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Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Kit

Tim takes a look at the mighty little Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Kit

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Welcome all! Today for review we have the Vaporesso Gen Air 40 which was kindly supplied to me by Vaporesso themselves.

Vaporesso have been around for a long time and have produced some great pieces of kit over the years, and I have quite a few of their devices in my arsenal already. Will the Gen Air 40 continue this trend? Vaporesso have on their website that the Gen Air 40 is “Light, Bright, Full of Might” which conjures up two things in my mind, the first is the witches scene in the Scottish play but I’m not going to toil and trouble, and I’m certainly not accusing Vaporesso of witchcraft. The second is Batfink, he was small but mighty, and those wings of his, well we’ll come onto that later but for now here’s the Gen Air 40

Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Kit unboxing

The packaging is basic yet sturdy and contains:

  • Gen Air 40 device
  • Gen Air 40 pod – 4.5ml or 2ml TPD
  • GTX 0.8ohm mesh coil
  • GTX 0.4ohm mesh coil
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

The kit is available in matte grey, light silver, midnight blue, aurora green, sakura pink, twilight gold and, the one I was sent, dark black.

Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Kit contents

“My supersonic sonar radar will help me!” - Batfink

Vaporesso claim that this is the lightest 40W pod available and I believe them, it weighs in at just 67g but it doesn’t feel cheap or of poor quality at all. It’s well built, it’s ergonomic, and it feels quite cool to the touch. It’s a nice looking device and at 103.05mm x 31.55mm x 20.5mm, it sits nicely in the hand and is also handily pocket sized for taking out and about. The device is powered by an 1800mAh battery which charges in less than an hour and supports vaping while charging.

There’s not much to it really and there’s no screen, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any functionality or adjustability. There are just two buttons on the front panel – the fire button and a smaller button towards the bottom which is used to adjust the power. Five clicks of the fire button turns the device on and five clicks turns it off again. The fire button is cushioned and feels nice and easy to press activating instantly, and the power button is small but clicky and adjusts the voltage. To adjust the voltage, you simply press and hold the button, the level is shown by the four small LED lights which also indicate the battery life when you vape. I would try and explain it, but this graphic does a much better job….

Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Kit lights

“BEEP” - Batfink

The pod holds 4.5ml of e-liquid, or 2ml if you have the TPD version, and will take some of the GTX coil range but not all. It will take the 0.3ohm, 0.6ohm and 1.2ohm coils along with the supplied 0.8ohm and 0.4ohm coils. It’s a shame it won’t take all the coils in the range, but it takes enough of them to be able to have a decent choice. The coils are fitted in the bottom of the pod and are simply push and pull to fit, but because they fit so snugly and flush it can be a little tricky for someone with big hands like me to pull them out. To fill, there’s a bright red rubber bung which you peel back as is per normal with pod devices, it’s a decent sized fill port and the bung is sturdy enough, but I can’t help thinking they could have implemented top fill on this. The mouthpiece is fixed but comfortable, and on the front is the airflow slider which you slide up and down to open up or close down the airflow to suit your draw. It’s got some resistance to it which means that it stays where you want it to and isn’t going to move easily by accident. It works well, and you can open it right up for RDL or close it down if you want an MTL type draw.

The pod sits in the top of the device but there’s no magnets here, oh no, the pod has small ridges on either side which catch on the inside of the device and holds it in place. It snaps into place easily and there’s no danger of it coming lose at all, although I did find it tricky to remove sometimes. My main gripe with the pod though is that it’s just too dark, I struggled to see the liquid level in low light, and only in bright light could I see it clearly.

Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Kit pod montage

“You cannot harm me” - Batfink

I decided to start with the 0.4ohm coil so I popped it out, primed it with Unicorn Shake, and off I went. I started with the lowest power setting and worked my way up whilst fiddling with the airflow. I found my sweet spot on the third power setting with the airflow fully open. The GTX coils are solid coils, and this was no exception, there’s really good flavour from this coil. The draw is definitely in the RDL camp and you’re not going to get loads of airflow, but it’s nice and smooth and it ends up being a satisfying and flavourful vape indeed. The coil lasted me about ten days of reasonably heavy vaping, and the battery was almost seeing me through the day.

Now on to the 0.8ohm coil which I used some Cherry Liquorice salts with. Again, I played around with all the settings and found I liked this on the third power setting but with the airflow fully closed. With the airflow closed, it’s what I would class as a medium MTL draw bordering on becoming tight. The flavour again though is really good with decent vapour and just a really nice vape.

Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Kit parts

“My wings are like a shield of steel” - Batfink

So is the Gen Air 40 “Light, Bright, Full of Might”? Were Batfink’s wings really so strong that they could repel bullets? I’ve given this too much thought and I have questions, if they were light but able to repel bullets, were they made of some material we don’t know of yet? To repel bullets, they would have to be dense so how did he manage to fly? Why did he drive around in a car quite a lot of the time if he could fly? Surely that’s not environmentally friendly at all. If there is a Batfink, are there other animals finks? PenguinFink for example, his flippers would be like a shield of steel, but swimming might be an issue. My biggest question though is ……why didn’t the bad guys just shoot him in the foot? I’m beginning to think that Batfink wasn’t the documentary I thought it was.

Anyway back to the review, the Gen Air 40 is a cracking little device. It’s light but well made, it’s easy to use but is adjustable, it’s got good battery life, decent coil life, charges quickly, and it’s a really nice vape with great flavour.

The pod could use a few tweaks though, I would have loved to see top fill, it can be fiddly to remove from the device and to remove the coils and it’s just too dark really.

Overall though, the Gen Air 40 is a great little device from Vaporesso. You can get a decent MTL vape from this, but for me it’s RDL where it really shines, and I’ve continued using it for when I want an RDL vape on the go, and I would certainly recommend it in particular for new vapers.

FM Out.

Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Kit handcheck

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