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Billow V2 Nano

Billow - noun - "A large undulating mass of something, typically cloud, smoke or steam"

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The build deck is easily accessed as the top section screws away easily from the base, which reveals a 4 post deck with a decent amount of room to play with, and good sized post holes that have hex Phillips screws present, that are smooth and won’t give your wire any trouble. PEEK insulating material is also used again allowing you to run the Billow V2 Nano at high wattage. The Billow V2 Nano can only be built with dual coils, unfortunately you won’t be able to single coil this atomiser. You’ll notice that centrally, at either side of the deck, is a good sized airflow hole, you will want to make sure that your coil lines up over this so that air hits the coils from underneath to maximise flavour and vapour.

Juice channels are huge and conveniently have a small ledge cut into the top of the juice channel for you to place your wick tails on. I can’t stress how much this improves the experience of building the Billow V2 Nano, as it makes wicking very simple- you just need to make sure your wick tails rest on this ledge and this will cut the risk of dry hits and flooding massively. With the size of the juice channels, the Billow V2 Nano wicks max VG juice with ease - I’ve used up to 90VG in this tank with no trouble.

As per the Billow V2, two premade coils are supplied that are manufactured from 0.5mm kanthal and have a 2.5mm internal diameter, you can slot these straight in, heat them up and give them a pinch then centre them and wick, and you can get going straight away. The resistance of these I have found to come out at 0.28ohm. In addition to the supplied pre made coils, I’ve managed to fit dual claptons and dual quad twisted coils comfortably in, so you definitely have got room to play with here. You will however struggle to fit large diameter coils in, due to the reduced size of the chimney.

With the premade dual coil set up and a Cotton Bacon wick I’ve experienced outstanding flavour and truly huge clouds at 40W and upwards. The pre-made coils perform especially well at 60W for me and I’ve even taken the Billow V2 Nano up to 80W, though the tank does start getting a little hot when going north of 70W but the wicking keeps up just fine. My own preference is to run two 0.4mm Kanthal 8 wrap coils with an internal diameter of 2.5mm for 0.4ohm, at 45W and the airflow just over half open this gives me amazing cloud and vapour performance on par with an RDA. Really outstanding stuff.

Another thing of note is that I haven’t experienced a leak with the Billow V2 Nano, even when it has been rested on its side, it’s been a leak free experience!

The Billow V2 Nano provides the same outstanding cloud performance as the Billow V2, capable of fogging a room out with the best of them, but the superb flavour present with the Billow V2 gets taken up a notch with the reduction in size of the chimney allowing it to not only compete with the best RTA’s but some of the top RDA’s as well, offering real top of the market performance in a small and sleek sub £30 package. It’s fantastic value for money, given how well this tank performs, and an RTA I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Although small the Billow V2 Nano offers some serious performance, some of the very best around in an RTA, the smaller form factor offering a sleeker look than the taller Billow V2. The Billow V2 Nano doesn’t suffer from being reduced in size, rather I do believe it offers an even more flavourful vape than the Billow V2. The new airflow control ring, easy filling method, decent sized build deck, wick placement ledges and the ability to access the build deck without losing a tankful of juice make for a user friendly experience, and although it is dual coil only even newbies to dual coil RTA’s should be able to grasp and build this quickly.

They say good things come in small packages and in the case of the Billow V2 Nano this certainly rings true, an RTA that can truly lay claim to RDA levels of performance, and for that reason one of my favourite tanks of 2015!

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