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Geekvape Peerless RDA

New from Geekvape is the Peerless RDA. This atomizer is 24mm in diameter and features a Split Bridge Post design along with fully adjustable airflow which caters to dual and single coil builds and a massive juice well. The package also includes a Bottom Feed Pin.

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Peerless RDA by Geekvape

New from Geekvape is the Peerless RDA. This atomizer is 24mm in diameter and features a Split Bridge Post design along with fully adjustable airflow which caters to dual and single coil builds and a massive juice well. The package also includes a Bottom Feed Pin. So let’s take a good look and see what is has to offer you!

Peerless RDA features

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Height: 32mm
  • 510 Threaded
  • Unique Build Deck: Designed to support both Standard and Complex Coil Builds
  • Additional Post Hole to Support a Wide Variety of Coil Builds
  • Designed for both Single and Dual Coil Builds
  • Special Split Bridge Post Design
  • Nine Hole Adjustable Side Airflow System

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x GeekVape Peerless RDA
  • 1 x Spare Wide Bore Top Cap
  • Includes Extra Top Cap for Wide Bore Drip Tips
  • Includes Bottom Feeding Squonker Pin for Squonker Style Mods

Peerless RDA Styling and build quality

The overall build quality of the Peerless is very good and the design is attractive. It features an aluminium construction so it is very lightweight and it is available in different colour anodized finishes. I received the black version for review and I could not find any fault with the finish.

At 24mm in diameter the Peerless RDA will look good on most devices. One great feature, especially when you consider the low price this RDA is sold at, is the Gold-plated deck, base and 510 pin. The deck features a special split bridge post design and the juice well is massive.

The Peerless features a pre-fitted integrated AFC and sloped Delrin drip tip. It has a yellow Ultem style colouration with a glossy finish. Alternatively if you prefer not to use it you can swap it out for the other included AFC with its detachable wide bore Delrin drip tip. This part will also easily accept a Kennedy or Goon drip tip if you prefer to use one from your collection. Logos are kept to an absolute minimum on this RDA and it simply has “Peerless” lightly engraved on one side and is tastefully done.

In addition since there is a bottom feed pin included you can set this RDA up to work with a squonking device.


The Peerless offers plenty of airflow. In a sense it resembles the old Mutation X style. There are nine staggered holes on each side and these can be closed off in stages depending on your preference. The airflow caters to both single and dual coil setups. Fully opened up it is very airy and intended for direct lung inhales. As you start to close the airflow down it offers a restrictive lung inhale style of vaping.

Ease of use

The post holes do take a bit of getting used to since there are two slots at the top for thinner wire and larger holes at the bottom for thicker wire. The screw passes all the way through and allows you to grab hold of two coils at the same time. To be honest it felt a little bit fiddly to me compared to something very straightforward like my Kennedy and my Goon. The bottom of the screw is also rounded which tended to cause my coil tails to keep slipping out. The design in some respects may seem a little over-engineered but apparently it is intended to offer more wicking space.

I initially went for a single Clapton coil build to see how the Peerless vaped with that setup and then replaced this later with a dual coil 26 gauge twisted wire build.

Given the size of the juice well you won’t have to refill nearly as often as comparable RDA’s. The nice thing is that because this RDA doesn’t feature bottom airflow you are very unlikely to end up with a leaky mess.

How does it vape?

Even though this particular RDA can be vaped in single coil mode it really doesn’t perform at its best in the flavour department but vapour production was still quite decent. In my opinion it is more than acceptable if you are new to rebuildables and want to start with a single coil before graduating to dual coil builds later. In dual coil mode this RDA performs like a champ! It offers a really lovely draw along with very good flavour and excellent cloud production.

I tended to vape it with the airflow fully opened up but if you are someone who likes to adjust things it may seem a little annoying because in my opinion the airflow adjustment could definitely use some knurling.

One of the best things about the Peerless is the massive juice well and it does take some time to drain even when using it in standard RDA mode. If you decided to fit the bottom feed pin you and use it with a squonker you certainly won’t have to squonk as often.


For the price this is a decent RDA in my opinion with a nice amount of versatility. I really liked the draw and the Peerless offers really good flavour along with great cloud production! One negative is the lack of a 510 drip tip adapter but in fairness the current design is compatible with Kennedy/Goon drip tips. All this RDA could ideally do with is some knurling for the AFC and I think the post system comes across as a little bit fiddly to work with when first mounting dual coils, but with frequent use you will probably quickly grow comfortable with it.

However when you factor in that the deck is Gold-plated and that the kit includes a Bottom Feed Pin this is definitely worthy of consideration if you like the sound of it!

Keep in mind that there is also a Special Edition version of the Peerless RDA which is a little bit more expensive but it features Stainless Steel construction rather than anodized aluminium and also some changes to the drip tips.

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