SQuape R[eloaded] and SQuape R[s] by StattQualm Review by VapeMaster

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SQuape R[eloaded] and SQuape R[s] by StattQualm

The SQuape R[eloaded] is a high end and very expensive Rebuildable Tank Atomizer designed by Swiss manufacturer StattQualm (Translated from German this means “Without Smoke”).

Designed for ease of use the SQuape R[eloaded] is highly customizable and there are a large amount of accessories available which can be purchased separately.

Its most exciting feature is the removable Ematal (non-conductive) decks with differently shaped wicking channels. Featuring Swiss precision engineering and capable of holding up to 5ml of juice as well as including fully adjustable airflow the SQuape R[eloaded] is an impressive tank.

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Ematal/ceramic coated aluminium non-conductive deck.
  • Standard 510 atomiser connection with fully adjustable centre post.
  • Airflow adjustment ring with 6 different hole sizes from 0.9mm to 3.1mm.
  • Approximately 5ml juice capacity.
  • Standard 510 drip tip connection.
  • Replaceable borosilicate glass inner tank sealed with O-rings.
  • 22mm diameter.
  • Height 59mm (not including 510 thread or drip tip).
  • Deck can be worked on without draining the tank.
  • Highly customizable. Replace the tank section with either a Nano tank or the new R[S] tank section featuring a shortened chimney section.
  • Various coloured tanks and AFC rings are available.

What’s in the box?

  • Fully assembled SQuape atomiser.
  • The Ematal deck of your choice.
  • 510 style matching SQuape mouthpiece.
  • Essential spares kit including spare screws, O-rings, and Allen key.
  • User guide.
  • The box also features your serial number as well as being marked on the base of the tank itself.

The tank comes in an attractive package. One of the best features is the included user guide card featuring photographs showing you exactly how to set up the tank.


SQuape R[eloaded] looks and build quality

I recently had the opportunity to try a SQuape R[eloaded] thanks to a good friend from the forum. Sadly he never really got on with it and while I did initially have a few issues I was extremely pleased with the vape it offered and I knew that with the right deck it would be perfect for me. Thankfully my friend was agreeable to selling so I got this for a very good price, much lower than it actually costs.

The machining of this atomizer is truly exquisite. You can really tell it is Swiss made because everything fits so perfectly together. The tank is extremely sturdy and I know this because I have actually dropped it a couple of times, thankfully not on concrete.

The tank features a beautifully engraved StattQualm logo and the Swiss cross. Fitted to the tank section are durable borosilicate glass windows that often remind me of the view screen windows in Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer, can’t you tell I have watched the Star Wars movies too many times? Should you damage the glass it can be replaced but a special tool is required and sadly this is another additional purchase.

The base of the tank features knurling and this is to assist with unscrewing. It is important that you always unscrew this way.

The included Allen Key is absolutely huge and is designed to remove the chimney from the tank. You simply insert the Allen key into the chimney hole from underneath and unscrew. The entire tank can be fully broken down for thorough cleaning apart from the aforementioned windows but unless you damage them you shouldn’t need to ever touch them.


The 510 pin is fully adjustable and the SQuape R[eloaded] sits flush on all my devices. Be warned the tank is not exactly small and can look gigantic on some mods but that is balanced by the huge 5ml juice capacity.

The airflow control is lovely and the ring is attached to a spring loaded ball bearing system that clicks perfectly into place when you cycle through the airflow settings. One minor problem is that it isn’t really adjustable when you have it sat on your mod. I noticed this only really occurs with box mods because when I put the tank on my GP Paps V4 I have no issues.

The included drip tip was the standard SQuape one although StattQualm refer to them as SQuip tips which is probably a case of the manufacturer going a little too far but it is mildly amusing. In my opinion it is far too long and I don’t personally like it because it results in too cool a vape. It is very well machined like the rest of this product but if you don’t moisten the drip tip O-rings it can require a little bit of force to fit. All my other drip tips work extremely well with this tank and my preference is to use a short Teflon drip tip. Typically I either use the one from the Spheroid V4 or the Snapdragon.

The chimney and the removable deck are both made from Ematal which is a ceramic aluminium coating that is designed to be non-conductive so you will not run into problems with wire shorting out.

The post holes in the base feature two decently sized and reliable Philips screws and I have never had an issue with them yet. The tank features very durable O-rings that hold everything securely.


The Right Deck

Unfortunately when you purchase this tank it will only come with one deck but there are five to choose from. I was lucky because I bought this tank second hand and it came with an additional deck.  The following decks are available:

S[tandard] Deck

This deck has very small wicking channels and is designed to support silica wicks or very thin cotton ones. This was the deck that came with the tank I bought.

C[urved] Deck

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This deck is designed for use with silica and the wicking channels curve slightly downward.

W[ide] Deck

This was the additional deck that came with the second hand tank that I bought. It features wide wicking channels that are designed to support cotton builds.

D[ual] Deck

This deck is designed for dual coil builds are was not available when the SQuape R[eloaded] was first released.

Pure Eliquids

B[ottom] Deck

This deck also came out much later and is radically different to the others. It features a very large well much like a dripper and has four small juice holes around the edge of its base. I did pick this one up as a separate purchase from Crème de Vape because the W deck wasn’t ideal for me and for me this one is the best out of the lot.

Fitting the deck

If you read about SQuape tanks for long enough you will eventually read about the troublesome to remove decks. For the record the deck on the tank I bought second hand required a little bit of force but it did come out. What you ideally need to do is apply a little bit of juice to the O-ring in the tank base where the deck plugs in. I also apply some juice to the posts themselves and using this method I have never had a problem removing the deck. You then fit the deck and push it down until you hear it click into place.

If the deck is stuck there are numerous solutions ranging from sticking it in the freezer to using gardening gloves and finally water pressure. I guess there is plenty of justification to say that with a high end atomizer the deck shouldn’t stick at all but there you go.

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Building the SQuape

The real joy of this tank has to be its ease of build and because it is so easy I find that I have experimented a lot more than I might with some of my other tanks.

When using something like the W deck after wrapping your coil around your screwdriver you simply lay the screwdriver in the juice channels and then wrap the wire under each of the screws and tighten down. I assure you it is incredibly easy and it can be done in very little time at all.

I’ve tried all sorts of builds in the SQuape using standard Kanthal and also Ni200 wire. I have found that this tank really does work well with a Nickel build because the wire is held very securely.

My preference though is to use 28AWG Kanthal wrapped around a 3mm drill bit and I aim for around 1.2-1.3ohm. I have tried the W deck and B deck and the comparison between the two is like night and day and I will forever use this tank with the B deck because it gives me the kind of vape I want. Wicking the B deck is much like a dripper I use Japanese Cotton and now use the Scottish Roll method which you can find on YouTube. Be warned you do need to put a lot of cotton in the B deck and you must make sure that it covers all four juice holes or you will have leaking issues. You must also make sure that the cotton is not higher than the main air hole and be certain no cotton is covering it either.

Filling the tank

If you have no patience then you will hate filling the SQuape. The gap between the tank and the chimney section is extremely narrow and unless you have needle nose juice bottles it can be a real pain in the backside. In the time I have used this tank I have worked out how to do it with normal sized bottle nozzles. You need to keep the tank at an angle and keep the end of the nozzle in between one of the inner threads if I squeeze gently and move the nozzle from side to side running along that thread I can fill the tank reasonably quickly.

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Just recently StattQualm have released a filling tool that is designed to keep juice out of the chimney but once again it’s a separate purchase and in my opinion you don’t need it. You will quickly discover that some of these high end manufacturers love to try and sell you additional accessories on top of the very expensive initial purchase.

How does the SQuape R[eloaded] vape?

My first ever vape in the SQuape was using the W deck and I wasn’t that impressed. It took a lot of trial and error making sure I used the correct amount of cotton and you also need to ensure that it is fluffy enough. Typically you need to have the cotton laying in the juice channels and you trim it flush with the edge of the deck. After reading a lot and experimenting I found that it does work much better if you have a very slight amount of cotton hanging over and curving down slightly.

The first juice I tried was South Coast Vapes Callicustard which is a favourite of mine but in the SQuape R[eloaded] it just tasted wrong. I got more Callipitter Chow than custard and I am sad to say that this was the only time I have ever not enjoyed vaping this juice. I considered that maybe the SQuape wasn’t really suited to custard vapes or that my wicking method was at fault.

After trying a couple more juices I was convinced that the tank itself was in some way to blame and I had half a mind to send it back to my friend saying “thanks a lot for letting me try it but it really isn’t for me”.

I persevered because I am very stubborn by nature and I don’t like to give up. After playing around with coil diameter, coil height and trying about ten different amounts of cotton I finally nailed it. I filled up the tank with Element Tangerine and the vape I got bordered on dripper quality. The flavour was very intense and from that point I knew I had to buy this tank from my friend. The only negatives were that due to the way I have a habit of chain vaping at times I felt that the wicking wasn’t keeping up and I got dry hits often. I also noticed that the cotton itself seemed to scorch and I considered that the chimney chamber fits far too close to the W deck.

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How does the SQuape R[s] vape?

Realising that I needed the wicking to keep up I had my eyes set on the B[ottom] deck from Crème de Vape. For about £15.50 I could fix the issues I was having and still pay less than a brand new SQuape. At the time I was also considering the R[s] tank section that the new SQuape R[s] features. Basically it is very much the same tank as the R[loaded] it just has less capacity, a shorter chimney and slightly different engravings. It is also much shorter and in my opinion far more aesthetically pleasing. The SQuape base that comes with the R[s] is exactly the same as the R[loaded] and they both use the same decks. In addition the R[s] comes with a much shorter drip tip. I decided to be extravagant and bought the R[s] tank section on its own as well as the B deck.

Delivery was very swift from Crème de Vape and I can’t fault their service. Fitting the new deck and attaching the R[s] tank was a breeze.

In terms of the vape quality I feel the R[s] is superior to the R[loaded]. The tank benefits from the shortened chimney section resulting in a far more flavoursome and warmer vape. The B deck is stellar and I have never had a dry hit once. I must point out that due to how efficiently it wicks the juice does drain a little faster than it would if you were using the W deck. I feel it is a small price to pay for a better quality vape so it doesn’t bother me.

Manabush in my opinion tastes especially lovely (of course it’s lovely in everything) in the SQuape and it has very quickly become my Powwow tank. Element E-Juice tastes extremely intense in the SQuape R[s} particularly the Tangerine and Mojitto flavours.


The airflow on this tank is excellent and can be fully adjusted according to your preference. It can cater for both mouth to lung and lung inhales. The draw is very smooth and all things considered there is some decent vapour production especially if you have it on its most open setting. I run mine set to the second largest air hole. Do keep in mind that this is an RTA and it’s not going to ever chuck the kind of clouds a sub-ohm tank would give you.


Do I really need a high end tank?

I thought it was a good idea to add this section in here. In my opinion the truth is no you don’t need a high end tank. If you are perfectly happy with what you are currently using be it a Billow V2 or a Kanger Subtank or anything else then stick with it and enjoy it. Whatever keeps you vaping and not smoking is the right set up for you.

What you are paying for with this kind of tank is high quality machining and the logic goes that you are buying something that is made to last. At least that’s what we all tell ourselves when we buy these expensive shiny things. The inflated cost of high end gear is due to the smaller production runs and the fact that many of these specialist manufacturers are small or one man operations.

The problem is that these tanks are so expensive that you really have no idea whether the vape you get will be for you so my advice is if you have the opportunity to try it first then do so before parting with your cash. If that isn’t an option then read/watch absolutely everything regarding it so you know it will suit you. Alternatively check the classifieds for second hand sales or lastly forget all about it and save yourself a bundle of cash.

One advantage of high end gear is that it doesn’t lose a great deal in value if you choose to sell it on and if it’s a popular item you will certainly sell it fast.


If I was in the position of deciding to buy a SQuape I will be quite honest and say I would not be willing to pay full price for the R[loaded]. In my mind even when used with the B deck the flavour is not as good as the R[s]. I think it is noticeably better with the B deck than the W deck but it doesn’t have the same warmth and flavour intensity I get with the R[s]. The only advantage the R[loaded] offers is a larger juice capacity but aesthetically it is a rather large tank that might not appeal to everyone.


If you asked me the question “Would you buy a SQuape R[s]?” The truth is yes I most certainly would but only with the B deck. The R[s] for me in many ways is like a dripper quality vape and it is a tank I love a great deal and I use it every single day. 

The SQuape R[s] is available in the UK from Crème de Vape and also from InTaste in Germany. It is currently priced at £111.95 from Crème de Vape and I agree it is a lot to pay but it does offer a cracking vape just be sure its what you really want.


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