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Aspire Favostix

Deedee has been flexing her pod muscles again by giving the new Aspire Favostix a jolly good work out!

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Aspire Favostix


Lookie lookie lookie……..what do we have here? Well of course, it’s a pod kit! I was sent this from the fab team at UK Aspire Vendor. As soon as I saw this come up for review I had to do it, trust me no one else had a chance! Mine Mine Mine!!!!!

So, was I disappointed or did it wow me? Let’s find out…….

In the box

Aspire Favostix contents

In Use

The Favostix body has a 0.43” OLED screen, this clearly shows you the following:

  • Battery percentage with indicator bar
  • Resistance of the coil
  • Puff time
  • Wattage (1-30)

There is a nice power button which you use to turn the device on/off by clicking it five times. You can change the wattage by clicking it three times and you can also use it to vape, but the auto draw function works well and I really didn’t need to use the power button to vape at all. There is no rattle and it’s built very well. It's thicker than other pods like the Caliburn, Wenax or Xtal, but it does have a 1000mAh battery so it's understandably going to be slightly larger. Saying that, it is still pocketable and light.

The USB-C charging port is on the base and there are two tiny airholes on either side of the device which align to the base of the pod. The battery with the 1.0ohm pod lasted me a good two days and I was using it a lot. Due to it being USB-C, it charges much quicker.

Aspire Favostix screen

The pods are superb. The kit comes with two closed pods, a 1.0ohm mesh for MTL and a 0.6ohm mesh for a good RDTL. Both have a 2ml liquid capacity, and both are wonderful. The filling port is at the base but it has the plastic hinge mechanism which I love and appreciate, there is no mess and, more importantly, NO LEAKING. You can easily see your liquid level without having to remove the pod from the base.

Aspire Favostix coils

Of course, I started with the 1.00ohm coil (recommended 12-15W) and have used that daily for around three weeks, and only over the last two days have I noticed the flavour depleting. That is very good coil life indeed! The mtl draw using my scoring of 1=tight to 10=loose, I'd say it is 2-3. It's probably one of the best true MTL pods I have ever used (excluding a tank/mod combo). Whilst it’s a nice tight draw, it does not burn your lips. I was using it with 50/50 salts around 12watts and for me, that was perfect.

On to the 0.6ohm coil which is recommended at 15-16W. I filled this with Prime Vapes Pink Burst 70/30, set it at 15W and even though I am not a DL fan, I really liked this. The flavour popped and the draw is definitely restrictive, again not too warm but just right. I have not experienced any dry hits, it wicked away nicely. I have also used 50/50 salts with this pod and it’s a nice medium MTL.

Aspire Favostix details

Top 5 pros for me

  • Exceptional quality
  • Excellent pods due to the fill system, flavour and life span
  • Nice little display (no having keep checking what colour the led light is)
  • Battery – 1000mAh
  • USB-C – charges faster and has passthrough


  • Throw away pods – great for some but a con for others
  • The pod mouthpiece is thicker than I would like but you get used to it

DeeDee’s scoring

Ease of use 10

Flavour 8.5

Design/Quality 9

Overall 9/10


Now this is what I call a VERY decent pod kit. The MTL pod is a proper MTL, nice and tight but very smooth and not too warm. I am very impressed. It also has a great battery and superb coil life. I have fallen for the Favostix one in a big way. I have already purchased a box of 1.00ohm pods from UK Aspire Vendor as this is a keeper! Great job Aspire!

I would recommend this to any MTL or RDTL vaper, new or experienced!

You can pick this up directly from UAV for £24.98 https://www.ukaspirevendor.co.uk/

Thank you again to UK Aspire Vendor for again letting me loose on another one of their products!

Aspire Favostix Deedee approved!

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In August 2019 I joined POTV & in Sept I bought a Caliburn and some nic salts & have not touched a cigarette since! I was smoking around 20 cigarettes a day for 26 years!! Mental! I honestly appreciate all the help and guidance from the POTV members, they made the switch so much easier!I am very much into MTL PODs & AIOs. Enjoy mingling with the members, helping others and having a good laugh!

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