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CBD UK Regulations - is it covered by the TPD?

There's been many misleading statements and confusion surrounding the regulations that cover CBD products, in this guide we aim to explain the regulations currently covering CBD products.

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Is it covered by the TPD?

As virtually all known CBD oils used for vaping do not contain any nicotine whatsoever, CBD oils actually fall outside of the scope of the TPD and are therefore not covered by current TPD legislation.

CBD Regulations in the UK

As it stands, as long as any CBD product on sale in the UK is manufactured from one of 63 EU approved industrial hemp strains, it is completely legal. The CBD used cannot be sourced from any other strains of hemp.

No outright definitive claims can be made in regards to any medicinal properties of CBD by the product vendor, otherwise it may be classed as a medicinal product and subject to further regulations from the MHRA.

Any cultivation of non hemp cannabis remains illegal within the UK, as well as the possession and supply of non hemp cannabis.

CBD products are now widely found within the UK, and are now even found on the shelves of some major high street stores too- we will shortly publish a guide detailing our recommended vendors to purchase CBD from!

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