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We check out another great pod kit, this time it is the turn of the Eleaf IORE Lite

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Eleaf have released the IORE Lite. They are known for the iPower stick, the Pico and the iJust ranges, so how did they fair with this basic starter pod kit?

You can purchase this direct for £9.99. A pack of two replacement pods are £6.99

Specs and features

  • ŸPod capacity - 1.6ml
  • ŸCoil resistance - 1.2ohm fixed
  • ŸBattery capacity - 350mAh
  • ŸOutput modes - Constant voltage
  • ŸMax charging current - 500mAh
  • ŸDimensions - 112 x 21 x 12mm
  • ŸAssembled weight 25g
  • ŸUSB-C Charging
  • ŸAvailable in 4 colours

In the Box

The IORE Lite comes in a small thin box, very compact but has everything you need. Unfortunately, only one pod is included which I understand keeps the initial price down, but we all know how I feel about this. I will always believe two should be included in case of a quality issue or user error.

ELEAF Iore Lite contents

The kit

You get the main body which is made from a rubberised material, it has Eleaf written on one side in shiny lettering and IORE on the other which is slightly raised and makes it feel grippy but yet smooth. The branding isn't in your face at all, it’s the same colour as the device. At the base is the USB-C port and under the IORE branding is a small LED. The LED lights up when vaping and during charging. It's very lightweight at 25g including the pod, and has a 350mAh battery, that’s not particularly big but they say it charges in 40 minutes and has passthrough charging so it's no biggie. There are two tiny airflow holes on either side to allow air to reach the base of the pod.

The pods have a 1.6ml juice capacity and inside houses the 1.2oHm coil which cannot be replaced. The pod is refillable but once the coil has gone you just throw it away and get another one. There are two magnets at the base, the fill port is on the side and is covered by a silicon bung. To fill you must remove the pod, there is a little arrow and it’s easy enough to pull the bung as it's recessed behind the opening. It’s a thin pod so you so must tilt it to fill it otherwise juice will back up. The pod is quite tall, and the mouthpiece is actually very comfortable as it is slightly indented, ergonomically it works.

ELEAF Iore Lite pods


I've been using this on and off for about a week with 10mg nic salts and am really enjoying it. The 12W output is perfect for this coil. It took a around ten puffs to break the coil in, the taste is extremely good, and the airflow is perfect for my mtl preference.

On the DD-DRAWOMETER I would say a 3 out of 10 (1 being very tight and 10 very loose)

I did have an issue with the initial pod, it leaked a lot, so I contacted TECC who were very helpful and sent out a replacement pack of 2 pods the next day, thankfully these have been better but after filling leave it on a tissue for 5 mins as they can leak for a minute or so.

I have not been able to test the charging time as the light stays on all the time whilst charging and never goes out so no idea if its fully charged! I left it on charge for 1hr 30mins and the light just doesn't go out.

I like that it's auto draw only and it's very reactive, I've not had any issues with it at all.

So, no buttons or settings, just fill and go! Voila!

ELEAF Iore Lite body

Top Pros

  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Flavour
  • MTL draw
  • Stealthy in vapour and size


  • Some leaking with one pod
  • Battery could do with being be bigger, no way can you get a whole days vaping as claimed but I suppose it depends on how much you vape, with a 35omAh even at 12W, it does not last all day
  • The LED charging issue - Not sure if this is a one off on my device or just how it’s meant to be
  • Prefer a 2ml juice capacity

ELEAF Iore Lite colours

DeeDee's Overall Score: 7.5/10

My score is based on me judging this for a complete newbie. I've tried similar starters and this one is definitely one of the best for flavour, draw and ease of use. For a tenner, I think the Eleaf IORE Lite is a decent little kit. I also believe they sell prefilled pods for this device too if that’s what you are into.

Thank you TECC for sending this in for review and sorting out the replacement pods, great service!

ELEAF Iore Lite handcheck

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