Joyetech Ego Pod Kit Review by Diane Wagerfield

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Joyetech Ego Pod Kit

Joyetech Ego Pod Kit

A big thank you to The Electronic Cigarette Company for sending this in for review and also the great service as they sent me some new replacement pods to me free of charge after. Their customer service was excellent!

Joyetech was founded in 2007 with head office in Shenzhen, China and multiple factories throughout South Eastern China. As one of the largest vapor device manufacturers globally, Joyetech’s executives saw the importance in building highly talented teams of engineers, designers, and production management, in order to create the highest quality vapor products possible. They have been around a long time, infact my first subohm was a Joyetech ProCore SE. They have produced devices such as the Exceed, GRIP and Teros.

So, let’s get to it shall we………

Joyetech Ego Pod Kit up close and personal

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What’s in the box

  • 1 x eGo Pod battery
  • 1 x eGo Pod cartridge
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x Warranty card

Specs and Features

  • Pod capacity - 2ml (Closed pods)
  • Coil resistance - 1.2Ω
  • Battery capacity - 1000mAh integrated
  • Avatar IC 1.0 chip
  • Output mode - Constant voltage
  • Max charging current - 1.0A
  • Dimensions - 98.0mm x 19mm - weight 47g
  • Durable stainless-steel body
  • Auto draw activation only
  • Protections – overtime, over discharge, over charge and short circuit
  • Comes in four colours

Joyetech Ego Pod kit parts

When I received the parcel, I noticed how small the box was. On opening it, I could see why, this Pod kit is small, lightweight and super easy to use. I have been using this now for around two weeks and I really do love it. I have used it every day and am on my second pod.

I have mainly been using Juice Head Nic Salt 10mg Strawberry Kiwi and SOLT Melon.

The kit is so easy, the magnets are very strong and when you pop the pod back in it will only connect a certain way and it kind of moves itself to fit in. I know that sounds weird but that’s the only way I can explain it.

The fill port is also very good and effective. I don’t normally get on with these valve fill mechanisms, but this one works with no issues or leaking. Of course I always wipe the base before putting it back in the device in case of any residual liquid, and as I am mainly a POD user, I always fill and sit it on a tissue for five mins before using it, habitual only, not really necessary for all pods. The kit does come with a refill bottle, but as I use 10ml bottles, I didn’t need to use it.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

There are no buttons, you just fill it, pop the pod in and vape away. The 1.2Ω coil provided exceptional flavour, I would say probably one of the best traditional closed pod kits I have used.

The Airflow is not tight, it’s a medium draw but still very much an MTL device and I love it, but I do believe my draw preference has changed over the last few months and I am preferring a medium draw now. The drip tip is slightly larger than I normally use, and I mean slightly, but it works on this device perfectly. There is a LED Indicator which lights up when you inhale and shows red when charging.

Joyetech Ego Pod Kit clear pod!


  • Flavour
  • 3.7V constant voltage
  • Ease of use in every way
  • Fantastic 1000mAh battery (rare for Pods as small as this)
  • Size and weight
  • Very clear and large juice level window
  • Clear Pods - Woohoo!
  • Side Charging


  • Usb C would have been better
  • Throwaway pods, not great for the environment but this is also a pro as it's easy

Overall, this is a superb little pod Kit for a new vaper or any MTL vaper, I am very impressed and will continue to use this device, so no this will not be a giveaway! hahaha

It's priced at £16.99 and a pack of 2 Pods is £6.29

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Joyetech Ego Pod Kit feeling Blue

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 Diane Wagerfield
My vaping journey started around 2017, I smoked & vaped (mainly subohm stock coils) on & off for around 2 years.
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