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NextEra by Vape Ware Mods

Renowned for producing some of the very best genesis atomisers around in the form of the NextGen, Nextiny and the Nextasis, Greece based Vape Ware Mods look to redefine the game yet again with the release of their latest atomiser, the NextEra, which is also the first bottom feed compatible atomiser from the Vape Ware Mods team.

Designed and manufactured in Greece from high quality 304L stainless steel, with a quadrant PC1000 tank section, the NextEra has a central wick hole designed to not only accept mesh, but cotton, SS rope and ceramic wick amongst others. A 2ml capacity is present, which is filled through a filling hole drilled into the deck. 8 adjustable airflow options can be found, with three holes on each side, and a single slot airflow for those that enjoy a really tight draw.

The NextEra is shaping up to be real jack of all trades, so let’s see how it performs...


  • 22mm base diameter
  • 18mm top cap diameter
  • 25mm height (excluding 510 connector and drip tip)
  • 10mm reduced chamber size for concentrated flavour
  • 2ml capacity
  • 304L Stainless Steel construction
  • Quadrant PC1000 tank section
  • 8 adjustable airflow options with three airflow holes on each side measuring 1.8mm, 1.5mm and 1.2mm
  • Single slot airflow option
  • Centre wick
  • Can wick with mesh, cotton, stainless steel rope, ceramic wick plus others
  • 510 drip tip
  • Bottom feed compatible for squonking
  • Hollow positive pin allows juice to feed from the deck into the tank
  • Bottom feed and 510 pins included
  • Fill hole on the deck

What’s in the box?


Housed in Vape Ware Mods trademark stylish black presentation box, the NextEra comes packaged with spare screws, a bottom feed pin (pre-installed), a 510 pin, spare o-rings and an authenticity card.

Design and build quality

With all of Vape Ware Mods previous releases, I’ve never been disappointed with the build quality, and the NextEra is absolutely top class in this aspect. It’s flawlessly machined from 304L stainless steel, with not a sharp edge, scratch or burr in sight, and has a quadrant PC1000 tank section with a 2ml capacity. Threading is buttery smooth and everything fits together just perfectly.

As with the Nextiny, the NextEra is absolutely tiny, it has a 22mm base diameter (18mm at the top cap) and a 25mm height excluding the 510 connector and drip tip, the inner chamber measures in at 10mm to give intense flavour results. The chamber is that small, that two cut outs are cut into it to allow space for the positive post and negative screw!

You can fully strip the NextEra down in order to clean it, by carefully removing the 510 or BF pin (depending on which one you have installed) the positive post can be removed and all parts can be individually cleaned. It’s pretty easy to disassemble and reassemble the parts, and Vape Ware Mods have a very useful tutorial on YouTube which will guide you through it.

For the first time with a Vape Ware Mods atomiser, the NextEra comes pre-installed with a bottom feed pin, allowing it to be compatible with squonking mods. When you squeeze your bottle to feed juice up to the NextEra, it comes up through the hollow positive post and down onto your wick, with the remainder flowing down into the tank section. If you don’t wish to use the NextEra with a squonker, a 510 pin is included in the spares kit which can be swapped in for the bottom feed pin.

Premier Ecigs


8 different airflow settings are present on the Vape Ware Mods NextEra, there are three holes drilled into the top cap and each hole measures 1.8mm, 1.5mm and 1.2mm respectively. The removable airflow control ring at the top allows you to adjust the airflow to your preferred setting, ranging from a restricted lung hit when fully open to a tight mouth to lung draw closed down, and a single slot airflow setting is also present on the airflow control ring for those that enjoy a very tight mouth to lung hit.

Building the NextEra

Traditionally, Vape Ware Mods’ previous atomisers have been designed with mesh builds in mind, and the mesh wick and coil was wrapped around the centre post, however the NextEra features a central wicking hole this time around, so that it is compatible with not only mesh, but cotton and other wicking materials, thus opening it up to a whole new untapped user base.

In my opinion, the NextEra is the easiest atomiser to build that Vape Ware Mods have released yet. Firstly, you need to wrap a coil build with a 3mm diameter, and attach each coil leg to the slot in the positive post and underneath the negative screw respectively. The slot in the positive post can hold wire thicknesses up to a massive 0.9mm, allowing you to get creative with the builds that you use.


The beauty of this atomiser is that it is so easy to swap between different wicking types, and you can leave your existing coil in whilst doing so. If you wish to build with cotton then you simply feed your cotton wick down the centre of the coil, and you can push the tank section upwards to open it and grab the bottom of the wick with tweezers to help pull it down to the base. There are two small holes either side of the main wicking hole, these help with juice flow so you want to keep these clear. If you are using mesh, simply roll your preferred mesh build and pop it through the centre of the coil, checking for hotspots afterwards.

My preferred mesh build has been to use #300 grade stainless steel mesh from Stealthvape, and I use a strip of mesh cut 16.5mm in height and 55mm in length. I make sure that this is well oxidised, then fold a small 1mm strip inwards at either end to make it easier to roll. After inserting the mesh, I pulse my build to check for hotspots, check that there is equal spacing with my coil wraps, and that my coil lights up evenly. Once happy, it’s good to go!


I’ve been vaping the NextEra with both cotton and mesh wicks, and one thing that is truly consistent with this atomiser is that the flavour is out of this world. Despite it having a restricted lung hit when fully open it is still able to produce thick and dense clouds as well, and you can really push some wattage through it as well.


The flavour doesn’t seem to suffer from having the airflow fully open, so those that enjoy a more open draw can still benefit from world class flavour, and when you do put some wattage through the NextEra I find that it really starts to shine in a way that no other genesis atomiser has done yet. The NextEra can get pretty hot when running it hard above 35W, so do be aware of this.

One thing that has astounded me with the NextEra is just how well it wicks with a mesh build, I’m three weeks into using it at the time of writing and yet to experience a single dry hit, despite running it with a 0.5ohm build at anywhere from 30-50W. If I don’t squonk with it, then I am constantly refilling the 2ml tank capacity, which is testament to the wicking ability of mesh in this atomiser.

From my own personal experiences, a mesh wick has been my preferred option by a very long margin. The flavour is just far cleaner and crisper, it’s about as pure as it gets, I seem to get more vapour production and of course, once my mesh build is in I don’t need to change my wick for about a year! Your own experiences may differ but that is one of the great aspects of this atomiser, that you can get a truly incredible vape no matter what wicking material you use.


If you are looking for a high end atomiser that produces a truly stunning vape, then the NextEra should be at the top of your list for consideration. It hasn’t left my hands in the last three weeks of having it, mainly because the flavour from the NextEra is that good I just cannot get enough of it, whether it is wicked with mesh or cotton, however I do feel that mesh in the NextEra does offer an even more flavoursome vape than cotton does!

As well as truly incredible performance, stellar build quality is found here. The NextEra is not only a great looking atty, it boasts flawless machining too, and this is an atty that is built to last many, many years. There aren’t many other atomisers out there that are as perfectly built as this one is.

Vape Ware Mods have broken new ground with the NextEra, it’s an accessible genesis atomiser that runs amazingly well as a genesis atomiser, and also as a bottom fed one also. Bottom fed mesh atomisers are few and far between these days, especially ones that can handle being run in excess of 20W, but the NextEra has positioned itself at the top of the game in this regard. #VapeDifferent indeed!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.