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How do you use CBD?

CBD is a hot topic at the moment and there will be people out there wondering how to use it. In this guide, we will look at the most popular methods used for consuming CBD products...

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Vaping CBD

Vaping is likely to be the most popular method of consuming CBD at present, with a huge range of different CBD oils manufactured for the very purpose of vaping it. Most mainstream CBD products contain the CBD oil itself suspended in PG and VG, much like an E-Liquid, but without the presence of nicotine. Many CBD oils are sold unflavoured, with the user able to choose whether to vape it 'as is', or they can add their own flavourings to it or even mix it with their own E-Liquids.

CBD Oil can be vaped with your usual vaping atomisers, or you can purchase a dedicated CBD vape kit. Vaping CBD Oil is one of the favoured methods for consuming CBD, as it's arguably the fastest acting method, offering near instant relief for users, however the effects do not last as long as orally administered CBD in most instances.


Many CBD products are manufactured for the sole purpose of oral consumption, such as pills, tinctures, edibles and sprays. This is the preferred method for those that do not wish to vape CBD oils, and offers a fast acting and discreet way of consuming CBD which arguably has longer lasting effects than vaping CBD. 


Administering CBD topically is a very popular method for those consuming CBD to alleviate joint and skin related issues, with many topical CBD creams and oils available to purchase. These are simply rubbed onto the affected area in order to relieve symptoms.

Finding the best way of consuming CBD products is all down to the individual user, so if you are serious about using CBD it is definitely worth experimenting with different methods to see which one works best for you!

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