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Kayfun Mini V3 by Svoemesto

Kayfun - Produced by Svoemesto, it’s a name synonymous within the vaping industry for performance and design quality, and arguably Kayfun is the most well known name within the industry, many of us who have been around the vaping game a while nailed our first successful RTA builds on a Kayfun.

The latest release from Svoemesto is the Kayfun Mini V3, a 19mm diameter rebuildable tank atomiser that combines simplicity, functionality and top of the range performance in a small and sleek package. You have a fully adjustable juice flow control system in place, vastly simplified over the Kayfun 4, and the pressure feeding system allows for any mix ratio of juice to wick. A simplified top filling system is present, you can access the build deck whilst you have juice in the tank and as expected from a Kayfun, there is an easy deck to build on with plenty of room, and almost unparalleled design and build quality. 

Svoemesto’s previous release, the Kayfun 4, was a bit of a marmite atomiser for many, with some loving the performance, and others not overly enamoured with an over engineered tank comprised of over 40 different parts. Will going back to basics make for the best Kayfun iteration yet?


  • Fully adjustable liquid flow control
  • Top filling
  • 19mm width
  • 58mm diameter (not including the 510 threading or drip tip)
  • Adjustable airflow control through the base of the tank
  • Glass tank section
  • Easy coil access
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Serial number and product key for product authentication
  • 316L Stainless steel construction
  • 2ml Liquid capacity

What’s in the Box?

The Kayfun Mini V3 comes in a small stylish cardboard package with an authenticity sticker, inside this you will find the Kayfun Mini V3 unit, a spares pack containing spare o-ring seals and post screws, and an instruction manual detailing the operations of the Kayfun Mini V3. 



Arguably there aren’t many tanks that do looks and build quality better than a Kayfun, and the Kayfun Mini V3 is definitely no exception. It looks absolutely stunning, really sleek and simple with the trademark Svoemesto logo etched on the chimney and inoffensively on the removable drip tip. It's manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, with a solid Pyrex tank section, and the machining really is second to none- everything fits together perfectly, there are no sharp edges and the threads are as good as it gets. 

The Kayfun Mini V3 features top filling, you simply unscrew the top cap and fill through the full holes. Juice flow control is present, you want to turn it clockwise before filling to shut it off, and two turns counter clockwise open it up. Combined with the pressure feeding system within the tank, the Kayfun Mini V3 wicks juice perfectly, and if there are any issues with your build during use you can access the deck during use by unscrewing the tank from the base. At the base of the tank is an adjustable 510 connector which also doubles up as airflow control, as you unscrew the 510 connector to gain access to the airflow control.

The Kayfun Mini V3 really is a stunner, at 19mm width it's suited to small box mods or 20/21mm mechs, and paired with one of those you have one of the best looking tanks around, and also one of the most well manufactured tanks around too.

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Airflow on the Kayfun Mini V3 is adjusted through the 510, although this means that your desired airflow setting stays in place once you have set it, it’s not ideal for adjusting airflow on the fly, as if you decide the current airflow setting is not what you desired, you need to unscrew the tank, remove the 510 connector screw, insert a flathead screwdriver and turn it to set your airflow, then put everything back together again. It’s a trademark of the Kayfun series and therefore it is unlikely to change!

To be fair, I haven’t need to adjust the airflow on the Kayfun Mini V3 as wide open at 2.2mm it allows for a very relaxed mouth to lung draw full of flavour, and depending on your build you can even achieve a restricted lung hit, however people who prefer an even tighter mouth to lung draw will need to manually adjust the airflow to compensate.

Building the Kayfun Mini V3

Instantly recognizable, the two post trademark Kayfun deck is present here. There’s a reason that the Kayfun deck has been copied and imitated by many an atomiser around, and that is because it is incredibly simple to build on and yields excellent results. It’s one that anyone can get on with, from newbie to seasoned rebuilder, and wicking and building becomes a breeze with this deck. As I mentioned in the introduction, many of us first nailed a successful build on a Kayfun deck! Superbly, the deck can be accessed whilst the Kayfun Mini V3 is in use so if you need to make any adjustments to your build on the fly, you can do so.

This tank is all about flavour and building sub ohm with large coils won’t work here, the trick is to build using smaller gauge wire for higher resistance, ideally in the 1-1.5ohm range. My own preference for a Kayfun is to build at 1.4-1.5ohm with 0.3mm kanthal and use it in the 14-15w range.

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Essentially the Kayfun Mini V3 deck is a deck for single coil builds, and this comprises two screw heads and an airflow hole dead centre, there's a handy sleeve around the outside for you to place your wick into, and two juice flow holes at either side of this. You want to trap your coil legs underneath these screw heads and have your coil raised ever so slightly above the airflow hole. Some people like to have the coil head at an angle across the airflow hole, so as to wick it using an ‘S-Wick’, I prefer it horizontal across the airflow hole so my wick rests just above the juice flow holes. You will notice two holes on either side of the deck, you want to make sure these are unobstructed by wick otherwise juice will not be able to flow, and you will end up getting nasty dry hits. When the wick holes are unobstructed, the Kayfun Mini V3 is able to wick virtually anything you can throw at it...


Kayfuns are all about flavour, and I’ll cut right to the chase- in my opinion, the Kayfun Mini V3 is the most flavoursome Kayfun to date. It’s a mouth to lung tank primarily, however you can get a restricted lung hit dependent on your build. I do believe that this performs better with a mouth to lung build, and really allows you to enjoy a rich flavour experience from this tank. You need to take your time with the Kayfun Mini V3, by taking long and slow relaxed hits off it to fully enjoy the flavour and allow the pressure based juice feeding system to feed your wick with juice, trying to chain vape like crazy with short, sharp hits only results in horrible dry hits! Taking your time yields superb flavour results, with the Kayfun Mini V3 providing absolute top notch flavour, allowing you to pick up on the fine nuances from your juices. 

Coming on to vapour production, I’ll point out that you don’t purchase a Kayfun for clouds, but surprisingly this little thing does kick out a very respectable level of vapour! In my opinion it produces the thickest vapour yet from any Kayfun to date, and you can lung hit the Kayfun Mini V3 for even bigger vapour if that is what you desire. 


Due to the pressure based juice feeding system, in conjunction with the adjustable juice flow control, the Kayfun Mini V3 will wick any juice you put in it. I’ve had up to 100% VG in the Kayfun Mini V3 and I haven’t experienced an issue with it wicking, just great flavour from the Kayfun Mini V3 each and every time, no matter what juice I use.


I’ll be honest and say I was less than impressed with the Kayfun 4, people who know me well on the POTV forum know that I was far from the biggest fan of this tank, and up until now the only atomiser from Svoemesto that I really got on with was the Kayfun Lite Plus. I say up until now, as I firmly believe that the Kayfun Mini V3 is the best Kayfun to date, with a simple build, easy to use juice flow control system, great top filling system, elegant design and the best flavour yet from any Kayfun to date. Best of all, for a ‘high end’ rebuildable tank, it’s priced extremely competitively as well, and if you are looking to splash out on a real high quality mouth to lung flavour tank, that delivers superb flavour and will last you many years to come, the Kayfun Mini V3 is absolutely worth every single penny of your outlay. 

Going back to basics has worked wonders for Svoemesto and the Kayfun Mini V3, the juice flow control is now extremely simple to use, wicking is simple and forgiving, and you can still strip the Kayfun apart to fully clean it. As expected from a Svoemesto release, the build quality is absolutely superb and despite the slim width, it’s a stunning looker and it’s simple and elegant looks make it look gorgeous paired with most mods. And flavour is what a Kayfun does best, boy does the Kayfun Mini V3 really deliver on this front.

The Kayfun Mini V3 is one of the very best mouth to lung flavour tanks out there, and a top quality release from Svoemesto, I hope that future releases from them follow the excellent example set by the Kayfun Mini V3!


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