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The EZ RTA is an innovatively designed product featuring a completely screw-less deck which will certainly make life simple for anyone making the move to Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. Just like most other RTA’s the UD EZ has a variety of typical features such as top filling, adjustable airflow and juice flow control.

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The EZ RTA is an innovatively designed product featuring a completely screw-less deck which will certainly make life simple for anyone making the move to Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. Just like most other RTA’s the UD EZ has a variety of typical features such as top filling, adjustable airflow and juice flow control. The tank holds 4ml of juice and comes with a generous set of pre-made coils which will be more than welcome if you don’t feel completely confident making your own right away.

UD EZ RTA features

  • 22mm diameter
  • Screw-less posts
  • 49.8mm tall from base to top of drip tip
  • Double 5.8 x 2.6mm “U” air intake on deck
  • 16mm diameter deck
  • Juice Flow Control
  • Three air slots. Fully adjustable airflow
  • 3mm diameter post holes
  • Top filling. Two large fill ports at the top
  • Single and dual coil options
  • 4ml capacity
  • Access the build deck by removing the base. Tank does not have to be drained

What’s in the box?

  • 1x UD EZ RTA
  • 1x Standard Stainless Drip tip with dual O-ring
  • Spare O-rings. Single Coil adapter plug
  • Six pre-made and wicked coils. Various gauges 28, 26 and Clapton wire coils

UD EZ RTA styling and build quality

This tank is certainly well put together and the threading is really decent. It is quite streamlined in terms of its overall look and the completely Stainless Steel finish looks nice.

The construction is solid and the glass is reasonably thick so shouldn’t be prone to breaking. The O-ring at the top of the tank glass is a little flimsy and you do need to take care that it is fitted properly when putting the tank back together after cleaning but spares are provided.

The EZ holds 4ml of E-Liquid and the top filling design is easy to use with good threading on the top cap. The tank has three airflow slots that are fully adjustable and located just above the AFC is the juice flow control ring. The drip tip is a good fit, made from Stainless Steel and has double O-rings. You can of course simply replace it with another from your collection since the tank has a standard 510 connection.

Should you need to tweak your build the base can be unscrewed allowing access to the deck and you don’t need to drain the tank providing you keep it positioned down.  The tank I received was completely free of any machine oil residue and you can fully strip it down for cleaning.


The UD EZ sports nice variable airflow and you can either use it fully opened up for ever so slightly restrictive lung inhales or heavily close it down to the point where the draw becomes similar to a Nautilus.

The airflow control ring works well and stays in place, it is neither too stiff nor too loose. The only minor thing I did not like that much about it was the fact that it can pop off a little too easily when unscrewing the base since it is only held on by a single O-ring.

Ease of use

The main feature of this tank is the excellent build deck which sports two large 3mm diameter post holes. The deck itself is 16mm in diameter which provides the user with plenty of room. The really interesting feature is the two spring-loaded post holes which mean that you can simply fit your coils and snap down the two clamps without ever having to use a screwdriver.

Now while this sounds really great in practice it is not quite as easy as the EZ might suggest. The reason is that the springs in the clamps are seriously strong and while this makes for a very secure build it is an absolutely pain in the backside when trying to open the clamps since you do need to apply reasonable force when opening them.

Initially I thought that it was probably just a problem with the tank I had received but after looking at other reviews this seems to be a common issue. Of course it is nothing you can’t live with and to be honest I found myself using a pair of pliers to open the clamps and yes I know that does defeat the point of a tool-less RTA.

What is nice is that UD have included a really nice set of pre-made coils which are all completely wicked with Japanese cotton and there is a variety of wire types. This will allow a new user to get started right away and means they can learn how to make their own coils by following the included examples.

The plastic packages that the coils come in also have a removable pointed tab and this is intended to be used to help position and fluff up your wicking. It’s a nice idea and it shows that UD have really taken the tool-less concept of this design to heart.

Another good feature is that you don’t have to build dual coils and you can happily fit the included adapter into the deck and use the EZ in single coil mode. The deck also has a wicking ring which pops off and serves as a guide as to where your wicks should be trimmed and how thick they need to be to prevent leaks. When fitting the wicking ring you have to line up the tabs and this means it can be a little bit fiddly to get it back into place.

Top filling is really simple and you just remove the top cap and squeeze your juice in. The two filling holes are large so you have plenty of room for your juice bottle nozzles or droppers.

The juice flow control is similar to the one on the Griffin and spins just above the airflow control ring. I found it a little annoying at times and I had to loosen the base a little to turn it but given the low price of this product I can overlook it and for the most part it works well enough.

How does it vape?

I built the EZ using two of the included Clapton coils and I did have some minor leaking issues initially because I hadn’t pushed the wicking far enough down the channel so take care when setting it up yourself.

I used the last of some FRYD Fried Banana E-Liquid and I must admit it made for a really enjoyable vape. Cloud production was very good with some really dense vapour! The flavour was also very tasty and it compared well to other dual coil RTA’s like the Moradin and Gemini.  

The airflow control allows you to tweak the draw well and you can either lung inhale or mouth to lung depending on your preference but do keep in mind that with less airflow things might get very hot depending on your build. The wicking kept up at all times and even though the juice flow control is a little awkward to adjust once I had it set how I wanted I had no issues at all with high VG juice.


The EZ is a very worthwhile product that offers an excellent introduction for those people who are new to rebuildables. The tool-less design is a great idea but in execution it is let down slightly by the very stiff post clamps. 

Even so the EZ has some nice features on offer and it does give you a very enjoyable vape in terms of both flavour and cloud production. When you factor in the nice variety of airflow and the simple top filling the minor issues such as the clamps and the juice flow control ring can be forgiven since the price of this product is very reasonable and I do feel that its positive attributes outweigh any negative ones.

Many thanks to Smoke Purer who kindly sent this product to Planet of the Vapes for us to review, you can see it on their website here http://www.smokepurer.com/ud-ez-rta-stainless-steel/ - POTV readers can get 10% off by using the code POTV!

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