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UWELL Caliburn GK3 Tenet Pod Kit

Stop the press, there's a new Caliburn kit in town! We check out the Caliburn GK3 Tenet

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Vape Club have sent over the Uwell Caliburn GK3 Tenet Pod Kit for me to have a shot at.

Caliburn pod kits have been a staple of the pod market for a while now and have become very popular with a lot of people. I’ve had a couple in my time, and they always work well so I’ve been looking forward to trying out the latest one of a long line.

The Caliburn GK3 Tenet is an auto draw, MTL only pod kit with a 1000mAh internal battery and replaceable mesh pods. The pods are 2ml capacity and you get both a 0.6ohm and 0.9ohm pod in the pack with the device. 1.2ohm packs of pods are also available to buy separately.

In the box you get:

  • 1 Caliburn GK3 Tenet Device
  • 1 0.6ohm G3 Integrated Coil Cartridge (Top Fill)
  • 1 0.9ohm G3 Integrated Coil Cartridge (Top Fill)
  • 1 USB Type C Charging Cable
  • 1 Lanyard
  • 1 User Manual

Design wise, Uwell have gone for a design that evokes (hate that word but it fits) the Jaegers (big mecha robot suits) from the film Pacific Rim. It’s even noted on the box and on the branding on the kit that there’s a Pacific Rim theme going on here. This leads to the cool, techy look that the kit has, and the RGB light button that lets you know what level the battery is at, green for 60% and up, blue for 60-30%, and red for 30% and under. The button also allows you to press it three times and it will turn on a decorative light on the front of the device, lighting up the branding and flashing a few times. Of course, five hits on the button will turn the device on or off. The button doesn’t fire the device for you as it’s an auto draw device only. The device also has a handy liquid window cut out of it, and you can see right to the bottom of the pod, allowing you to fill when there’s no liquid or low liquid left.

The G3 pods are 2ml here in the UK and have a top fill system where you snap the mouthpiece off and fill from the top. I found it’s quite easy to overflow the pod as there’s a second hole for pressure balance and the liquid will seep out if you overfill. The simple way around that is not to overfill it. I just did it to see what’d happen and then feigned surprise that it leaked. There’s also a springy thingy going on when you press down on the fill hole with your bottle nib. I assume that’s to help with the pod not leaking when it’s in the kit and it does work well as I’ve had this kit bumping around in my pocket a lot lately and there have been zero leaks so far.

There’s no airflow slider on the device but the pods do have two sizes of airflow holes in the bottom of them to allow you to flip them round and get either a tight MTL or a loose MTL draw, a feature I always appreciate in kits like these as I much prefer a loose MTL draw and sometimes feel restricted when there’s only one type of draw available.

In use the kit is simple. Turn it on, fill the pod and pop it in the device, but watch as it vibrates when you pop a pod in or take it out. The wife got a jump scare the first time she did it! Then you just take a draw as the power sets automatically for the pods ohmage. The draw is nice, even on the tighter setting it’s still smooth with no turbulence. On the looser setting, it gives me a really decent blast of vapour with the 0.6ohm pod with a satisfying draw and really good flavour. 

With the 0.9ohm pod, it’s just as smooth and just as nice a draw, but there’s obviously less vapour. Both pods are ok with 70/30 juice if you stick to MTL. I always try that out as I feel all kits should take a variety of juice ratios, no matter what everyone else says about only using 50/50 for MTL. Talking of 50/50 ratio juice, that also works brilliantly, with the little boost in flavour you get with a lower ratio of VG, so everyone should be happy with the pods.

I should also point out that I’ve been hammering the 0.6ohm pod for the past week or so, and the flavour hasn’t dropped for me yet so I’m assuming that the pods will last a good amount of time, as the Caliburn pods usually do.


The Caliburn Tenet GK3 is a great starter device for those who haven’t perhaps tried refillable pods yet. It’s also a nice, simple MTL device for taking out and about as the battery lasts a fair while and the pods seem to have good longevity. There’s no mucking around with setting wattage levels, and the auto power in it seems to nail the perfect level for the pod you have in.

I’ve usually got something to moan about but I really can’t find anything here. The device looks cool, gives good vapour and flavour, and it is just nice and simple to use for a lovely MTL draw. Perhaps some people won’t like the light on the front, but that’s easy enough to turn off and forget about. 

Thanks again to Vape Club for letting me have a shot of the Uwell Caliburn Tenet GK3 (there’s a moan, the name’s a mouthful!). You can buy it on their site for £21.99 and it comes in seven different colours.

  • Easy to use
  • Dual airflow system on the pods
  • Cool looks
  • Lovely draw
  • None
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