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Uwell Sculptor Kit

Is it art, or is it a vape? We check out the new Uwell Sculptor pod kit

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Supplied by Uwell for review
RRP £24.99

Uwell? I am thank you, are u well?

Are you one of those vapers that finds aesthetics important? I know I am one, so when I saw the new Sculptor was being released, I wanted one, so when it was offered up for review I leapt at it. A fancy looking pod kit with coil tech from Uwell with their Caliburn pedigree, what could possibly go wrong?

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit first look

  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Built-In 370mAh Battery
  • 5 - 11W Power Range
  • Inhale Activation
  • MTL Vaping
  • Side Filling
  • 2ml Refillable Pods
  • Weight 47g
  • Height 7.7cm (3.0")
  • Width 3.2cm (1.3")
  • Depth 1.4cm (0.6")

The only spec I was dubious about was the 370mAh battery, it’s rare to see such a low mAh cell in pods these days other than the tiny jobbies, but we will see how it goes. I suspect it should be fine with the 1.2ohm pods.


It was a case of good things come in large packages, as you can see; the box dwarfs the Sculptor, but this was down to the box being more a presentation case like a piece of jewellery.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit unboxing

The lanyard, or should I say ‘necklace’, isn’t attached but is laid out within the inlay card, underneath that are the accessories which include two pods (1.2ohm), a USB-C charging cable, and the documentation.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit contents

First Impressions and Overview

You could say the Sculptor is ‘style over substance’ as the main feature of this pod is the styling, but as mentioned earlier, I just know it is also going to deliver a good vape. The actual styling is exquisite, a metal body with the old antique detailing and engraving, I say engraving but I think it’s die-cast.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit sculpted

If it is die-cast, I have never seen such fine detail on something this small, it has a jewellery quality to it, and the main face with the fleur-de-lys emblem is raised up and really adds to feel of it.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit embossed back

The rear face has embossed text, the phrase is a little pointless as but it is more there to add to the overall looks and works, every face and edge has fine detail. They even detailed the plastic charging face underneath, now that’s what I call attention to detail.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit hardcore

‘Hard-Core Aesthetics’ sums it up pretty well I think, but don’t go putting that into Google!

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit mouthpiece

The concave shape makes it feel comfortable in your grip, it’s when you hold it that you feel the raised detailing which makes it very tactile. I often found myself running my thumb over the details, that might sound odd but you have to hold it to understand how good it feels.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit pod fitting

The pod has also been sculpted to suit the battery with the mouthpiece shape blended into the body to perfection, almost too perfect as this made it harder to grab hold of to remove it.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit fill port

The pod is 1.2ohm with an 11 watt rating which is suited for MTL vaping. The whole kit is intended for MTL with its fixed airflow, high ohms, and small battery.

The filling hole is on the one side of the pod with a pull out silicone bung, this pivots out for easier access and the hole is large enough to make filling pretty much mess free.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit pod and body


There are absolutely no settings or airflow adjustments as the Sculptor is a simple auto-draw, simply inhale to activate and vape. There is a tiny LED which is cleverly hidden within the front face; see the little diamond shape right under ‘SCULPTOR’, that’s the LED which is a 3 colour status light:

  • Green = Full (60%>)
  • Blue = Medium (30%<>60%)
  • Red = (Under 30%)

You have the usual safety precautions in place such as short-circuit, low voltage etc. which flashes red when activated.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit lanyard

The lanyard is more of a necklace with its chain and two lobster-claw catches which you attach to the sides of the battery, this makes it hang central when it is worn. It does look more like statement jewellery and feels like you’re wearing it rather than hanging it, if that makes sense?

The actual chain is high quality and a perfect match to the colour choice of the pod, the chain links are even old-style embossed.

I haven’t mentioned the weight until now; the 47g is pretty light considering the mostly metal body and makes it lanyard friendly, and it never feels too heavy but perhaps a little heavy for a shirt top pocket.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit salty


The Sculptor simply delivered that superb Caliburn-like performance, perfect flavour, and a warm but not too warm draw. The airflow was a proper tight MTL draw which hit the sweet spot of not too tight – not too loose.

It was nice to be vaping back at 1.2ohms for a change, most of the recent pods have been leaning towards sub-ohm between 0.6ohms to 0.8ohms which generally leads to requiring more wattage so a larger battery size is important. The battery life on the Sculptor wasn’t brilliant but not too shabby either, it lasted me a full working day and into the evening which I was happy with.

Charging is just 1Amp but since it is only 370mAh, it didn’t take that long to charge, around 30-40 minutes on average, but top-up charging helped if you need it to last longer.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit side on

As for using the device; I just love it. It feels tactile to hold and I often found myself admiring the details in between vaping. Unusually for me, I didn’t wear the lanyard as I felt a bit pretentious if I’m honest, but the size made it perfect for my jeans coin pocket so it was always handy. The size meant you could hide it fully in your grip which made it great for stealthy sly vaping as it also covered the LED.

Uwell pod kits

Uwell have been very busy recently and appear to be concentrating on refining the Caliburn range, I will be reviewing the Caliburn A3 soon and the rather interesting Crown D (I’m loving the wheelie control already), but the contrast between them is striking. You should find one to suit you.

The different colour options all suit the styling I think, they also sent the Gold for me to look at and that is on another level for blinginess and made me really want a Silver one (I have a shiny Chrome fetish), but the others suit old-style antique look more I think.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit colours


The Uwell Sculptor didn’t disappoint in any way, the bling style appealed to me a lot and the vape was as good as it looked with that perfect Uwell flavour and coil performance, the airflow was spot on and the 370mAh did a reasonable job.

There’s no compromise of looks over vape quality as the Sculptor is easily one of the best MTL pods I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot! Many end up being given away or put back in the box, but as with my KoKo Prime, I will be buying replacement pods for this little beauty.


  • Exquisite jewellery quality metalwork
  • Fidget worthy tactile-ness
  • Quality flavour
  • Proper dedicated MTL vape
  • Included quality necklace
  • Two 1.2ohm pods included
  • Starter friendly simplicity
  • It's Uwell


  • Small 370mAh battery

I can live with the small 370mAh battery as it isn’t as big an issue as I expected and lasts me most of a day, other than that I have no cons or niggles.

Final Thoughts and Score

The Sculptor will be an easy choice for most, if you like the look of it then it’s a bit of a no-brainer as the MTL vape quality is superb and for £25 or less, it’s a bit of a bargain I think.

Score: 8.5/10 – Uwell? Ubet!

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit, a work of art

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