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UD Anzu

The Anzu is the latest RDA from UD. It features massive adjustable airflow and has Velocity style posts for ease of building. This RDA is clearly intended for cloud chasers and is designed for dual coil builds only.

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UD Anzu

The Anzu is the latest RDA from UD. It features massive adjustable airflow and has Velocity style posts for ease of building. This RDA is clearly intended for cloud chasers and is designed for dual coil builds only.

UD Anzu features

  • Removable drip tip
  • Velocity-Style posts with four huge 2.5mm post holes
  • Dual Coil design
  • Adjustable dual airflow design. Bottom and side airflow
  • 510 threading connection
  • 22mm overall diameter

What’s in the box?

  • 1x UD Anzu RDA
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tip
  • Delrin Conical Drip Tip
  • Spare Screws
  • Spare O-Rings
  • 510 drip tip adapter

The only thing I can fault about the contents is the lack of a flat head screwdriver which is required for the grub screws so be aware of this if purchasing this RDA.

UD Anzu styling and build quality

In terms of overall looks the Anzu is nicely streamlined and in my opinion very well machined. All of the pieces fit together without issues and the RDA feels nice and durable. The only slight issue I had was removing the bottom airflow sleeve from the base of the Anzu because it was quite stiff but after lubricating the O-rings it was absolutely fine.

The deck uses the very popular Velocity style design and features large 2.5mm post holes so just about any build will be possible. The grub screws are the flat head variety, they hold the wire securely and do not cut it when tightening up your coils. There are two massive air holes in deck and they are raised to prevent leaking. The juice well is reasonably deep and there is plenty of room for your cotton.

The Anzu is comprised of several pieces: the main deck, the bottom airflow section which UD refer to as the Stainless Steel Tank and an upper section featuring an airflow control ring. You can choose to use either of the included drip tips one of which is wide bore and made from Delrin. If you are fitting the Delrin drip tip you do need to remove the 510 drip tip adapter first.


One thing this RDA is not short of is airflow. Firstly you have the bottom airflow which has two sets of four very large holes which you can adjust to suit. In addition at the top of the RDA you have additional side airflow with two sets of ten small air holes. If you don’t want the side airflow it can be fully closed down. One slight problem with this design is that if plan to use only the side airflow and close the bottom airflow down the airflow will not be directed at your coils and will end up going straight to the posts. For the people this RDA is marketed at I don’t see this being a real issue since it clearly is designed for cloud chasing fans, so in their case the more airflow the better!

Ease of build

Due to the generous amount of space on the deck the Anzu is very straightforward to build. As mentioned earlier the screws work well so you won’t run into problems there. I went for a dual coil build using 26 gauge Kanthal, ten wraps per coil round a 3mm screwdriver. My final resistance was 0.7ohm. I wicked the coils with a generous amount of Japanese cotton.

How does it vape?

I filled up the well with Monarch E-Liquids Prince which is a fruit cereal and milk flavour. One thing is for sure when you take your first inhale you notice just how airy the Anzu is because you can practically breathe through it. Flavour is quite reasonably for something that is really only designed to blow tons of clouds. If you do want more flavour you can close down some of the bottom air holes and possibly close the upper air holes.

When using high VG juice and fully opened up the Anzu is a serious cloud making machine! One thing I did notice is that throat hit is really quite potent in this RDA and I was surprised just how strong it was when using my typical 6mg and that’s coming from someone who likes a strong throat hit.

Even though bottom airflow RDA’s have a nasty habit of leaking I did not run into any problems with the Anzu however you do have to make sure to paint your wicks with juice (like when using the Mini Freakshow) rather than just blindly drip into it.


I’ll be honest cloud chasing RDA’s aren’t my usual vape these days but in my opinion the Anzu is a good one. There is plenty of room on the deck which means you can fit whatever wacky build you have in mind and there is an absolute ton of airflow. The machining is decent and the deck is pleasant to work with which means it is relatively rebuildable newcomer friendly. I felt that flavour could be a little better than it is but if blowing lots of clouds is your main aim then this RDA will serve you well!  Thanks to the team at UD for sending this in to review.

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