and boast a quality very few other high VG juices can match. In terms of pure delicious flavour, Fallstreak really are at the top of the pile, with complex and expertly mixed juices. For high VG juice, this is a full bodied flavour punch, and these juices offer excellent complexity as well. They really do truly shine at high wattage, at 35w and over really seems to get the very best out of the Fallstreak juices.

PlumeBlu’s signature expertise in providing an immensely authentic vape is present here, with each juice providing an almost true to life representation of the real thing. Thanks to the high VG mix ratio the juices are delivered smoothly to your palate and the cloud production is absolutely huge. If you are a cloud chaser, then Fallstreak should be your first port of call for juice! You won’t find much else that can compete on the cloud and flavour front.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better after the release of the original Fallstreak line then I have got news for you- it just got better with these new additions! The ground continues to be broken by the PlumeBlu team and yet more wonderful juice has become available through these guys. I can’t recommend Fallstreak enough, it’s high VG juice par excellence

Leigh from PlumeBlu has very generously donated a box set containing a total of 150ml of these five fantastic new flavours to give away to one lucky winner - click here to enter! The competition ends on the 27th January.


Virga, Undulatus, Duplicatus, Castelanus and Intortus are now available from www.plumeblu.co.uk, use POTV12 for 12% off your order! 

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