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Is vaping safe?

Nothing in life is 100% safe and there is not a single responsible vendor or manufacturer who will tell you that vaping products are totally safe to use. But they are safer than smoking and here's why...

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Key facts to remember

  • There are more than 4,000 poisons in cigarette smoke.
  • There are more than 50 cancer-causing compounds in cigarette smoke.
  • Over half of UK smokers attempt to quit annually.
  • The NHS can’t promote vaping/e-cigarettes but some Quit programs have accepted them.
  • NRT fails for 77% of users.
  • Champix (varenicline), a nicotine replacement therapy drug, has been linked with hallucinations, aggression and suicide (particularly alongside alcohol).

Do flavours lead people from vaping to smoking?

The evidence indicates that this is not the case. No significant take up of vaping has been recorded with UK teenagers and sales of cigarettes have continued to fall as electronic cigarette sales have risen.

Don’t electronic cigarettes contain chemicals

Everything is made from chemicals, even us. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain the 4,000 poisons and the 50 carcinogens in tobacco smoke.

Don’t e-Liquids contain anti-freeze?


Aren’t juices made using oil?

Again, no. No juice from a reputable manufacturer contains oil.

I’ve been told that nobody knows what is in them

There is no truth in that. E-liquids are made with food and pharmaceutical grade constituents. Many investigations have been done looking at what compounds are produced.

Nicotine is an addictive drug

Nicotine suffers due to its link to smoking, cigarette companies & cancer. It is no more dangerous than caffeine and there are research papers questioning if it is that addictive outside of cigarette smoke.

Is there a danger from passive/second-hand vaping?

No. Research evidence has concluded there is no risk to people near a vaper.

I’ve heard there are fine and ultrafine particles produced by e-cigs

This is the same as the irrational fear of chemicals, the size of a particle is irrelevant…it’s what it is that is the only concern and we know that what is produced through vaping is nothing to be afraid of.

Can I vape while pregnant?

The only advice possible here is to look at the research into nicotine use and pregnancy or visit your GP. The NHS position is that nicotine is not recommended during pregnancy or while breast-feeding and can effect blood sugar levels.

Will vaping stain my fingers and teeth or give me bad breath?

No staining, no greater risk of bad breath than living a normal life – although copper mods will make your hand stink of pennies.

I’ve seen news reports about exploding ecigs

All of them cheap, bought in a pub or from a market and being charged incorrectly.

What are the things in favour of vaping?

  • Vaping does not produce acrid smoke.
  • Vaping does not release tar.
  • Vaping feels like smoking.
  • Electronic cigarettes come in a range of styles, sizes and are modifiable.
  • Vaping offers you the opportunity to gradually reduce your nicotine content.
  • Vaping does not leave a smell on your clothes.
  • Vaping has been subjected to a lot of positive scientific research.
  • Vaping is supported by Channel 4’s Dr. Christian Jessen and Dr Hilary Jones on ITV.
  • Vaping provides a throat hit like smoking.
  • Vaping will help you regain your sense of taste and smell.
  • Vaping will allow your lungs to clear and get fitter.

Also, unlike trying to quit using Champix, there are internet forums like this one where you can ask any question you like or hunt for support. Vaping for us is more than an activity like smoking – it has become a consuming and enjoyable hobby.

Welcome to our world!

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