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Wotofo Lush Plus RDA

The Lush Plus RDA is a new and improved version of their original Lush RDA. This new incarnation is 24mm in diameter and dual coil only. It features a new dual split post build deck and bottom airflow for superb flavour.

I always like to get the chance to try out new products from Wotofo who are known for selling good quality atomizers at a reasonable price so let’s take a good look and see what this RDA has to offer!

Wotofo Lush Plus features

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Height 32.5mm
  • Dual Split Post Build Deck
  • Staggered Terminals
  • Dual Terminal per Post
  • 2.4mm Diamter Holes per Terminal
  • Top Mounted Phillips Screws
  • Quad Internal Airflow. Dual 3mm Air holes Per Side
  • Deep Juice Well
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Double O-Ring Secured
  • Bottom Airflow System. Quad 4mm by 2mm Air Slots
  • Proprietary 9mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 24K Gold Plated 510 Connection

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Lush Plus RDA
  • 3x Staple Coils
  • 2x Spare Screws
  • Spare O-Rings
  • Organic Cotton
  • Screwdriver

Wotofo Lush Plus styling and build quality

You always expect a certain level of quality with Wotofo products and despite their relative cheapness I have always found them to be very well machined and the Lush Plus RDA is no exception. All of the various Stainless Steel parts feel solid and durable with no sharp edges present and for a 24mm diameter atomizer the Lush Plus is relatively compact. You can purchase the Lush Plus in either Stainless Steel or in an anodized black finish. I received the black version for review and I have to admit it does look really nice and has a good black coating that hasn’t scratched at all in the short time I have spent using it.

The only thing that I feel lets down the construction a little is the fit of the top cap and quite often there is a small but noticeable gap. I think this is due to the double O-rings around the edge of the deck being quite thick so it is advisable to lubricate them heavily for a smoother fitting.

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What is nice about this RDA is that it doesn’t suffer from an overabundance of parts and simply consists of three pieces; a base/deck, a top cap and a drip tip. The included press fit drip tip is made from Delrin and while it does feel comfortable to use it doesn’t feature a standard 510 fitting so you can’t swap it out for one from your collection.

The deck features a dual split post arrangement that looks a bit similar to the Recoil RDA. Each pair of posts are milled directly into the deck so you won’t have any issues with posts spinning. Each terminal features a 2.4mm diameter hole which will be absolutely fine for most typical builds. The posts feature some very chunky looking Philips head screws which work really well!

There are two raised 3mm airflow slots on the deck and this is very similar to Geekvape’s Tsunami RDA. The well is reasonably deep but you can’t get a massive amount of juice in there because the deck is a little cramped. This mainly caused by the post arrangement and the very thick rim which runs around the periphery of the deck. I think the reason this has been done is to achieve a reduced chamber effect to help maximise flavour but it’s a shame it limits available build space to achieve this. The deck is also fitted with a PEEK insulator and the 510 pin in the base is Gold-plated for maximum conductivity.


Just like the Kennedy RDA the Wotofo Lush Plus’s bottom airflow is completely fixed and non-adjustable. It consists of a two sets of dual 4mm by 2mm air holes so is best suited to direct lung inhales only and even though it is very airy there is an ever so slight amount of restriction noticeable which makes the draw a little choppy at times. If you prefer mouth to lung vapes you would be well advised to stay away from this.

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Ease of use

The four post arrangement is somewhat similar to the Recoil RDA so it shouldn’t present a problem providing you have some experience of rebuildable atomizers. Since the two outer posts are angled at 45 degrees the coil doesn’t tend to deform as badly when tightening up the screws. The post holes 2.4mm in size so should accommodate most typical builds and the Philips head screws are very chunky so should last and they hold the wire very securely.

Just like when building the Tsunami or Kennedy you do need to make sure your coils are just above the airflow slots and the length of the coil should cover the entire length of the airflow slot in the deck. If you prefer more exotic coil types you may have some issues when it comes to wicking them since the deck is fairly cramped and this does limit the amount of available space.

Keep in mind that the Lush Plus will leak heavily if you don’t paint the wicks just like you would for the old Wotofo Mini Freakshow. Blasé dripping through the drip tip will just lead to a dreadful mess so please take care.

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How does it vape?

Even though Wototo include some pre-made coils I decided not to use them and instead made a 3mm ID dual coil build using some twisted 26 gauge wire which had a final Resistance of 0.4ohm. I wicked both coils with Japanese cotton and juiced up the wicks and filled up the well with some Grey Haze Blueberry Muffin E-Liquid.

When taking my first vape I had to admit for a budget RDA the flavour is very good but certainly not the flavour revelation the Wotofo Mini Freakshow was at the time. The real problem is that these days there is a great deal of choice out there and having reviewed a great many RDA's many of them tend to feel like a very similar vape to one another. The real variation tends to be in what else is offered in terms of the deck design, airflow etc. Beyond a slightly different post arrangement the Wotofo Lush Plus with its fixed airflow offers nothing new but to some extent that is what makes it so highly approachable to the typical user!

In many respects it does make a siginificant difference as to which type of coils you actually choose to use. If you were to go for standard coils in the Lush Plus you will probably be a little unimpressed. Twisted coils are better and of course the Claptons, and Fused Claptons really start to deliver the goods in the flavour department (just like with most other RDA's) but as I mentioned earlier the deck space is a little cramped. I did of course rip out my previous build and fit a dual Fused Clapton Coil build which had a final Resistance of 0.13ohm and this time I used some Snap Liquids Mad Mango and while the flavour was a noticeable improvement it still wasn’t the best I have ever tasted in an RDA of this type (it was still very good mind you) but it isn't that important when you consider what you are getting for the small price of £24.99 and I think it does represent something of a bargain especially when you take into account that you will often pay twice or three times that for a good RDA. 

I actually watched a few reviews on YouTube of this RDA and some of them have really hyped this RDA up (at the time they actually made me want to try one) and as is often the case they suggest the flavour is amongst the best they have come across at this moment in time and personally I find that a massive stretch. This RDA will give you very nice flavour without a doubt but it didn't exactly wow me and make me want to sell off all my other drippers. You would think given the reduced chamber the flavour would be much better than it is but that is not the case for me. Now vapour production on the other hand is absolutely superb and to borrow a favourite phrase from a particular American reviewer “this thing really chucks!” Personally I think it will surprise you how quickly this compact RDA can start fogging up your room so you are unlikely to be disappointed!

As I mentioned earlier you can’t just blindly drip juice through the drip tip or it will just end up pouring out of the air holes and run down your device.

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The Wotofo Lush Plus is a very good RDA that offers both decent flavour and excellent cloud production at an affordable price. It does have its limitations such as the fact that it is dual coil only, has non-adjustable airflow and can also leak heavily if you don’t carefully paint your wicks with juice. With the right build it offers improved flavour but the build deck is quite cramped so it is somewhat less flexible than other RDA’s you could choose to purchase. Another slight misstep is the way the top cap doesn’t fit completely flush at times but since it doesn’t impede this RDA’s performance it should only bother you if you are extremely OCD about your atomizers.

Considering the low price point this is a solid product from Wofoto and well worth picking up if you need a new dual coil and straightforward to use RDA to add to your collection!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent this RDA to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to purchase the Wotofo Lush Plus RDA you can get it directly from Grey Haze. Remember to use code POTV10 at the checkout for 10% off your purchase.

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