The BBGen by Sturm and Vape Ware Mods

Posted 30th April 2018 by Dan Willis
An exciting announcement was made today on the Vape Ware Mods Facebook group, with the VWM team revealing their first ever Billet Box Atomiser, designed in collaboration with Sturm!

Vape Ware Mods are renowned for mesh atomisers such as the Nextiny and NextEra, and some of you may recognise Sturm as Lukasz Porebski- the brains behind the outstanding Billet Box Bastard Coil. Both have joined forces to produce the BBGen- a mesh focused Billet Box atomiser that is shaping up to be quite special indeed!

The BBGen uses the Vape Ware Mods open deck system originally designed for the Nextiny and Nextasis, and the Sturm designed Transformer bridge which when used with the open deck, transforms it into a top airflow Genesis atomiser for the Billet Box. If you already own one of the open decks, you have the option of purchasing the Transformer on its own, or the option to purchase an open deck and Transformer will also be available.

Production will be strictly limited to 100 units, with the first 25 available through the Vape Ware Mods Facebook group on the 1st May, and the second batch of 25 units will be available at Stuttgart Vape Expo. No announcement has been made regarding the remaining 50 units, but we will endeavour to update the article as more information becomes available!



 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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