Give the Gift of Vaping this Valentines with a Vape Gift Set Bundle!

Posted 14th February 2021 by Toby Kilroy
Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and with this annual celebration comes the time to show our love to those we hold closest in our lives. If your significant other happens to be a vaper, why not give up the chocolates or flowers this year and give the gift of a new vape kit bundle instead? Or, better yet, why not gift both?

We want you to be the first to know that the love-struck team over at are now offering an enticing collection of Vape gift set bundles, perfect if you need a helping hand in gift buying for your vaping S.O! Each kit generously includes 2 e-liquids and two packets of mini Love Hearts as an additional sweet treat. Featuring all the well-loved brands including, Aspire, OXVA, Smok, Geek Vape, and VOOPOO, your lover (or crush) is in for a vaping treat! You’ll be glad to know that have made sure to offer both advanced and starter vape kits, meaning people of all experience levels can enjoy the gift of vaping this Valentine’s Day.

We’re all aware of the destructive effects that smoking can bring upon a person’s life. A vape gift set bundle could also be the perfect opportunity for helping your partner, family member, or even a close friend to give up smoking. After all, Valentine’s Day does revolve around letting others know that we care. And what better way to show this than encouraging someone to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle? There’s also another huge reason to encourage loved ones to vape as opposed to smoke. Without sounding too biased, we really believe that vaping can be really fun, too - who doesn’t love trying out a new e-liquid collection and finding a new favourite vape juice flavour to feast their taste buds on?

It can be easy to forget that smoking does not only hinder our physical and mental health, but our relationships with others, too. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 1 in 3 non-smokers (36%) would end their relationship or marriage if their partner refused to quit smoking. To make matters worse, they also found that more than 1 in 5 (21%) smokers admitted to hiding their addiction from their significant other. These are worrying statistics, but there is luckily a solution with two widely proven methods: professional support and a vaping device.

Often, the first step that many people need to begin their path to becoming smoke free is support from others. While expert advice and therapy is the recommended way forward, having meaningful conversations with loved ones can also significantly transform a smoker’s mindset. So, if you know someone who is struggling with quitting, make sure to reach out and introduce them to the wonderful world of vaping.

Whether you’ll be gifting your soulmate, family member, friend, or even yourself, show your care and appreciation this Valentine’s Day with a vape gift set bundle!


 Toby Kilroy
Article by Toby Kilroy
Toby set up Planet of the Vapes in 2012 after another major vaping site was taken down. With a history in web development and running websites for clients he was well placed to use his previous knowledge to build and run a site on the scale of POTV.
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