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Putting vaping first for Stoptober

For its annual Stoptober campaign the NHS is leading with ecigs to stop smoking.

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Last week it was announced that the Stoptober campaign for 2017, which starts on 1st October, will feature TV ads that include vaping as a suggested quit method for the first time.

The TV ad can be seen on the PHE website here. Offering support via an app, online community and face-to-face advice, the ad states “Plus you can use gum, patches and now, e-cigarettes. Keep it up for twenty-eight days and you are five times more likely to quit for good.”

Director of health improvement at PHE, Professor John Newton, stated: "E-cigarettes are now the most popular way to quit in the country with half of all those taking part in Stoptober last year using an e-cigarette.

"The evidence is clear - vaping is much less harmful than smoking - a fraction of the risk.

"So, if you've struggled with quitting before, an e-cigarette may be the best option for you."

We have also been made aware, via our forum, that the NHS are bidding on the term “vaping forum” to display an ad for Stoptober.

When you click on the ad you are taken to the Stoptober campaign home page where it lists the same quit support mechanisms as the TV ad, but with a difference in ordering, where e-cigarettes are listed as the first item that the reader can learn more about.

POTV believes that vaping is the easiest way to quit smoked tobacco, we have countless experiences listed on the forum where our members have stated that other quit methods failed multiple times for them.  We often hear of the vicious cycle of NRT, abstinence, relapse and back to NRT that helps keep the pharma company’s pockets lined.  In our personal experience vaping worked where other quit methods failed.

It is great to see that what the online vaping communities and harm reduction activists have been saying for so long is finally hitting the mainstream, vaping does work and offers a much safer route to nicotine consumption for those who want to give up smoking but are happy to continue to use nicotine.

Hopefully many thousands more will make the switch to being smoke free from this October. The POTV forum is always open to offer help and advice to those having problems set ups or general advice on vaping.

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Dave Junglist is co-owner of Planet of the Vapes and has been vaping since 2015.  He spent his early years with his head in a bass bin and was a very committed and experienced smoker.  He had his first cigarette at the age of 13 and just knew it was for him.  He did stop briefly with the aid of patches but reverted quickly and became a ‘secret’ smoker, working hard to keep his weak will from the attention of his family.  Vaping made an honest man of him and for this he is forever thankful. He has been involved in websites since completing a degree in Environmental Science in the late nineties.  At that time there was pretty much no contact with computers but on joining the regular workforce and deciding that the world-wide-web was the future he blagged his first job as a web designer and never looked back. As you would expect from a junglist, Dave likes his beats and is most comfortable when the bass is wobbly.

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