The Goon RDA by 528 Custom Vapes Review by Dan Willis

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The Goon RDA by 528 Custom Vapes

Designed by renowned coil artist Blue Eyed Goon (blueeyedgoon83), in collaboration with 528 Custom Vapes, the Goon RDA is a 24mm width RDA that has a huge deck for getting creative with your coil builds, and it uses an innovative bridge clamp system with 24k gold plated bridges, that make installing your coils easy and also gives you a load of space to play with. Huge clouds and big flavour are the order of the day with this beast!

Not only do you have a large deck to build with, there's vast airflow available, with a ton of different options and a massive half inch sized drip tip, as well as the ability to close down one side of the airflow if single coils are your preference. The Goon RDA is hybrid safe as well, for maximum conductivity with your hybrid mechanical mods, and PEEK insulators are used to handle sub ohm builds and high wattage.

Feedback on the Goon RDA has been nothing short of spectacular since its recent release, so here are my thoughts on the Goon RDA.


  • 24mm width
  • Large build deck
  • Half inch drip tip
  • Standard 510 connection
  • Large range of airflow options, single and dual coil supported
  • Copper screw
  • Gold plated bridge post
  • Gold plated clamps
  • Hybrid safe
  • PEEK insulators
  • Positive and Negative bridges are easily replaceable

What's in the kit?

The Goon RDA from 528 Custom Vapes comes in a nice presentation pouch with the Goon and 528 Custom Vapes logo embroidered on the front. Inside the pouch is the Goon RDA itself, and a small spares bag that contains spare o-rings and post screws. 

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You can purchase the Goon RDA in four different finishes, it's available in Stainless Steel, Black, Brass and Copper to match the most popular mechanical mod finishes on the market. I received the Stainless Steel version for review, which features a fully stainless steel top cap, deck (with 24k plated Stainless Steel bridges) and airflow control. The contact pin is adjustable and also made from copper, and it is hybrid safe too for use with hybrid mechanical mods. There is a massive half inch diameter drip tip, which is removable, you'll need a suitably sized drip tip or chuff cap to replace it. 

Looks wise, there is an engraved logo on the outside, plus you will see 528 Custom Vapes engraved around the top cap. There's three large airflow slots on either side, and this RDA looks like it means business! It's 24mm width so you will need to bear this in mind when choosing a suitable mod to pair with it, I found it to be a great fit with one of my favourite mods, the Efusion. I think it's a really good looking RDA which has been well manufactured, the build quality overall feels excellent. The top cap comes on and off easily, as does the airflow control and drip tip allowing you a number of different methods to drip your juice, overall everything feels smooth with no sharp edges and the engraving has been done really well.

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Building the Goon RDA

Thanks to the innovative bridge clamp system, building on the huge deck of the Goon RDA is a dream, and there are so many possibilities given the size, I've only just begun to scratch the surface of what you are able to do with it. I've tried large fused Clapton coils, single and dual coil builds of both large and small diameters, and my current favourite build in there is a dual 8 wrap 25awg flat kanthal build with a 3mm ID for 0.45ohm. I've always been left with an absolute ton of room to play with, which is a bonus as I can pad the deck out with a generous amount of cotton to hold plenty of juice.

The bridge clamp system makes it all too easy to build. You'll see two bridge clamps in the middle of the deck, which are stainless steel with 24k gold plating, and four large cross head screws. You simply unscrew the cross head screws, lift up the clamps, insert your coils and screw the clamps back down to trap down your coil legs. It makes building extremely quick and easy. The bridge clamps are also removable and replaceable. 

I've seen a few reports of early adopters having issues with the clamps twisting their coils or snapping the legs clean off, as well as issues with the stability of the bridge clamps themselves. This seems to be an issue with the early prototype versions of the Goon RDA, that featured brass bridge clamps, the retail versions have stainless steel bridge clamps with 24k gold plating. I've had no issues whatsoever with the bridge clamps, my coil legs have always trapped down nicely without affecting the integrity of my coil, and resistance has been completely stable too. I love the bridge clamp system, it really does make for an easy build, and opens up a whole world of rebuilding possibilities.


As you would probably expect just from looking at the Goon RDA, there is ample airflow. Even with a single airflow slot open on either side this is still an incredibly airy atty, and a full on lung hit no matter the setting! Wide open, this rates as one of the airiest atties going, a cloud chasers dream, and if you do want to chase clouds, this is one of the best RDAs out there for it. This produces an immense amount of vapour, that is both thick and dense, and it will have you fogging a room out in no time at all with very little trouble.

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Airflow itself is adjusted by rotating the top cap, it's very smooth and easy to use. Once you have set your airflow, it will stay in place unless you adjust it yourself, and I haven't experienced any juice leaking out of the sides since I have been using the Goon RDA. There are three large airflow holes drilled into the middle of the top cap on either side, and you can close down and open up each one individually. Also, you can close off one side of the airflow entirely leaving the other open to adjustment if you wish, which comes in handy if you prefer single coil builds. It's one of the best airflow control systems I've used to date out of any atomiser.


What really surprised me the most with the Goon RDA was the outstanding flavour I got, and it was consistent amongst different builds as well. Given the size of the airflow, I expected a full on cloud chasing atomiser, and it's one of the best in it's class at that, but the flavour rated up there with some of the best flavour atomisers I've tried. Even with the airflow open as wide as it goes, the flavour was still excellent, and it's delivered smoothly whether you have the airflow wide open or closed down as much as it will go, and as mentioned above this is one of the very best at producing humongous clouds. You get the best of both worlds here, a superb amount of vapour and outstanding flavour too. 


Now with the Goon RDA this does hit hard. Very hard indeed so I would bear this in mind, it's definitely not one for the faint of heart. Even with 3mg nicotine juices I did find myself having to have a bit of a break occasionally as I was getting one hell of a nicotine buzz! Vapour delivery is smooth however, so that nicotine rush has a hell of a habit of creeping up on you…

I do love the versatility of this atomiser as well. It delivers excellent performance at high or low wattage, with incredible flavour and vapour production. If high wattage is your thing the Goon RDA will keep up perfectly, PEEK insulators are used so it will handle low resistance sub ohm builds and wattage into the triple figures perfectly well, and I've not noticed it get hot at high wattage as well. I happily chain vape away with my current build at 40-45w with no issues at all, and I've used it at up to 110w without encountering any issues. Apart from a huge nicotine buzz that almost put me flat on my face but that is a whole other story...


If you are looking for an RDA that offers the complete package, look no further than the Goon RDA. It has been much hyped coming out of the USA, but after spending a great deal of time with this RDA, I believe it deserves all of the hype it is getting. Huge clouds and superb flavour are on offer here, backed up with one of the best airflow control systems on offer, and one of the biggest and easiest to use build decks. The bridge clamps work so well, allowing you to install pretty much any build that you can think of, and it's pleasing to see that dual coil builds are accommodated as well.

I literally can't find any negatives about this dream of an RDA, it's just a whole list of positives. The performance is outstanding in the flavour and cloud departments, the airflow control system is truly excellent, it looks great with superb build quality to match and the innovative deck, a massive selling point with this atomiser, is one of the best I have ever used. The Goon RDA rates as one of my own all time favourite atomisers!

The Goon RDA is available now from, priced at £55-£65.00!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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