Tigertek Springer X RDA review by dw1986

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Tigertek Springer X RDA

Tigertek’s Springer X RDA features a very unique feature not yet seen in RDAs, we have had postless RDAs hit the market already but the Springer X RDA features a screwless post system, your coils are fixed down using a new spring loaded post system, which theoretically means that installing your build takes a matter of seconds.

Alongside the new spring loaded post system, the Springer X RDA boasts a massive juice well, a 24mm width, gold plated posts, compatibility with single or dual coil builds, adjustable top airflow, Ultem and Delrin drip tips and your choice of four different finishes available, so you can pick one to match the finish of your mod.

The screwless post system is certainly a very cool looking feature, but is it functional or just a gimmick? Let’s find out...


  • 24mm width
  • 43mm height
  • 102g weight
  • Unique screwless deck
  • Gold plated posts
  • Large juice well
  • Ultem or Delrin drip tip
  • Huge adjustable top airflow
  • Available in stainless steel, black, gold or rainbow finishes
  • Compatible with single or dual coil builds
  • 510 threaded

What's in the box?

The Springer X RDA comes in a black presentation box which also features a 17mm bore Ultem drip tip, a black Delrin 510 threaded drip tip, two pre-built clapton coils, a pack of Japanese cotton, four spare o-rings, three spare screws, spare post spring and an allen key.

Design and build quality

The Springer X RDA is manufactured from stainless steel and it measures in with a 24mm width, 43mm height and weighs a reasonably hefty 102g, it is 510 threaded and has an adjustable 510 connector. Four different colour finishes are available, with stainless steel, black, gold or rainbow to choose from, I was sent the rainbow edition finish to review and it is certainly a funky looking one!

An Ultem wide bore chuff cap comes pre-fitted on the Springer X RDA, and this has a huge 17mm bore- almost spanning the entire width of the top cap! A delrin 510 drip tip also comes in the box, to use this you slot an o-ring around the base of the drip tip connector and pop it into the chuff cap, this will give you a more condensed draw.

Build quality of the Springer X RDA feels great, there was no machine oil visible when I took it out of the box, there were no sharp edges or burrs present and everything fitted together as it should do. The top cap pops on and off easily, meaning you can drip down onto your build with ease, and the gold plated posts look fantastic on the deck.


The Springer X RDA features two airflow slots located at the top of the top cap, airflow is adjusted by rotating the top cap itself and you can close down one side of the airflow for single coil builds. The airflow slots are of a pretty large size and definitely appeal to those that like their RDA’s on the airy side, the airflow can be finely adjusted down to suit your preferences. The airflow control ring itself is nice and smooth, making it easy to rotate.

Building the Springer X RDA

One of the biggest selling points of the Springer X RDA is the unique screwless post system that has been used, you have two gold plated posts that have no screws present on them at all, instead two spring loaded clamps are present and you simply push the clamps down, slot your coil legs into the relevant holes on the posts, and let go of the clamps. I’ve never seen this system in place before with any RDA, and it means that fitting your builds takes only a matter of seconds to do!

With the Springer X RDA being a 24mm width RDA, there’s a generous amount of build room present, however a fair amount of this is taken up by the thick posts on the centre of the deck. A massive juice well is present, meaning that the Springer X RDA holds plenty of juice, cutting down on the need to constantly re-drip your e-liquid!


With the decent sized airflow and frankly humongous wide bore Delrin chuff cap, I was expecting the Springer X RDA to put out it’s fair share of vapour, and I wasn’t disappointed. It isn’t the airiest RDA out there, but it can definitely hold it’s own when it comes to clouds, plus it handles high wattage use very well too. I have been using a 0.15ohm build at 100-115W and it’s never got uncomfortably hot for me to use whilst doing so.

Flavour wise, the Springer X RDA offers some pretty pleasing flavour results, however I did find that it got a little muted when going north of 100W. With a single coil build in the 0.35ohm region at 50-60W, I do get some pretty impressive flavour, with a pleasantly warm and flavoursome vape present. I felt that if you were aiming to get the best flavour from the Springer X RDA, then a single coil build with one side of the airflow shut down provided the best results.

All in all the Springer X RDA is an impressive little performer, especially when you consider how competitively priced it is too!


With the screwless post system present, the Springer X RDA is one of the more unique RDA’s that I have come across, and it’s really good to see Tigertek looking to innovate in a very saturated market. Far from being a gimmick, the screwless post system works really well in practice, making fitting your builds quick and easy, meaning that the Springer X RDA is accessible to just about anyone.

Price wise, the Springer X RDA is dirt cheap, and for the price you pay you are definitely getting a lot of RDA for your money. The ease of build is second to none, and the performance is very good as well. You get real bang for your buck here, an RDA that is built very well, performs great and is dead easy to build on!

Many thanks to Stacy at Elegomall for sending in the Springer X RDA to review, this can be purchased from https://www.elegomall.com/tigertek-springer-x-rda-tank.html. Elegomall have got some great deals on various products at the moment, so be sure to head over to their website and check them out!