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Aspire Cloudflask

Aspire Cloudflask

Many thanks to UKVB for supplying the Aspire Cloudflask for review. Styled on a hip flask, this is a no nonsense, cloud chucking Sub ohm pod kit. Read on to find out if it’s style over substance.

In the box

The Aspire Cloudflask comes well packaged with an outer sleeve showing a picture of the mod in its leather case along the usual warning notice. On one side is the model/colour info and a hologram/scratch and verify sticker, and on the rear is a list of contents. Removing the outer sleeve, you are presented with the Cloudflask sitting snugly in its tray. A handy pull tab aids in lifting the top tray to reveal a manual, warranty card, two 0.25ohm coils, and a bag containing the leather case, a USB charge lead and seven spare o-rings.

Aspire Cloudflask mod and box


  • Size: 95.0×54.0x25.0mm
  • Battery: 2000mAh internal
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 5.5ml (TPD version 2.0ml)
  • Output Mode: bypass
  • Airflow - non-adjustable
  • Charging: Max 2A charge via usb-C port
  • Available colours: black | red | grey | brown (Leather cover colour)

The Cloudflask is an internal 2000mAh battery mod limited to 50W/3.8V working in bypass mode. The pod is clear PCTG, 5.5ml (2ml TPD) capacity, with bottom fill and push fit coils. The pod comes with a twin o-ring 810 drip tip so it could be swapped out for your own provided it has the same configuration. Non o-ring tips will fall out and, to be honest, I had no issues with the supplied tip. The mod itself has a polished stainless steel finish with the fire button sitting below the airflow vents. The face is finished off with a subtle Aspire logo near the bottom. The pod is released by pressing two buttons on either side, and a usb C charge port is sited below the left hand release button. There are ample battery vents in the base for safety and cooling, and the Cloudflask name is printed on the rear. The supplied leather case is well made with all relevant cut outs lining up perfectly. The loop strap can be easily removed, which IMO looks better.


Aspire Cloudflask contents and pods

In Use

The coil is a push fit design, and filling is via the port on the underside which is covered by a silicone plug. The fill hole is large enough to accommodate most bottles and with the pod being clear,  it is easy to see juice levels. The pod is pushed down onto the mod until the latches engage with a click. This latch system secures the pod very well with little movement and no rattling.

To turn the mod on/off, press the fire button five times. Fitting the pod correctly makes the LED around the fire button flash briefly. Having primed the coil, filled the pod and let it stand for a few minutes, it was time to try this out. Being fixed power, I wasn’t sure how this would vape, but Aspire have nailed it with the Cloudflask. Full on flavour, just the right amount of warmth, and clouds to rival many an rta/rda, especially when you consider this is 50W on a coil that would look at home in a sub ohm tank. Despite there being no airflow adjustment, the vape never gets washed out or muted. Aspire have obviously worked hard to get this combination right.

Battery life isn’t bad given its 2000mAh and maximum 50V, but it won’t last a day without a top up/recharge, thankfully it can be vaped whilst charging. The mod will stop firing when exhausted, and charging from that state to full takes around an hour thanks to the 2A usb C. The led is green when charging, changing to white when complete.

Aspire Cloudflask close up of the coils

Pure Eliquids


As I’ve already mentioned, Aspire have created a very capable sub ohm vape in a pod system. By having the coil so close to the drip tip, any loss of flavour is minimised and condensation is almost zero, Airflow is smooth and quiet. The fact it’s a big coil does mean it drinks juice, but 5.5ml capacity alleviates this somewhat. Build quality is solid although the SS body is a fingerprint magnet, but the leather case solves that issue and I found that removing the strap makes it extremely comfortable to use. Personally I like it bare, but when out and about I pop on the case. A word of caution though regarding fitting the case, remove the pod to prevent any miss fires. Charging and removing the pod are just as easy covered or bare. Coil life has been good, lasting around ten days with an average 10ml a day through the original coil before the flavour began to drop off. This will vary depending on your juice of course. Although the pod sits inside the mod, juice levels can still be seen by looking at the top of the pod and tilting to see how low, and I managed to avoid any dry hits. Last big plus is there is no leaking or condensation under the pod. It is how all pod systems should be, dry as a bone.

There are no real downsides to report. Run time may be a problem to some, and fingerprints will be a put off to others. I was sent the TPD version with the 2ml capacity tank, but a quick Google and it was a two minute job to remove the silicone plugs to gain full capacity.

Thanks again to The Electronic Cigarette Company for supplying this for review. More information is available here

Aspire Cloudflask connectors and vents

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 Craig Chambers
Article by Craig Chambers
Started vaping 3+ yrs ago in an attempt to stop smoking & generally improve my health after 40+ years smoking up to 30 cigs a day. 3yrs on I'm now no longer gasping for air after 2 flights of stairs or lugging work gear from van to site. Taste has improved & yearly health checks keep showing improvement.