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Aeolus Lite by Synthetic Cloud

Combining the best features of the Aeolus V1 and Aeolus V2 Pro, with a sleeker and smaller size, the Aeolus Lite promises to offer a premium package at an affordable price, with the best features from Synthetic Cloud’s previous releases integrated into an RDA that aims to provide both outstanding flavour for the flavour chasers, and huge clouds for the cloud chasers.

The signature Synthetic Cloud vertical airflow system is present with the Aeolus Lite, where the airflow is funneled through the side airflow slots down through four airflow holes, for optimum flavour and vapour production. There’s also a leak free design too, and the reverse threaded top cap that irked a few users of the Aeolus V2 has been dropped in favour of a double o-ring sealed build deck, allowing for quick and easy access. Synthetic Cloud have also catered for the cloud chasers by including a chuff cap in the retail package, and there's a whole host of other features we will go into more detail about in the review below! Let’s just say, it’s shaping up to be a very good performer, available at half the cost of it’s predecessors...

Does the new look Aeolus Lite offer huge performance at a wallet friendly price? Let’s find out!

Aeolus Lite Specs

  • Vertical Airflow System
  • Anti-Leak System
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Double O Ring Sealed Base
  • 12 Different Colours Available
  • Unparalleled Flavour
  • Wide Range of Airflow Configurations
  • Additional Small Airholes for Tighter Draws
  • Anti-Spin Square Centerpost
  • Large Post Holes
  • 11mm Delrin Chuff Cap included as well as Standard 510 Drip Tip
  • 18K Gold-Plated Brass Contacts
  • Top Cap, Barrel, and AFC manufactured from Stainless Steel
  • 22 mm Diameter

What’s in the box?

Packaged inside the stylish Synthetic Cloud presentation box is:

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  • Aeolus Lite RDA
  • 11mm Delrin Chuff Cap
  • Spares Kit including replacement o-rings and post screws

Aeolus Lite Looks

With the Aeolus Lite you have a whopping 12 different colour schemes to choose from, so you should be able to find one here that matches the colour of your mod! It’s manufactured from either Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminium, depending on the colour you have opted for, and has 18K gold-plated brass contacts. Appearance wise, the Aeolus Lite is nigh on identical to the Aeolus V1 and V2 Pro, with the same minimalist design, side airflow slots and ‘AEOLUS’ engraving at the top. There are dual o-rings in place, rather than reverse threading, in order to seal the top cap and having the airflow at the top rather than at the bottom, a signature of the Aeolus RDA’s, means that the Aeolus Lite is leak proof once the top cap is sealed in place.

As standard, the Aeolus Lite comes fitted with a 510 drip tip, which is removable. Airflow can also be controlled by rotating this, however I found at first this was a little stiff and I needed to grip the airflow control ring as well, upon further inspection one of my o-rings had become loose, and the issue was solved after replacing this. The top section can also be removed and replaced with the included 11mm Delrin Chuff Cap if you prefer to blow some competition level clouds. One thing of note is that the Delrin Chuff Cap doesn’t seem to stay in place properly when installed, and has a tendency to just fall off when you carry the Aeolus Lite with the Chuff Cap around in your pocket!

Overall, the Aeolus Lite feels really nicely machined, with no sharp edges or rough burrs, and even though it is half the price of the V2 Pro, it definitely doesn’t feel like there has been any compromise on build quality, and the build quality to me definitely feels worthy of a higher price tag.

Aeolus Lite Build Deck

Pure Eliquids

The Aeolus Lite now features a four post build deck, aimed at dual coil builds, with positive posts split from the negatives. The negative posts in the centre are also plated with 18k gold, the post holes are sizeable and the flat head post screws themselves are fairly large. There’s loads of room to play with here, I quite comfortably fit a dual 6 wrap 26/35 Clapton coil build in, at 0.2ohm, with the Clapton coils being CuckooCoils genius handiwork and my wicking material used was Celtic Cotton. There was still even room to spare! The drip well was a decent size too, I packed this out with cotton and it holds a decent amount of juice.

Aeolus Lite Airflow

Airflow on the Aeolus Lite is controlled via rotating the top airflow control, which in turn will open up or close down the side airflow slots located at the top of the Aeolus Lite, a signature from Synthetic Cloud. Unfortunately there is no way of closing off one side of the airflow to support a single coil build. Airflow is drawn through the side airflow slots and down through four different sized airflow holes on the inside of the Aeolus Lite, and can be closed right down for a more intense flavourful draw, or opened right up for big vapour production. And when the airflow is wide open, the Aeolus Lite really can produce impressive clouds!

Aeolus Lite Performance

The flavour from the Aeolus Lite I have found to be truly exceptional. The Aeolus Lite performs fantastically well on the flavour front, and pretty much as well as anything I have tried yet. The flavour from this atomiser has been nothing short of superb, and I’ve never been disappointed with the flavour results from it yet.

Despite sporting unconventional top airflow, the Aeolus Lite mixes it with the big boys when it comes to cloud chasing, and when combined with the supplied chuff cap the Aeolus Lite turns into a serious cloud chasers atomiser. I’ve been able to blow some absolutely massive clouds with this RDA that are on a par and even better than what I have found with a lot of dedicated cloud chasers RDAs! The outside of the Aeolus Lite does get very hot I have found when running at high wattage however, I’ve taken the Aeolus Lite as far as 100w with my current build and run it at 75w on average,  but saying that I have found that the drip tip nor the vape gets uncomfortably hot.

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The Aeolus V1 and V2 Pro were both great rebuildable dripping atomisers, save for a few issues, but the Aeolus Lite offers the very best features of these two atomisers, in a much more wallet friendly package. The Aeolus Lite is able to cater for both flavour and cloud chasers, and performs superbly on both fronts as well, offers an easy dual coil build with loads of deck space, and it looks fantastic as well. Seriously, it’s a great looking atomiser!

If I was going to be picky, I’d say I’d love for an option for single coil builds to be supported properly, and for the chuff cap to have a better seal, but those are the only minor issues I’ve encountered and do not in anyway detract from an excellent performance. If you want clouds, the Aeolus Lite delivers, if you want flavour, the Aeolus Lite really does deliver, and if you are on a budget, the Aeolus Lite is well worth the £30 investment!

The Aeolus Lite RDA was purchased for review from, where it is in stock now!

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