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Aspire Quad Flex Survival Kit

An RDTA/RDA/Bottom Fed RDA/Clearomiser all in one package you say? Madness you say? Not so, the Aspire Quad Flex Survival Kit is here and incredibly this offers all of the above, based around the design of the Nautilus X clearomiser. It is designed to cater to any and all styles of vaping, from those that enjoy unrestricted lung hits and big clouds, right through to those that enjoy a tighter, mouth to lung draw.

Aspire’s Quad Flex Survival Kit has to be one of the most unique bits of kit I’ve ever had, but does it cut the mustard? Let’s find out...


  • 4 in 1 kit- RDTA/RDA/Squonking RDA/Nautilus X clearomiser
  • Direct lung and mouth to lung compatible
  • 2ml tank capacity for RDTA and Nautilus X
  • 1.8ohm U Tech coil for Nautilus X included
  • 22mm diameter
  • 510 threading
  • Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass construction
  • Two post Velocity styled deck
  • Wide bore delrin drip tip
  • Top airflow sleeve
  • Side airflow sleeve
  • Available in stainless steel or black

What’s in the Box?

Flip open the box, and you’ll notice a pretty detailed diagram showing you how to configure the Quad Flex Survival Kit. As standard, it comes pre configured as an RDTA, and each individual part is lettered and numbered, making the instructions quite easy to follow when configuring your Quad Flex Survival Kit. The individual components are a wide bore delrin drip tip, Nautilus X 2ml Pyrex Glass, replacement frosted pyrex glass, top airflow sleeve, side airflow sleeve, Nautilus X top cap (including thinner bore drip tip), RDA/RDTA deck, RDA base, 510 drip tip adapter, RDTA tank adapter, 1.8ohm Nautilus X coil, bottom feed pin and a Nautilus X base. There’s also a handy spares box too, that contains a bag of organic cotton, an allen key, four grub screws, spare o-rings and two pre built Clapton coils. 

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Build quality and Building the Aspire Quad Flex Survival Kit

The components of the Quad Flex Survival Kit are manufactured from Stainless Steel with Pyrex Glass tank sections, and the parts actually do feel very well machined and pretty solid too. I was almost expecting them to feel a little flimsy, but not so! The two glass tank sections are nice and thick, able to withstand some abuse, and the drip tips are manufactured from Delrin to help reduce heat transference to your lips.

A 510 drip tip adaptor is included, meaning you can use your own drip tips if you wish. The only issue I encountered was that the pre fitted side airflow sleeve was very difficult to get off at first, it was extremely stiff, however lubricating the o-rings with some max VG juice helped to ensure it was easier to remove with subsequent use.

The build deck itself is a dual coil two post velocity styled affair, with large wicking holes (to use in RDTA mode), and two tiny fill holes at the base. If you wish to use a single coil you’ll need to pick up an adaptor separately. The post holes are a pretty decent size and combined with the above average deck size, you can fit large coil builds in easily. The same deck is used for the RDTA, RDA and RDA in squonking mode, therefore you can use the same build across all three configurations, you’ll just need to adapt the wicking to suit.

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Included with the kit are two pre made clapton coils, with a 26awg core and 35awg outer, and a 3mm internal diameter. I examined the ones included with my kit and they were actually very good quality, so in they went, giving me a resistance of 0.4ohm. When wicking, if you are using the RDTA you simply need to push the wick tails through the holes to trail down into the tank reservoir, or if using the RDA pad the base of the deck out with the wick tails.


Having taken the Quad Flex Survival Kit RDTA apart when getting it out of the box, I figured I would re-assemble it as an RDA to see how this performs first off. I used the build mentioned above, ensuring the small juice well was padded out with cotton, and screwed it onto my Hellfire Phantom mod. Flavour and vapour was absolutely great, throttling down the airflow provides some pretty intense flavour, whilst opening it up allows you to chase some big clouds. It's a pretty versatile performer, providing good performance for both flavour and vapour as well. Looks wise, it really does look the part, and suits any mod that accommodates a 22mm width atomiser.

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There’s also nothing stopping you from using the RDA with the top airflow sleeve if you prefer, which is intended for use whilst squonking, you still get very good flavour and vapour with the added benefit of an almost leakproof RDA when in use.

Squonking RDA

By swapping out the side airflow sleeve for the top airflow sleeve, and swapping out the 510 connector pin for the included bottom feed squonking pin, the Quad Flex RDA becomes squonk compatible. I personally have become a big fan of squonking, so this option pleased me greatly. I tested this out with my Frankenskull unregulated squonker and my Art & Mod Evo regulated squonker, with no issues at all. I got a solid connection, with no leakage either.

The top airflow does a great job of stopping any leaks down onto your mod, which is handy if you over squonk and flood your deck with juice. In terms of flavour and vapour performance, even with the top airflow sleeve it performs just as well as the non-squonk RDA does, and I couldn’t discern any noticeable difference in performance.


You can use the RDA with the side airflow whilst squonking, however by doing so you open yourself up to some leakage especially if you over squonk and flood your deck. I tested this out and didn’t see any real benefit to it, personally I would stick to using the top airflow sleeve when using the BF pin, as you get the same performance in terms of flavour and vapour, and the top airflow sleeve prevents leaking.


When you first open the box the Quad Flex Survival Kit will already be configured in RDTA mode for you. It’s a true RDTA, much in the style of the Limitless RDTA, with a 2ml tank at the base and a two post Velocity styled deck at the top, with wicking holes for your wick tails to trail down into the tank reservoir. Airflow is controlled via rotating the top cap, to open up or close down the airflow slots. When it comes to filling, there are two tiny, almost pin prick sized holes on the base of the deck itself, it’s actually quicker to remove the whole RDA base from the top, fill the tank and replace it, however it can be a messy option. If you dislodge the glass tank section whilst doing so, you'll lose your tank of juice! Unfortunately neither filling option is particularly convenient, especially whilst on the move.

In terms of performance, the RDTA is very good. You get a lot of airflow for big lung hits and some big cloud volume, with great flavour too. The only downside is that thanks to the TPD regulations you only have a 2ml capacity to hand, and with low ohm high power builds you will find yourself refilling multiple times a day, as the RDTA is capable of chugging through the juice at a pretty quick rate.

Nautilus X

The final configuration I tested was the Nautilus X clearomiser, which is the sequel to the best selling Aspire Nautilus, and aimed at mouth to lung vapers. It’s top filling, so by removing the top cap you can fill the tank section up. There is a 1.8ohm coil included in the kit for use with the Nautilus X, known as the U-Tech coil, and like the Aspire Cleito the coil also acts as the chimney. The Nautilus X has adjustable top airflow, which draws air down into the coil itself, around the base of the coil and back up, hence the ‘U-Tech’ name. The airflow is small, if you are looking for lung hits and big clouds you might want to consider the RDTA and RDA elements of the Quad Flex Survival Kit, as the Nautilus X is solely for mouth to lung vapers.

In terms of performance, I found it to be ok, but not great. The Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini I rate as one of the best mouth to lung clearomisers out there, especially with the BVC coils, and I spent many months using both the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini. I still enjoy a good mouth to lung vape, but I felt that the performance of the Nautilus X was a little flat. The flavour didn’t seem to be as intense as the original Nautilus tanks, it was fairly muted and pedestrian, and at times the coil felt like it was struggling to keep up, even with 60/40 VG/PG juice. This part of the Quad Flex Survival kit was a bit of a disappointment for me unfortunately.


I did find that you can use the Nautilus X as well as the Quad Flex RDA/BF RDA separately, essentially getting two atomisers for the price of one! Another thing to note is that existing Nautilus X owners can purchase the Quad Flex Power Pack, which will allow you to get all of the benefits of the Quad Flex Survival Kit.


In terms of innovation, this is a unique and extremely useful bit of kit from Aspire, each individual configuration isn’t just a gimmick, but you have a fully fledged RDTA, RDA, squonking RDA and Nautilus X clearomiser, that all look good and perform very well indeed. The four configurations all look great, function well, and boast appeal to just about every section of the market. The only let down for me was the Nautilus X however the performance of the other three configurations more than made up for this.

The Aspire Quad Flex Survival kit is a budget busting bit of kit, for the price you pay you get four different configurations to play with, and for the price you absolutely do get a lot for your money. Hats off to Aspire for having the guts to try something that really is innovative, and they have managed to pull it off to great effect!  Thanks to the team at Cloud Stix for sending this in to review, you can check it out on their site here The kit is currently priced at £34.99 and POTV readers can get a 5% discount using the code POTV03!


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