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Following on from our review of the Aspire Boxx, we now check out the Aspire Qbix RBA pod which brings the Atmizoo expertise to the awesome Prestige range

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Supplied by UK Aspire Vendor for review:
PRICE: £27.98

Aspire Qbix with Boxx

Hot on the heels of the Aspire Boxx AIO kit is the Qbix RBA tank (or pod) which has been designed by Atmizoo. Not only does this fit the Boxx; it also fits other kits that accept a ‘Boro’ tank such as the Billet Box, Bantam Box, etc.


The Qbix comes in a small box (Oooer missus) with the pod/tank in the top layer protected by foam. Underneath that are the spares and ten AFC (Airflow Control) inserts.

Aspire Qbix unboxing and airflow inserts

The Qbix is part of the Aspire Prestige range, the UK version is 2ml TPD but it’s very easy to remove the silicone insert (purely for cleaning purposes of course).

Aspire Qbix close ups

I love the look of this pod/tank, it looks very similar to the Nautilus pod’s body. Tthe base has the Qbix logo etched onto it and an AFC adaptor to refine the airflow. On each side of the tank are the Aspire and Atmizoo logos etched into the plastic.

Aspire Qbix build deck

Removing the build deck is as simple as pulling the base out. The build deck is a simple two clamping screw design, and there appears to be a good amount of room for up to 3mm inside diameter coils. The build deck also has a large bore airflow insert already fitted, but you can fit one of the five smaller MTL inserts into this to narrow it further or swap it out for one of the other four larger sized RDL/DL inserts. You need to choose one before you fit a coil though, I took a punt with the 1mm MTL as you can also close off the airflow (or open it) with the AFC ring.

Aspire Qbix build

Building was fairly simple. I used a fused Clapton and the post screws clamped it down easy enough. There are two channels that double up as wicking channels and there is a coil guide for a coil rod which positions the coil perfectly.

Wicking was quite easy as long as you ensure the wick legs stay in line with the channels. Using a 2.5mm diameter coil, I didn’t need to thin out the wick, all I needed to do was trim it around the profile of the build deck. I was tempted to juice up the entire wick but juice comes downwards from the chimney section so I just primed the middle of the coil, and this worked a charm as I had no leaks and it kept up wicking nicely.

Aspire Qbix disassembly

Before putting it back together, now would be the ideal time to remove that nasty TPD lump. This was very easy, simply push from the top with a coil rod or something smaller than the plastic top hole, prise off the bung and pop the chimney back into place – job done!

Aspire Qbix orientation

Well almost…. Don’t make the same mistake I made, the chimney needs to go back in a specific way which is actually marked on the chimney and plastic tank. This is because the top bore in the chimney is off-centre due to the Boxx’s design. I discovered this too late and only noticed after trying to screw the tank in and finding it wouldn’t line up.

Aspire Qbix juiced up

A small detail that is also in the Nautilus podank is the filling bung, it is anchored at the top so that when it is opened, it naturally springs to fully open. This little detail is ideal when filling it up – nice one Atmizoo!

Aspire Qbix sitting in the Boxx

You fit the Qbix exactly the same way as the Nautilus or Boro tanks, though I found on the Boxx that the top screw no longer screwed down flush with the top of the mod. It wasn’t a problem as such as the connection was solid, but it was something I noticed.


My 1mm insert guess worked well for a tight MTL draw though I did need to close off the AFC ring to 1 hole or tighter to get the very tight draw I prefer. I think I could get away with a larger insert but 1mm suits me, the vape was just instantly good, plenty of flavour, no spit-back, and smooth airflow. My first attempt at wicking worked out as it kept up with chain-vaping, and I experienced zero leakage.

Aspire Qbix with Tuxedo Boxx


Aspire and Atmizoo nailed it with the Qbix RBA Pod (it’s a TANK!), not only does it fit the Boxx perfectly, they have even made it Boro compatible so you can use it in a Billet Box style AIO. I actually prefer this over most of my other Boro bridges but it works so well in the Boxx that it will be my tank of choice and will permanently stay put.

Though I am not usually a fan on this style of coil clamping, I had no issues fitting my favourite MTL claptons. Using a thin gauge wire is also a breeze, it is a very versatile system for many diferent build styles.


  • One of the easiest Boro style tanks I’ve used
  • 10 airflow inserts and AFC ring gives a tailor-made draw
  • Looks great (almost too good to stay hidden)
  • Filling bung design is smart
  • Flavour, airflow and smooth draw is spot on for MTL


  • A little fiddly (but rewarding)

Final thoughts

The Qbix RBA pod/tank just works. If you like rebuildable Boro style tanks, then you can’t really go wrong with this cracking little beauty, and for the price I’m well happy.

Aspire WheataQbix

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