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Bachelor Tank by EHPRO

The Bachelor tank is the latest atomizer from EHPRO and is a non-typical Sub Ohm tank as well as being a fully rebuildable tank. The Bachelor is intended for single coil set ups and the deck design is highly user friendly making it ideal for newcomers to rebuildables.

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Bachelor Tank by EHPRO

The Bachelor tank is the latest atomizer from EHPRO and is a non-typical Sub Ohm tank as well as being a fully rebuildable tank. The Bachelor is intended for single coil set ups and the deck design is highly user friendly making it ideal for newcomers to rebuildables. Featuring top filling, juice flow control and dual adjustable airflow along with a 4ml capacity the Bachelor has a great deal to offer!

Bachelor Tank features

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 4ml Tank Capacity
  • Easy To Disassemble
  • Deck can be removed without draining the tank
  • Top Fill Design
  • Juice Flow Control System
  • Post less Build Deck Design
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Designed For Single Coils
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow Slots. Each slot 2mm x 7mm

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Bachelor Tank by EHPRO
  • 1x Wide Bore Stainless Steel Drip Tip with Delrin Insert
  • 1x Extra Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 1x Ni80 0.5Ω ROC Single Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1x Ni200 0.2Ω ROC Single Coil
  • 1x Bag Of O-Rings, Screws, Allen Key

Bachelor Tank styling and build quality

One thing you really do notice about this tank is the very solid construction. The Stainless Steel is nice and thick and the overall machining is excellent with no sharp edges to be found. The glass is of a good thickness and should you have an accident it can be easily replaced with the extra one included in the box.

If you like compact tanks then the Bachelor is not for you because it is almost as tall as the Freemax Scylla. Nevertheless the tank is 22mm diameter with nice and streamlined styling and it looks really good on most mods. EHPRO state that the Bachelor has a 4ml capacity but it really does look more like 4.5-5ml to me because you can certainly get plenty of juice in it.

Using a well-designed top fill mechanism that is very reminiscent of Smok’s TFV tanks the top cap is simply turned anti-clockwise which causes the lid to slide out exposing the fill holes. In addition the tank also has juice flow control and by twisting the main section you can open or close off the wicking holes. The main chamber has four large holes so high VG juices will not present a problem.

The Bachelor has a non-adjustable copper 510 pin which will give you excellent conductivity and the tank did sit completely flush on all of the various devices I tried with it. The drip tip is Stainless Steel but with a Delrin inserted section which will minimise the amount of heat that reaches your lips. Should you wish to make use of your own drip tips then you will have absolutely no problems fitting them to this tank.

Ease of use

Earlier on I described the Bachelor as being a non-typical Sub Ohm tank and it is important that I elaborate. EHPRO are marketing the Bachelor as a Sub Ohm tank that uses pre-made coils which a customer may purchase but they are not the kind of coils that most people will be familiar with. In fact I would describe them as pre-wrapped and pre-wicked coils and they do not come contained in a metal housing like traditional coils. The coils do require some installation even though there is one in the tank pre-installed for you (Ni80 for use in Variable Wattage mode) as well as a spare Ni200 coil for Temperature Control devices.

The interesting thing about this design is that you really don’t ever need to buy new coils at all because you can easily make you own and use the pre-made ones that come with the tank as an example to learn from. Uniquely the Bachelor uses a post less design and features two holes in the deck where you slot in the legs of your coil. To remove the pre-made coil you simply use the included Allen Key to loosen the two grub screws in the side of the deck and then slot in your own coil and tighten the screws back up. It may sound tricky but it is incredibly easy and will be very appealing to anyone who is looking to get into rebuildable tanks. In some ways it is somewhat similar to the Rose V2-S deck but far easier to work with having a lot more space and being far more approachable. The holes in the deck are reasonably large and you could probably use wire as thick as 22 gauge if you wanted. Given the amount of space on the deck you will certainly have no issues fitting 3-3.5mm diameter coils and you could probably fit 4mm diameter coils if you wanted. The deck features two cut out sections in which you rest the tails of your cotton wicking. Since the tank is already fitted with a coil you can easily see how to accomplish this yourself so you shouldn’t run into any problems. It is important when wicking your own coils to make sure that the cotton is neatly fluffed into the channels. If you have any resistance when screwing the deck into the tank then you have likely overdone it with the cotton so make sure to trim it down a little more. Should you encounter wicking problems then close down the juice flow and turn the tank upside down before removing the deck since you don’t have to drain the Bachelor first.

Filling is easy and even though the fill port holes aren’t massive I certainly didn’t have any trouble using droppers. Just be mindful to make sure that the juice flow control is fully closed and be careful not to drop any juice down the main chimney. I also closed down the airflow when filling just to be on the safe side.

I would suggest that you lubricate the small O-rings (I use lip balm) that are on the base of the deck because they can tend to cut on the threading. Also be careful to not just forcibly screw the deck into the tank right away because you need to push the deck in slightly until the first O-ring has pushed through before carefully screwing it in. This is really the only slight flaw I could find with this atomizer but you do at least get spare O-rings.

Bachelor Tank Airflow

The airflow controller is really nicely designed and it does actually stop when adjusting so you know that the slots are fully opened up/closed down. When vaping I would describe the airflow as a restricted lung inhale because even though it is somewhat airy there is some resistance when inhaling. The Bachelor is not really intended for mouth to lung even though you can kind of get away with it with the airflow heavily closed down but personally it wasn’t ideal for me and I actually preferred it fully opened up.

How does it vape?

I filled up the tank with some of Wick Liquor’s Contra and using the pre-made 0.5ohm coil I got an absolutely stellar vape at 28W. Flavour was immense and highly impressive! The tank doesn’t exactly put out tons of clouds but the vapour produced will be more than acceptable for typical users. Mind you the clouds the Bachelor does put out are very dense so it can quickly fog up your room. This tank gives a very warm vape using the 0.5ohm coil so I would suggest when building your own coils you don’t go lower than this resistance because there is not enough airflow to cool the vape sufficiently. If you enjoy warm and flavoursome vapes then anywhere from a 0.5-1.2ohm coil will be absolutely ideal in this tank!

One thing I definitely noticed was that the wicking kept up at all times and the vape I got from the pre-installed coil was excellent so EHPRO have certainly done an excellent job on them.


EHPRO seem to be on a roll recently since after the excellent Billow V2 I wasn’t expecting the Bachelor to be equally impressive but in my mind this is even better than the Billow because the flavour is truly superb and it offers the right amount of warmth and dense vapour that I happen to enjoy in a vape! If you are a cloud chaser and you prefer dual coil builds then the Billow V2 is the better option but for anyone else the Bachelor comes highly recommended, so much so that I think I will have to get one myself.

I also cannot stress enough how good this tank would be for someone new to rebuildables because the design makes it very straightforward to use and the included coils serve as an excellent example to guide you. Great work EHPRO!

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