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Hellvape X Mike Vapes - Rebirth RTA

The RTA business is booming and the Hellvape scene is huge at the moment because they always bring in the awesomeness to their RDAs and RTAs. So let’s have a closer look at the Rebirth RTA

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For a while now I have been trying to get hold of this tank to review. The RTA business is booming and the Hellvape scene is huge at the moment because they always bring in the awesomeness to their RDAs and RTAs. So let’s have a look… 

Out of the Box

The Rebirth RTA comes in eight different colours; black, full black, purple, gold, rainbow, blue, gunmetal and silver. The price is $35, which is about £28. 

The tank has a TPD 2ml glass along with a 5ml bubble. There are loads of spare O-Rings but no coils with this so I'd recommend you get making or you get buying. They have a nifty little coil cutting tool which made from plastic/resin. A spare driptip and the tools accompany the extras, and of course there is the obligatory user manual and warranty card.

The size is 25mm which seems kind of dinky for a 2ml tank.

The Build

Would I say this is an innovation? Not totally. The build quality, as usual from Hellvape, is just perfect. It is well thought out and is, in my eyes, a stunner. The top cap opens by twisting it by a quarter of a turn and, once worked a couple of times, it is lovely and smooth. It’s as solid as a rock. You can easily disassemble the tank with no issues and changing the coil is simple. However, it isn’t the best to build on. It took me a while to get it to read correctly and is very fiddly with the dual coils. I found it so much easier with the single coil but I wanted a challenge. 

The tank size is well proportioned and it sits nicely on top of the new Minkin.

So, I’ve tried the tank in numerous stages:

60W - Great flavour, amazing! The sweet spot is perfect

65W - Nice and warm with the sweetness of oooooh! 

70W - It is a perfect warmth. Be sure to make sure you don’t over chain vape, but it’s still great

75W - Cannot be chain vaped as such but still works well as long as you allow time for the juice to soak back in

When priming the cotton, it took about two minutes before the flavour was correct. Something which I have found on mesh coils is that it doesn't take too long to be able to start vaping, however it is even quicker with this RTA. It just sucks that juice right outta there.

The airflow is great and I’m really happy with the how well it works. When fully open, it isn’t too airy. I used my usual 70% VG 3mg e-liquid most of the time and I try to restrict the sweetener but when you love something, it has to be done! No issues on this tank at all for flavour and lack of burning. 

Hellvape X Mike Vapes - Rebirth RTA build deck


I’m a huge fan of Hellvape and Mike Vapes. Well done, yet again you seem to have smashed it out of the park…

I’m currently using this tank and have been on and off for a while now. I just keep going back to it due the quality of flavour and it's dreamy clouds. It really is so smooth and I must say it’s a near perfect flavour chaser as well. This RTA is in my top 5.

Now would I buy it? 100%! It’s amazing and a great alternative for anyone who normally uses RDAs and usually prefers them. I’m sure you will like the performance this has to offer and with the option to use single or dual coils (maybe even triple coils!), it is sure to suit most people. Go out, buy it and enjoy…


  • Huge 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Solid inside and out…
  • Lovely finish
  • Amazing flavour
  • Filling is easy
  • Good cloud production
  • Smooth airflow
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to wick…once first done
  • Two 810 drip tips included
  • ¼ turn top cap


  • Juice thirsty…it loves it
  • Hard to build on

Equipment/Products Used

​Mod – AsMODus Minikin V3 - Matte Black
Tank – Hellvape - Rebirth RTA – Black
E-liquid – Dinnerlady – Fruits – Melon Twist -  70/30 3mg
Coils – Hellvape – 0.13ohm Dual Triple Fused Claptons  – 65-75w
Batteries – Golisi - 30r 18650

Hellvape X Mike Vapes - Rebirth RTA engraved base

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