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Joyetech EVIO C2 Kit

When is a new kit, not a new kit? When it is the Joyetech EVIO C2! But that doesn't mean this "new" version should be overlooked as Si found out

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Supplied by TECC for review
£22.99 with 2 FREE E-liquids

Joyetech brought the joy back into Joyetech when they released the EVIO C pod and the Obliq pod in early 2021, I absolutely loved the original back then and it still ranks highly even with the latest competition, so I was keen to try the Evio C2.

But isn’t this exactly the same as the original Evio C?! Well, it is, except for the new coils that bring it back up into the fold as one of the very best pods out there, and it’s more compatible with the newer ‘disposable-like’ e-liquids.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit first look

  • 800mAh internal battery
  • Replaceable 0.8ohm coils
  • 2ml Eliquid capacity
  • Button or draw activation
  • Size: 22.Smm*12.7mm*116.6mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • USB-C Charging


The Evio C2 comes in a simple package, there’s an outer sleeve displaying your colour choice on the front with a bright new and bold background artwork. The specs, contents and legal bumf are printed on the back. Once removed, you’re greeted with the EVIO C2 device held in a white foam inlay and a long box at the side that contains the accessories.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit unboxing

There’s a wad of paperwork which is a bit of overkill but handy if you are new to vaping, but you can easily figure it all out easy enough. There’s a high quality charging cable and 2 x EN 0.8ohm coils, it’s these coils that are all important and having two included only adds to the value of this kit.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit contents

First Impressions and Overview

As much as I loved the original, I did think it looked a bit bland, not so with the C2 as it has had a makeover with its shiny two-tone finish.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit two tone

This looks so much better and highlights the shape too, I immediately preferred this to the original and it also felt nicer somehow, the smooth shiny finish felt more tactile and it kept surprisingly clean. It’s pointless describing how it looks so I will let the photos do the talking.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit green and blue

The size is quite compact for an 800mAh pod kit; 22.Smm*12.7mm*116.6mm, and it weighs in at 40g with a full pod, light enough for a top pocket or on a lanyard.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit weigh in

The mouthpiece is the same ducks-bill shape and is comfortable on the lips. I would class it as a proper MTL shape over RDL, although it is possible to get a tight RDL draw, I would class the EVIO C2 as an MTL device overall.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit mouthpiece and usb

The charging port is on the base and is a USB-C connection. The included cable is superb quality but quite short, I prefer shorter cables like this for power-bank charging though.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit charging

The pod is a friction fit rather than magnetic which generally gives a better air seal, there are two indents on the pod to assist your grip. I found it easy to remove and replace it, it kind of snaps back into place with a near perfect fit, and there’s absolutely no play in it once fitted.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit pod fitting

The pod itself appears to be exactly the same as the original, but the tell-tale sign that it’s a C” is the orange O-rings on the coils as the original had blue O-rings, other than that they look identical.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit pod and coils

Fitting the coil is a simple push-fit but you do need to align the flat edge into the pod, the pod was a bit ahead of its time with a diverted airflow inside which helps avoid leaking.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit fitting the coil

Filling the pod is via a silicone bung on the side of the pod, once opened it reveals a decent size fill-port and the visibility of the pod is just right so I was able to fill it right up without making any mess.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit filling

Before you pop the pod back in, you will need to choose which airflow option to go with, this is done by rotating the pod to match either the large or narrow hole on the base of the pod to align with the single airflow hole in the battery. I simply stick to the small hole for a proper MTL draw, the large is a bit too airy but will suit those the prefer a looser draw. It’s easy enough to swap it around though.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit airflow


The only controls are either turn it On or Off (5 x Fire button) and either use the Fire button or choose to use the auto-draw, that’s it, simples.


I went straight for the jugular and used the latest ELFLIQ ElfBull e-liquid which can be a bit of a coil killer in older pods/coils, if it can handle these then I’m well happy, and guess what? I’m HAPPY!

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit with ELFLIQ

The flavour is absolutely top-draw, the warmth is just right and never gets too hot, the MTL draw is spot on and ciggie-like on the smallest hole option. Even on the large hole, it is still MTL but on the loose side, at a push I could just about get a tight RDL.

It’s just one of those pod kits that’s no-fuss and delivers a near perfect vape quality. The original was my benchmark flavour tester for a while until better pods came along and slowly replaced it, with these new coils the EVIO C2 is right back up the top for flavour.

The battery life is excellent, it lasted me a full working day and most of the evening, it also has a decent charging time at around 30 minutes at 5V/2A.

I can’t help but bring up the disposables topic; but THIS pisses all over any disposable I’ve tried, and coupled with the ELFLIQ range, it’s just a no-brainer for vape quality, value and sustainability.

Talking of sustainability, I was all ready to start slagging off the C2 earlier when I discovered that it is essentially the same as the original except for the coils, but I can see why they re-released it as it still beats a lot of the competition and also copes with the latest over-sweetened e-liquids available. The vape industry has to be one of the worst offenders for relentless new hardware and very few stick with a product for much more than a year. The EVIO C was and still is a good kit, shoving a ‘2’ on the end might feel like a cheat but why not? Many new vapers would have missed this little gem had it not been re-released.

Value For Money

For £22.99, you get the kit with two coils which should last you around 40ml, you also get 2 x 10ml e-liquids free, after that, you only need to buy new coils and juice. Coils are around £2.40 each (£11.99 for 5 pack) and ELFLIQ is best to bundle buy at 4 for £10, so roughly 75p per 2ml – compare that to your poxy disposables!

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit vs Evio C

Here’s the EVIO C2 next to the original EVIO C. As you can see, they are identical apart from the finish (which is much better in my opinion); the chipset, battery size, weight and pod are exactly the same, and the only way you can tell the difference is the coil’s orange O-rings.

Personally I think Joyetech should have done what other manufacturers have done and called it something like EVIO C+ or Cse rather than label it as a ‘Version 2’ when it isn’t, anyone with an original just needs to buy the latest coils and it’s the same as this V2.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit with the OG

But with all that…..the C2 has got me back as a user and I love it more than the original. Better still, I know I can trust it to test pretty much any sweetened 50/50 e-liquid. It is also now a kit I can recommend to new users and trust that they can experience a simple, easy vape with one of the best MTL kits for faff-free vape quality, I cannot see why any die-hard disposable user would not prefer this option with the ELFLIQ range.

The EVIO C2 is one of the few I can vouch for when it comes to very sweet e-liquids – it should have been called the Evio Sweet-tooth.

I only have one niggle and that’s the lack of locking the fire button, the auto-draw performs perfectly and makes the fire button redundant other than to turn it On/Off, and it ends up becoming a nuisance for pocket firing. Most current-gen pods have the option to disable the fire button, the C2 doesn’t.

Joyetech Evio C2 Pod Kit quality street


  • Superb flavour
  • Handles sweetened e-liquids effortlessly
  • 800mAh battery
  • New finish brightens it up
  • New EN 0.8ohm coils (orange ring)
  • Dual air-flow
  • Beginner friendly
  • Compact and light (40g)


  • No locking fire button

I was going to list ‘it’s not a V2’ as a con but the finish and new coils bring it right up to date, had they not re-released it then I may well have missed out on this benchmark device.

Final Thoughts and Score

It’s a shame this review is too late for Christmas pressie ideas, but it will make a great New Year’s gift or something to spend your crimbo dosh on, one of these and some ELFLIQ is a real treat.

Score: 9/10 – Same score as the original but it’s better.

Joyetech EVIO C2 with coils

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