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Fishbone RDA by ICloudCig

The Fishbone is a 22mm diameter RDA designed and manufactured by ICloudCig. Featuring a glass top cap this dripper is very unusual compared to others on the market. It is designed for dual coil builds and features a three post design and a 6mm deep juice well. In addition the Fishbone has massive bottom airflow in the style of the Kennedy Competition RDA. The Fishbone is a unique and easily affordable RDA, but is it any good? We shall see.

Fishbone RDA features

  • 2x Fishbone Glass Shells.
  • 22mm diameter.
  • Adjustable copper centre post.
  • All three posts have large holes compatible with twisted wire.
  • Huge bottom airflow – 2 x twin holes.
  • Dual coil only.
  • PEEK Insulator.
  • Copper positive pin.
  • Deep juice well.

What’s in the box?

  • Spare O-Rings.
  • Spare screws.
  • Spare glass “Shell” top cap.
  • Blue mini screwdriver.

Fishbone RDA looks

In terms of styling this RDA is very unique due to fact that the majority of it is constructed from glass. The entire upper top cap and its drip tip are all one piece and visually this gives the RDA an interesting fish bowl look. The glass section is held on securely by two O-rings that feel durable. It is advisable that you lubricate the O-rings so that the glass doesn’t cut them when you remove and replace the top cap. The glass features the logo which is a fish skeleton with the words “Fishbone” written beneath it.

I watched a YouTube review on this RDA by VapnFagan and he did point out that the logo does tend to wear off over time but you can easily clean it off with a little alcohol and a soft cloth. One nice feature is that it is easy to remove the glass top cap when the RDA is not on your mod because the glass does not extend right to the bottom. The glass itself is quite thin and more than likely it is designed this way so it remains 22mm diameter. Nevertheless the box does contain a spare glass top cap in case you should have any accidents.

The rest of the RDA is mainly constructed from stainless steel and the deck is a three post design featuring a copper centre post. Personally that is something of a deal breaker for me because even though copper provides better conductivity I don’t actually like it in contact with my juice. Whether this bothers you or not will be down to the individual. The post holes are about 1.5mm in diameter and while they should cater for most typical builds I think that they should have been larger. If you take into account that glass offers a cooler vape combined with the massive airflow this RDA features then it really is catering for low Sub-Ohm builds, so ideally bigger post holes would have been better. The screws are Philips head grub screws and while they seem decent enough they did cut the wire twice when I was building but it is possible that I was a little too forceful when tightening them.


The 510 pin is made from copper and is fully adjustable so you can be certain that this RDA will sit flush with your mods.


Featuring four 3mm diameter air holes this RDA is certainly not short of airflow. In many respects it is extremely similar in style to the Kennedy Competition RDA. Sadly for those that might want to close the airflow down it isn’t possible, you have one airflow type “full on”, so you’ll have to live with it. Regardless it will keep the cloud chasing fans extremely happy!

The base has four airflow channels cut into it so the air comes in from the side and then goes up through the holes so you don’t need to worry about your mod obstructing the bottom airflow.

My build

I went with a 26AWG (0.4mm) dual coil build with a final resistance of 0.5ohm. The build itself wasn’t too bad to do but the deck is kind of cramped so I don’t think this RDA would be very suitable for newcomers to rebuilding. You also have to take care that the coil doesn’t touch the air hole tubes or you will end up with a short.

I found that it was best to make a sufficiently long coil so as to pass over both air holes on each side. You have to do it this way so you don’t have bare cotton hanging over the air holes because that will lead to leaking.

We Vape

I wicked the coils with Cotton Bacon and tucked the wicks into the sides of the well. Despite the fact that this RDA has a 6mm deep juice well there isn’t really that much room for your cotton and ideally I would have liked more space for wicking.

How does the Fishbone RDA vape?

Vaping the Fishbone is fun due to the glass top cap and it is quite amusing to simply fire your mod and watch the vapour swirling around. It makes interesting viewing for the short time it lasts and you might even be tempted to throw a few flakes of fishfood into the glass bowl (I am of course kidding).

I assume this device was called the Fishbone due to the way for all intents and purposes the bare bones or guts of the RDA are on display. In many ways there is a distinct similarity to the Aris RDA that OccultScientist reviewed last year.

The first juice I tried in it was VGOD Dewbie and it made for a very pleasant vape. I definitely think that due to the glass top cap/drip tip it gives a slightly nicer flavour than stainless steel or Delrin. Flavour on the whole is pretty good, it’s not “OMG, my giddy Aunt, shock and awe” kind of flavour but it is decent for an RDA that is singularly focused on cloud chasing.

Vapour production is spot on and the Fishbone creates huge clouds of dense vapour which is typical for this kind of airflow. The glass top cap does end up with a lot of condensation building up but that is to be expected.


I then tried some Powwow Sauce in the Fishbone and flavour was very reasonable with a reduction in vapour production due to it being a 50/50 mix ratio. I think this particular juice tastes far better in other RDA’s I have tried but it’s not at all bad in the Fishbone and seems to really boost the maple flavour in the juice.


I think that if you take into account that this RDA can be picked up for as little as £9.99 and comes with two glass top caps then it is something of a bargain! Although it is a bargain that is not particularly suited to newcomers and is aimed primarily at cloud chasers.

The real appeal is the Fishbone’s uniqueness and the overall look is quite interesting and suitably different! I would say this RDA is well worth trying at the price if it appeals to you. It certainly puts out plenty of vapour!

This item was purchased from Angelfire mods for this review - at the current price of £9.99 it is well worth a look

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