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Odis Tanko

Odis Collection and Design made a name for themselves back in 2016 with the release of the massively popular O-Atty, which is still a favoured RDA of many vapers to this day.

Fadi Eweidah and Mark DeoCampo originally founded Odis Collection and Design back in 2015, and they found success providing aftermarket accessories such as drip tips, atomiser caps, Billet Box accessories and more. 

Since 2015, the Odis Collection and Design brand has grown into one of the most recognisable within the high end vaping scene, and 2017 saw the release of their first RTA, named the Tanko.

The Odis Tanko is a 24mm width rebuildable tank atomiser, designed to offer pure flavour and thick vapour. An easy to use single coil build deck offers a large amount of build space to accommodate different build styles, with large wicking cut outs. Ultem and clear tank sections are included in the box too, allowing you to change up the look of your Tanko!


I was a big fan of the O-Atty, it still to this day rates as one of my all time favourite RDAs, so let’s have a look at how the Tanko performs...


  • 24mm width
  • 2ml capacity
  • Top or bottom fill capable 
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Single coil easy access build deck
  • Slotted post holes
  • 24K gold plated accessories
  • Stainless steel or black nitride finish
  • Frosted clear and Ultem tank sections included 

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box you get the Odis Tanko base, Ultem and frosted clear tank sections, a stainless steel top cap with removable 510 drip tip, Allen key, spare post screws and spare o-rings.

Design and Build Quality 

You have the choice of two finishes with the Odis Tanko, with Stainless Steel and Black Nitride available, and you have two tank sections included in the box- one in Ultem and one in frosted clear. Both have integrated drip tips in their respective top caps, however if you wish to use your own drip tip then a stainless steel top cap is included which has 510 drip tip threading. 


The Tanko features a 24mm width to accommodate the large build deck, and it is 45mm in height excluding the drip tip and 510 connector. As the tank section is all one piece it is very easy to disassemble the Tanko in order to clean it.

All in all, I found the build quality to be pretty much flawless, threading is clean and very smooth, the Tanko is a very well made RTA! I think it looks awesome as well, suiting any mod that I have used it on.

Building the Odis Tanko

The Odis Tanko has a large two post build deck, designed for use with single coil builds. Each post block has a large slot cut into it, meaning that you simply slot your coil legs into each slot and tighten them down. Large coils can be accommodated easily.

Large wicking channels are present at each side of the build deck, which you simply fill with a decent amount of your chosen wick. All in all, the Tanko is a very easy tank to build on.



Airflow on the Odis Tanko consists of a single large cyclops airflow slot, which can be opened up or closed down by rotating the airflow control ring. I have found that the AFC can be difficult to adjust with the Tanko on certain mods, sometimes requiring me to remove the Tanko from the mod in order to adjust the airflow.


Odis Collection and Design manufactured the Odis Tanko to provide pure flavour, and in my opinion it definitely excels on this front. Flavour from this tank is very clear and crisp, with a smooth and quiet draw, and it’s a very enjoyable vape indeed! 

Airflow on the Tanko is plentiful, 

I can definitely say that the Tanko is a very thirsty tank, I get through multiple refills a day! When refilling, to avoid leaks you should refill the Tanko, put the top cap back on and give it a single turn, turn it upside down, tighten the top cap back up fully then turn it back upright. This should help you avoid leaks!

The Electronic Cigarette Company

I didn’t encounter any issues with dry hits, as the Odis Tanko wicks extremely well, even when chain vaping high VG E-Liquid at high wattage. I was very impressed with the wicking capabilities of the Tanko!

I have found that to get the best results from the Odis Tanko you need to stick some power through it, using builds in the region of 0.3-0.5ohm and wattages upwards of 40W. If you like large coil builds, this tank will suit you perfectly, as it performs extremely well with them!


If you are looking for a keenly priced high end RTA, I would absolutely recommend the Odis Tanko. It’s a superbly designed RTA, which is easy to build on and performs exceptionally well, plus it’s a great looker as well.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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