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Wismec Theorum

The Theorum designed by Jay-Bo and produced by Wismec is a hybrid style 22mm RTA that borrows heavily from traditional Genesis style designs as well as adding some unique features of its own.

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In terms of the vape it offers as well as the included extras and the overall excellent machining this is a product that is well worth picking it up! While I do find the airflow ring ever so slightly annoying it seems like a very minor nit-pick (you do get used to it) when you consider the package as a whole. At least by making the airflow ring a separate piece it allows for greater flexibility with dual or single coil setups. The included notch coils are superb and ramp up extremely fast. The flavour the Theorum offers is fantastic and while it may not to be as a good as a dedicated flavour dripper (depends a lot on your personal taste and opinion) it does approach that level of quality!

Vapour production is also top notch even when vaping at 60W with a single notch coil and the draw while somewhat airy is not quite as in your face as some Sub Ohm tanks.  

One issue that perhaps make the product a little less desirable is its limited 2ml capacity which is at least TPD compliant. This is of course offset by the fact that the large amount of cotton wicking soaks up a lot of juice and many I time I have still been vaping away with an empty tank and not had any dry hits.

The Theorum is a very unique hybrid style RTA that will give you a highly enjoyable vape!

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