Haku Venna

Posted 25th April 2018 by Dan Willis
Australia based Haku Engineering scored a huge hit over the past year with the release of the Haku Cruiser and Phenom RDAs, and the next RDA from the Haku team is hitting the market imminently!

Known as the Haku Venna, the design builds on the features first found in the Cruiser and Phenom RDAs, and refines them further to offer a smoother, warmer and more flavoursome draw!

Airflow has been tightened down when compared to the Cruiser, and a new airflow design offsets the airflow and angles it down to the coils to cover more of the coil surface area. The top cap height has also been lowered, to condense the chamber and provide even better flavour results.

Even the small details have been considered, such as notches added at either side of the deck allowing you to rest your coiling rod in them, which makes it even easier to mount coils. Both a bottom feed pin for squonking and a 510 pin are included as standard.

Details are limited at the moment, but given how good the Haku Cruiser was, we are really excited for the Venna! Stay tuned to POTV for a full review on the Haku Venna in the very near future!

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Special thanks to Casey Sisk (Instagram- @sisk79) for allowing us the use of his Haku Venna pictures!

 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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