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For and Against Vaping

Almost all coming into vaping will be doing so as an alternative to smoking and you will want to know the positives and negatives.

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Like most things in life, nothing is 100% safe and no responsible vendor will tell you that ecigarettes are totally safe to use.

What is important is that, as far as the bulk of reliable, peer-reviewed scientific investigations are concerned vaping is considerably safer than smoking. You will find that a commonly referred to figure is that an ecigarette is over 100 times safer than smoking a cigarette.

Key Facts

  • It is documented that over half of UK smokers attempt to quit each year.
  • The NHS is not allowed to promote vaping/ecigarettes.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies (Spray, Gum, Medication) only succeed with 2-3% of those who use them – over 97% fail to quit.
  • There is a growing body of scientific evidence that Champix (varenicline), a nicotine replacement therapy drug, can cause hallucinations, aggression and suicide particularly when taken with alcohol.
  • Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals.
  • Cigarettes contain over 50 cancer-causing chemicals.

The “pros” of vaping

  • According to a recent survey by Professor Robert West you are 60% more likely to give up smoking by using a vaping device than using any other method
  • Ecigarettes do not burn anything.
  • Ecigarettes do not produce smoke
  • Ecigarettes release no tar.
  • Ecigarettes contain none of the 50+ cancer causing chemicals.
  • Ecigarettes are made from just four known ingredients.
  • Ecigarettes feel like smoking.
  • Ecigarettes come in a range of sizes.
  • Ecigarettes offer someone the opportunity to gradually reduce the nicotine content.
  • Ecigarettes do not stain fingers or teeth.
  • Ecigarettes leave no ash.
  • Ecigarettes do not smell or leave an odour on your clothes.
  • Ecigarettes have been subjected to a great deal of scientific research.
  • Ecigarette use has been supported on television by doctors such as Channel 4’s Dr. Christian Jessen and Dr Hilary on ITV’s Daytime program - Youtube.
  • Ecigarettes provide a throat hit like smoking.
  • Ecigarettes provide nicotine.
  • Nicotine is found in plants like potatoes.
  • Nicotine acts like caffeine on the body.
  • Nicotine is used by doctors to treat a number of conditions.
  • Unlike Nicorette Quickmist, Ecigarettes only contain four ingredients.
  • Ecigarettes can help you to give up completely or continue to enjoy nicotine is a much safer way.
  • Ecigarettes will help you regain your sense of taste and smell.
  • Ecigarettes will allow your lungs to clear and get fitter.
  • There is no second-hand smoke danger

The “cons” of vaping


Some people get dehydrated when vaping, it is important to remember to drink.

Some people are allergic to the propylene glycol in the liquid, it is possible to buy liquids high in vegetable glycerin instead.

Although there are no long-term studies stating that ecigarettes are safe there are a growing number of research papers indicating this

Nicotine is not recommended during pregnancy, breast-feeding and can effect blood sugar levels

Battery explosions

Although there have been a number of stories recently this is very rare. The batteries are made of the same material as the batteries you find in laptops, tablets and cameras. Ensure you buy a quality battery with a good recharger from a trusted vendor.


There are very few juices that taste just like tobacco. You may find that as your sense of taste returns you prefer Lemon Meringue Pie anyway. With the huge range of flavours on offer you are bound to find at least one you like.


There are many different types of ecigarettes from Generation 1 (that look like cigarettes) to Third Generation devices that can look like something from a Sci-fi movie. Fortunately, other vapers, websites and forums are there to help you make your choice. No matter what problem you come across, someone will have been there and have a helpful solution.


Although vaping is much cheaper than smoking a lot of people begin collecting different devices. But then, saving around £200+ a month means you will be able to afford it.

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