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13 Squid by Dispergo Vaping

What do you call a deer with no eyes...no eye deer....oh wait wrong joke! But I can tell you that there is nothing funny about the 13 Squid range from Dispergo Vaping, apart from the awesome name!

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When I was little, I loved bad jokes. I had a huge collection of joke books, all the 1001 series, the Ha Ha Bonk book, etc. and I would read them over and over laughing at all the daft puns and cunning word plays. I was a little obsessed. One of my favourite ones was about the shark who has to pay back a debt by getting a poorly cephalopod (I was also an animal nerd!) to go with him and when they get to the shark’s mate, the shark tells him “Here’s that sick squid I owe you”. It’s no wonder I didn’t have many friends, looking back at it! But I am guessing it also tickled the team at Dispergo Vaping as they have brought out an ocean inspired range called 13 Squid because each bottle is £13! I already loved it before I had opened the first bottle.

13 Squid is a big range and there is sure to be something for just about any taste, from tobacco and menthol, to candy and fruits, it’s all there. This time round, I am taking a look at the first eight flavours but there will be a follow up coming soon too as it is also an expanding range.

The artwork is typically stylish as you would expect from Dispergo Vaping, they are always on point with their artistic design. Each features the same squid pattern but in different colourways, and they are all really eye catching. Whilst the names may not give much away, they also saw fit to include the flavour profile on each label too, along with all the usual information that you would expect to find. The only thing missing is the PG/VG ratio, but as these are 100ml shortfills, I think it is safe to assume they are 70VG/30PG.

13 Squid by Dispergo Vaping full range


13 Squid’s Arctic is a double menthol flavour. Its a cool blend of fresh menthol and sweet spearmint”

I am not usually a big fan of straight menthol flavours, so when I read that this was “double menthol”, I was bracing myself. But there was no need to be apprehensive as this turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Yes, it is quite a strong menthol, but when paired with the sweet, smooth spearmint, it took away any harshness and left a fresh, sweet, and super smooth vape. Ordinarily I wouldn’t choose to vape this sort of flavour, but I would make an exception here as it is really rather tasty.


“Tropical golden Pineapple flavour with a lovely sweet taste and an icy blast!”

I do like a nice juicy pineapple vape, and this one is bang on. The icy hit is very complimentary and when we had a few days of early summer, this really hit the spot. It is one of those flavours which you can just close your eyes and be transported off to a deserted Caribbean Island. The bit that I really love about pineapple flavours is the throat hit, I adore that raspy feel that you only get with this sort of flavour. Combine that with the cool chill, and you get a really awesome sensation.


“Delicious, juicy mango with a touch of frost. Perfect for our fruity lovers, to give you that summer feeling”

Caspian is a fitting flavour to follow on from Bering, it is the same sort of fresh, tropical vibe so if you like one, you’ll like the other. The mango is a slightly dry, green type of fruit, not the sickly synthetic flavour that you often get with tropical mixes, and this works well with the cool blast. I think if it was sweeter, the two elements would clash so it was a good choice on Dispergo Vaping’s part. It is another sunny day kind of vape.


13 Squid’s Cheren is a blackcurrant menthol flavour. Its a cool blend of fresh menthol and rich blackcurrant”

This has to be one of the more traditional flavours in the range, but I kind of like that as it shows off just how good Dispergo Vaping are at their craft. What really comes over is the careful choice of the blackcurrant, which is a rich, dark flavour with plenty of depth. It is a really, really good blackcurrant and could easily stand on its own. But add the right balance of menthol, and you have a winner.

13 Squid by Dispergo Vaping pt 1


“Milky Irish whisky cream, with a touch of ice”

One of the first ranges I got to review when I was first properly starting out was the Café Vapour range, and in doing so, I discovered one of my all-time favourite e-liquids, Irish Whiskey Ice cream. It is a stunningly good flavour. So I was really happy to see a version of it back with a twist for the 13 Squid range. It still has that rich, creamy, boozy flavour which just slithers down your throat, but this time it has a fresh, icy blast. I was a little unsure how well it would work, but thankfully it does, and I have a new flavour to add to my all-time favourites!


“Thick & creamy, strawberry & vanilla custard. The ideal all day vape for dessert lovers”

Another classic flavour combination which has been done many times before. It is such a well-loved flavour profile that it is also a great litmus test for the quality of the ingredients and recipe. This one is a winner; the custard base is creamy and authentic with just the right amount of sweet succulent strawberry. Often the strawberry can get a bit lost and just adds a sickly sweetness, but in this mix, you can really taste the berries. This is up there with the best of them.


“Gooey caramel fudge, designed to really hit the sweet spot”

This is a straight up honest to goodness caramel, no bells, no whistles, and no foodie sea salt or chilli to over complicate things. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice, salted caramel latte as much as the next girl, but sometimes you just want a thick chewy mouthful of creamy caramel. This does exactly what it says it will, and it is all the better for keeping things simple.


“Lemon Sherbet – Tuscan by 13 Squid is a beautiful, traditional Lemon Sherbet sweet with a zesty Lemon with a Sherbet fizz!”

If you like traditional sweets, you will love this one, it is a really good recreation of the kind of lemon sherbets that you get in ye olde sweet shoppes, the ones with dark wooden counters and rows of tempting glass jars full of sweet delights to buy by the quart. The boiled candy outer layer is tart and tangy but also sweet, and then you get to the fizzy centre with just bursts with fresh flavour. I am rather hoping Dispergo expand this to a full range of old-fashioned sweets as this is a superb start.

13 Squid by Dispergo Vaping pt 2

Final Thoughts

Well that was quite the journey, so many different flavours in one range (and there are more to come!), but considering the size and scope here, there really isn’t a weak flavour here. Sure, there are a few that I personally wouldn’t chose but that is purely down to my individual taste and nothing to do with recipes on offer. Often with big ranges, there will be a couple of bottles that don’t stand up, but that really hasn’t happened here. If the 13 Squid range sounds like it would fit your personal preferences, you should be very happy with any of these juices.

To sweeten the deal even more, this is also one of the best value ranges from the Dispergo Vaping stable. At £13 a bottle, you get a really high quality vape. But don’t forget that all Dispergo products are covered by the Satisfaction Guarantee so if for any reason you are not completely happy with your choices, you can swap them for something else completely free of charge.

Many thanks to Dispergo Vaping for sending the 13 Squid range in for review.

13 Squid by Dispergo Vaping full flavours

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