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Freemax Marvos 60W Kit

Si finishes off his look at the latest kits from Freemax with the Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit and RTA Pod. Talk about going out on a high!

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Supplied by Freemax for review
RRP $59.99

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit & RTA Pod boxed

After testing the rather good Marvos S kit, I was also sent the Marvos 60W kit to try. Since it uses exactly the same pod and coils and is designed to be more durable, it couldn’t really go wrong could it?

Freemax also sent the Marvos RTA Pod which is rather interesting, more on that towards the end of the review.

The Marvos 60W is Freemax’s first pod mod kit with Tri-Proof Technology. Consisting of a Marvos DTL Pod and Marvos 60W Mod, it features IP67 dust-resistance and water-resistance, shock proof, slide airflow control, constructed from zinc alloy and LSR silicone rubber combination and anti spit back 810 drip tip.

  • Size: 123.6*32.6*30.6mm
  • Pod Capacity: 4.5ml (2ml TPD)
  • Coil Resistance: 0.15ohm/0.25ohm/0.35ohm/0.5ohm
  • Built in Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Output Voltage: 0.7V-4.2V
  • Output Wattage: 5W-60W
  • Material: Zinc Alloy+Liquid Silicone Rubber
  • Weight: 129g


The kit comes boxed in a simple and minimal waste package, a one piece box with an outer sleeve showing the specs and contents along with a photo of your colour choice.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit & RTA Pod unboxing

The contents are pretty standard but everything you need to get going (other than eliquid) as it has an internal battery with a partial charge.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit & RTA Pod contents

The included coils are suitable for this kit; 0.25ohm and 0.35ohm. Although the pod will accept all the MS Mesh series coils, the Marvos 60W will struggle with the 0.15ohm as you can only go up to 60 watts.

Freemax MS coils

First Impressions

I have to admit I do prefer built in battery in pod/mods as generally they are LiPo which makes it lighter, and the Marvos 60 certainly feels nice and light at 129g. The ergonomics are pleasing and it is compact in your hand. The square shape has been smoothed off on every edge, and the silicone wrap makes it really grippy.

Freemax MARVOS 60W mod and pod

I like the two-tone colour styling and the contrast of it and the way the silicone is moulded as it feels soft and smooth rather than ‘rubbery’. The control buttons are plastic and feel fairly resistant which I prefer as it makes accidental firing or adjustments harder.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit & RTA Pod side on

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit & RTA Pod all angles

The branding is quite bold but it suits it, that additional branding panel just adds to the styling. The screen is very bright and colourful and I had no problem seeing it in bright daylight.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit & RTA Pod logo

The airflow is adjustable via a little lever which adjusts both sides equally, it is stiff enough to stay in place once set and the airflow range is superb as you can get a very airy DL draw down to a super tight RDL. MTL wise, I would forget about it as this kit is clearly aimed for DL/RDL users and the coils are low ohm.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit & RTA Pod connection

The pod fitting is superb, it has only a shallow recess but damn does it fit solidly. The magnets are very strong and everything stays put when stored in your pocket/bag.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit coil fitting

The pod design is as simple as it gets but with the bonus of a removable 810 (O-ring type) drip tip. The coils are a simple press fit and are easy to swap over with your fingers. There’s a silicone bung on the bottom for filling which is easy to pop open and close, the fill port is about right for shortfill bottles. Sadly I got the TPD 2ml version, but the ‘normal’ one will hold 4.5ml.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit juiced up

I filled the pod up with my Mapple Mix Up e-liquid so I could compare it to the Marvos S, though there’s no reason it should perform any differently. One of the coils is higher ohms so that one might suit this kit more for RDL.

Controls are identical to the Marvos S which is pretty basic in functionality. On the plus side, this makes it beginner friendly, but more advanced users will find it lacking.

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
  • 3 x Fire = Cycles through the 3 power options:
    • POWER (basic wattage mode)
    • SMART (sets wattage automatically)
    • BYPASS (supplies voltage relative to coil resistance and battery level)
  • Press & hold Up/Down = Locks adjustment
  • Press Fire & Down = Cycles through colour schemes
  • Press Fire & Up = Reset Puff Counter (Y/N)
  • Press and hold ALL buttons = Resets to factory default

Though basic, it is very easy to navigate the options and there’s nothing confusing about it at all. The Smart setting is all I used as it still allows you to adjust the wattage unrestricted.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit airflow

As mentioned earlier, the airflow adjustment is dual sided and on a slider lever. I was surprised just how much airflow you could get through this system and pretty smoothly with it. I got some whistle at certain positions, but a tiny tweak got rid of it.


I kicked off with the 0.35ohm coil as it was new to me, using my favourite test e-liquid (Super Juice – Mapple) it was time to vape. With the airflow wide open, it pretty much felt spot on. At the top end of 40 watts and the airflow closed off a little,  I was pleased with the vape, but it felt a bit tame for my tastes. The flavour was superb though.

The 0.25ohm coil suited this kit much better, 50 watts was my sweet spot for flavour and warmth. Vapour production was still pretty decent.

Both coils wick fast and keep up with chain vaping, better still they love you long time, I’ve proper hammered the 0.25ohm for 10 days and it still looks good with no flavour drop off so far.

Though I preferred the 0.25ohm coil, I would probably favour the 0.35ohm for long days out due to the lower power consumption, the downside of a built in battery is that you can’t carry a spare.

Battery life lasted me around 4/5 hours of moderate use at 50 Watts, it’s one of those kits that won’t really suit a full day and night even with the 0.35ohm coil, but that can be solved with a portable top up charger.

Charging, since it’s only 2000mAh it didn’t take too long. I didn’t test the time from fully drained, but on average it was around an hour from low. The charging screen was a bit pants as it only had a 5 bar icon with no percentage or estimated time.

The MARVOS platform is quite versatile with the multiple pods and coils. Freemax sent me the RTA pod to test and it’s an impressive bit of kit for sure.

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit coil options

Good things come in small packages, the RTA is in a small box and the actual RTA is surprisingly short in height. It almost looked like an RDA.

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod

You get everything you need to build including mesh, cotton, and the tools required to bend and fit the mesh strips.

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod contents

This thing strips down super easily, Freemax have down a great job of the simple construction. The build deck is a simple 3rd of a turn counterclockwise to unscrew.

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod stripped

The little bag of extras includes two different mesh strips, a forming tube, a mini screwdriver, some spare seals and screws, and there is also an additional bag of cotton.

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod extras

The simple procedure is:

  • Form (roll) the mesh around the tool
  • Unscrew, insert the mesh into the slots and tighten up.
  • Pulse dry burn the mesh at 10-15 watts to ensure it glows evenly.
  • Wick it up

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod building a mesh coil

The mesh strip fitting was super easy, but the wicking wasn’t quite so simple and I was left to guess. I wish Freemax had provided shoelace style cotton as it would have made life a lot easier, the supplied cotton is way too thick to use as-is.

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod thick wicks

I had to take a punt and divided the cotton in half, and it paid off and it got easier from here on.

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod threading the wick

As with all mesh builds, just be careful not to kink the coil when pulling the cotton through. Just twist and tease it as you're pulling it (that’s what she said).

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod wicked and primed

Length wise, I was literally cutting it fine. I trimmed just beyond the outer diameter of the knurled base, and I just about got away with it, but I would advise a couple of mm extra.

There is absolutely no need to thin out or taper cut the cotton, it tucks into the juice ports really well and is just loose enough to allow juice flow. This really impressed me and it might just be the easiest mesh rebuildable I have used. As with all mesh builds, you really need to saturated the wick thoroughly, I set the wattage low (say 15 watts), dumped a load of juice all around the mesh and pulsed the fire button, you should see the juice absorb rather than vaporise. Repeat until the wick legs are saturated (see photo).

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod building space

Screw it back together and clear up your f**king mess!

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod fill port and bore

Fill up the RTA via the silicone bung on the base, be a little careful as it can shoot its load if you squeeze too hard!

Once together and filled up, I love how short this RTA is! The added benefit is you can always see your mesh and if it’s saturated enough, which gives you a lot more confidence in if it’s wicking quickly.

Freemax MARVOS RTA Pod on different mods

RTA Performance

Though it fits both the Marvos 60W & the Marvos S, I thought it suited the S more. At 50 watts it vaped a treat, it really felt like an RDA. The flavour was superb, and the top airflow worked well, though a little noisy at times. My first few draws were a bit spitty but that was due to me oversaturating it when priming, this settled down to a smooth spit back free draw. Overall I love this little bugger, it doesn’t seem like one of those afterthought pod RBAs and feels like a proper tank in its own right.

There’s a snag though, those pesky stock coils are so damn good. I thought that the RTA would be my clear favourite as I prefer rebuildables, but the flavour from the MS Mesh coils is just so much better. I think I will end up using both in the end as the RTA gives more of a dripper type vape.

So back to the actual Marvos 60W….

Freemax have produced a cracking little kit here and it compliments their exceptional coils perfectly. Having all the pod and coil options makes it quite versatile. If ‘pods’ aren’t your thing, then the Marvos S is a better compromise as it has a proper 510 connection mod, but I still recommend you try the pod due to the Freemax coils.


  • Compact and light weight
  • Dust/water/shock resistant
  • Freemax exceptional flavour
  • Built in 2000mAh battery
  • Very bright screen
  • User friendly
  • 810 drip-tip
  • Optional pods/tanks
  • Adjustable airflow range DL to RDL


  • No battery percentage on screen or charging

Final Thoughts

Freemax have always impressed me with their coils, and their latest batch of hardware is superb. The Marvos range has me hooked, the Marvos 60W is pretty damn good, but the Marvos S is more my cup of tea. Weigh up which one suits you more, and I can’t see you being disappointed.

Score: 8.5/10 – Marvos 60W + MS Coils = Flavour!

Freemax MARVOS 60W Kit...winner!

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