The most important week for vaping yet

Posted 23rd May 2016 by Dave Junglist
The amazing efforts last week have seen the petition to support the Parliamentary moves to block crazy e-cigarette regulations reach over 38,000 signatures – but there is still more work to do.

1 – Continue to share the petition.  Gaining 38,000 signatures is great but we need to see this rise.  Share it wherever you can, please.  You could post on forums outside of the vaping community, speak to your colleagues ask friends and relatives to sign it.  Anything to show more support for this would be of huge benefit to the campaign.  Last night’s episode of Horizon “E-cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?” was yet another piece of supporting evidence that we can talk about to those who are unaware of how thoughts on vaping are quickly changing and how the outdated policy will do more harm than good.

2 – Write to The Lords.  Vapers in Power have put together guidance on the best way to write to the Lords.  They have compiled a shared spreadsheet listing all peers and which ones have and haven’t been contacted by a vaper.  You can find more details here -  It does not take much time to write a letter outlining your personal story regarding vaping – it doesn’t need to be very long – and then send it on.  Your supportive letters will help them to understand vaping and what it has meant to all of us who have successfully quit or cut down on tobacco through using them and also what the TPD, if implemented in its current form, will mean to those smokers yet to make the switch.

3 – Ask Labour to support the motion.  To win the House of Lords vote that will literally block the TPD it is absolutely crucial that Lord Callanan’s motion gets the backing of the Labour Party.  We are asking that you tweet the following Labour Shadow Health team - @heidi_mp @lucianaberger @GwynneMP @KeeleyMP @justinmadders @lordphilofbrum

Ask them whether they will be backing vapers in the #LordsVapeVote.

Please tweet your own messages to them to show much support there is to make changes while we still can.

Please also read the update from the petition starter – there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than many of us are aware.  Politics is a strange game and we have some excellent minds fighting our corner, so please show them that we care as much about this fight as they do.

We are expecting more developments later today - we will be letting you know as soon as we hear.  But get tweeting now, your pressure is having an impact. 

 Dave Junglist
Article by Dave Junglist
I've been vaping since 2015, giving up a 27 year smoking habit at the age of 40. I believe every smoker can find the right set up to get them away from combustible cigarettes. Away from vaping I enjoy fiddling with computers, gardening and making jams and pickles.